Unguarded: The IDIC Romance Advent Calendar

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Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope it was filled with love, laughter, sharing, and so much joy that it flows out from you and embraces others.

To help with that, I’ve created a special Advent calendar. It’s non-denominational and didn’t stop on December 25. Instead it goes on giving for the rest of the month. It also espouses the concept of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. 

Each day, you can open a new flash fan fiction story. These are freewritings – rough and imperfect; I only correct for spelling and grammar. Read one, read some, read them all – suit yourself!

At the end of today’s story, you’ll find a holiday bonus – two more stanzas of The Night Before Christmas, courtesy of Fallon Brown and Erin Zarro, our resident supernovae of comments and encouragement – these ladies love TnT with a fervor I find – well, highly logical and most agreeable.

Enterprise Advent 26

OK, briefing time:

  • Spoiler zone ahead! Don’t read these posts if you don’t want series spoilers, or even spoilers for other parts of The IDIC Romance, because things will be revealed, and I don’t like spoiling…I’d much rather delight.

  • The base art for the calendar elements of this post was created by Annalise S. Burton, and is used with permission and compensation.

  • I don’t own Trip, T’Pol, or the franchise that conceived them. These stories are offered as a gift, without expectation for any compensation. Of course, comments, rhapsodizing ramblings, and honest feedback of all kinds are always welcome!

  • This story is rated solidly R for sexual content. You’ve been duly warned!

And now, to the calendar…..we lift the tab… and find…a lot more about what Vulcan bonding can be…but can Trip handle the truth?

Advent Unguarded

They were falling and flying, carried away on the waves of pleasure and ecstasy, the feeling – every time they made love now, it was stronger….Trip could feel her, feel what she felt, and it was so intense that the borders of self were uncertain, like an unstable warp field or a variable equation…

But this was different. As they crested, crashing into each other’s bodies, frantic with orgasm, T’Pol opened –

Wide –

All the way – her whole self, her soul, bared, quivering, wanting –

Wanting -?

“Never and always touching and touched…..let us be one….” She didn’t speak out loud, and the thought wasn’t in words. But he knew –

She held nothing back, and she wanted – needed – him.

All of him.

But he was human, chaotic, emotional – he could hurt her in ways he’d never suspected.

If he opened to her, gave her everything, joined with her this way, she’d know how messed up and imperfect he was. She’d never be able to pretend –

Would she still want him?

Did he want this?

She was his wife – but this was so much more than that, more than being bonded –

This was everything – and it was unnatural…

She trembled and needed – open, vulnerable – and Trip pulled back, hid from what she offered, as though he didn’t know what it was.

In the quiet of their room and the desert that embraced them, T’Pol began to cry.

Will Trip keep hiding?

Why is T’Pol crying?

Is this as far as they can go?

What’s next?

Drop me a comment, and I’ll add a paragraph. The more comments, the more paragraphs I add. So go ahead – give me something to keep me busy!

And now, as promised, two more stanzas from The Night Before Christmas

For context, after some hijinks involving stuffing socks that aren’t as innuendo-laden as they might sound, not-so-secret Santa Trip has come back to his quarters to find mistletoe and an unwrapped T’Pol awaiting him.

For a second he just stared,

“How’d you know to do this?”

But she only tipped her head.

“I believe you owe me a kiss.”

Trip grinned at her as she stood there.

“You know, I think you’re right

.But then, there isn’t any hurry – 

Pepperpot, we’ve got all night!”

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