Impulse, Intensified: The IDIC Romance Advent Calendar

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Welcome,welcome, welcome! Happy December, everyone! May the last month of your year be filled with, love, laughter, sharing – and all the joy your soul can hold, and then some, so that it flows out from you and embraces others.

To help that wish along, I’ve created a special Advent calendar. It’s as non-denominational as it can be, because it doesn’t stop on December 25 – and because it espouses the concept of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. 

Every day, all month, I’m posting a flash fiction story. These are freewritings I created while preparing for an upcoming project. They’re rough and imperfect; I’m only going to correct for spelling and grammar.

A note: Stay tuned after today’s main feature for the next paragraph from Zolkan! Thanks go out to Erin Zarro – for the comment, and the enthusiasm! =)

Enterprise Advent 9

OK, time for a quick briefing:

  • Spoiler zone ahead! If you were to want to start watching a show that was canceled a decade ago, and you don’t want to know what happens – well, this could be a good post to skip. I’m looking to delight, not to spoil.

  • The base art for the calendar elements of this post was created by Annalise S. Burton, and is used with permission and compensation.

  • I don’t own Trip, T’Pol, or the franchise that conceived them. These stories are offered as a gift, without expectation for any compensation. Of course, comments, rhapsodizing ramblings, and honest feedback of all kinds are always welcome!

  • This post is rated PG-13 for suggestiveness and adult content. Proceed with due discretion, please.

And now, to the calendar…..we lift the tab…and find…a rather insistent Vulcan woman, and a gentleman in very good standing.

Advent Impulse

She clung to him, pressing her body against his. “Please?”

“Let’s try neuropressure again, OK? It helped, the last time.” He was so calm, but his body was responding to hers. Her back arched involuntarily, bringing greater contact, and they moaned, together.

On the bed?”

Not a chance, T’Pol. You’re not in control of yourself; it wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“Please, Trip? I don’t need control. I want to mate with you.”

That’s what you want now, with that poison in you. But you’re going to get better – you’re already getting better. In another day or two, you might be sorry, if we do this now -”

That would be my concern, not yours. I accept the risk.”

“I don’t. I’ve told you – I’m a gentleman. And a gentleman doesn’t take advantage of a woman when she’s not able in control of herself.”

“I’m not a child. I want to mate with you. I understand the risks.” She stared at him, and something hot and bright flashed in her mind. “Why won’t you believe me?”

“Because we’ve been dancing around this for years, now, and we’ve never quite turned that corner. I promise you – if you ever decide you’re ready -“

“I’m ready now!” Her pheremones released, and T’Pol moaned again, shifting against him, needing –   

If you’re still ready when you’re in control of yourself again…that will be another matter. But, for right now, let’s try some neuropressure, and see if that helps.”

Will T’Pol convince Trip?

Will Trip be successful with his evasive actions?

What happened to T’Pol’s control?

What’s this ‘neuropressure’, anyway?

Why does Trip think it will help?

Will it?

Want more?

Drop me a comment in the box below, and I’ll add a paragraph to the story. If you suggest a prompt, I’ll find a way to use it. If you’d like to know more, I’ll explain a bit of the premise behind the story. You can also watch the Season Three episodes “The Xindi” and “Impulse” to learn more.

Need more IDIC Romance Advent stories?

And now, as promised…one more from Zolkan!

The Sickbay door hadn’t even closed all the way before Zolkan said, “Go get her, Trip.” He was laughing even more heartily now, damn him. Didn’t he know he was supposed to be sick, recovering from being on death’s doorstep, not shooting off his mouth about things said in times of extremity? Well, hell, Trip knew one way to give his pain in the ass friend the message. He turned and stormed out the door, telling himself it had nothing to do with anything either Zolkan or T’Pol had said – and that he wasn’t following the infuriating and intoxicating Vulcan woman.

Like the story, today’s video may not be suitable for all audiences or locales…just a heads-up.

Take a chance! Type something in this box, and see what happens! =D

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