“As For Dying…”: Sea Changes (Kifo Island Chronicles Volume 1) for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Witt.

I got to everyone this past week! Ha! Knew I could do it! Now that the holidays are past, and the new round of ROW80 has begun, and even my crit group is underway…things are settling a bit, and I’m adjusting to all these new things.

And I got a wonderful surprise on Monday. My Accomplice read my recently published story, “Monday Morning Coffee”. That in itself was a present; he usually doesn’t read what I write. But, last week, I half-teasingly said that it’s a little like he might feel if he brought me home food regularly, but I seldom tasted it. I’ve mostly made peace with it, but, let’s be honest. I want those I love to have some understanding of what I’m doing with this laptop, and it’s a thrill to be able to share the worlds and people in my head with my favorite people outside of it. So I got all tingly when he said he’d read it, and had a compliment for me:

“I can’t wait to read what happened at dinner.”

If you want more context, you can find my story, fellow WIPpeteer Fallon Brown’s novella, Into the Sun, right here in World Unknown Review, Volume II.

But, honestly – if you write, you’ll get the “I can’t wait to read what happened” – followed by anything having to do with something you’ve written.

That’s when I know I’ve done my job! =D

But now – it’s Wednesday, and so it’s on to the WIPpet!

I’m serializing the first scene of Sea Changes, where we meet the first of three POV characters, Karina Karanova. Here’s the premise:

In advocating for a dying girl seeking emancipation from controlling parents, can an overburdened young woman and a lonely young man find a future together?


This passage is NaNo rough. My plan is to let this draft rest for December, and begin creating a revision plan in January. That said, any input is gratefully accepted!

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is January 6, 2016 – the first WIPpet of a brand-new year!

  • Today, you get seven sentences – I’ve added the month and day.

Context: Karina is in a pottery studio, working with clay and hating it, when an albino man sits near her, and begins a conversation. He’s just asked a question Karina doesn’t want to answer; and offered to introduce himself, instead. Now, what comes next…

“As For Dying…”

He nodded as though Karina had answered him, and went on. “My name’s Donovan – Donovan Nash. I’m not especially afraid of the sun; we have something of an understanding. As for dying – well, that’s something that we’re all going to do. I like to think of it as the admission price for living. I’m not exactly ready to pay up yet, but I’m also not afraid of it. I like living, and I’ll pay when the bill comes due.”

What does Karina think of Donovan’s philosophy?

Why is Donovan not afraid of the sun, or death?

Why would someone with albinism live on a tropical island?

Does Donovan have something to offer Karina?

What will happen next?

Some of these questions may be answered – and others will certainly be posed- next week, so be sure to come back then to learn more about Karina and her story.

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  1. I don’t have quite Donovan’s degree of issues with the sun, but I am rather fair-skinned, and I quite like the comment about having an arrangement with the sun. And the rest of his philosophy, too. Definitely interested in Karina’s response, can’t help but think she’ll be a bit skeptical.

  2. Whatever Karina thinks, I like his philosophy. “As for dying – well, that’s something that we’re all going to do. I like to think of it as the admission price for living.” I really love this sentence.

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