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Welcome,welcome, welcome! Happy December, everyone! May the last month of your year be filled with, love, laughter, sharing – and all the joy your soul can hold, and then some, so that it flows out from you and embraces others.

To help that wish along, I’m offering you – an Advent calendar. It’s as non-denominational as can be – because it espouses the concept of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s Mindful Monday post:

These days, I treat all of my writing – fanfic and otherwise. – as mindful play. The fanfic itself has changed, some – I’m more likely to write Trip and T’Pol shipping stories now than I am Spock stories. But, regardless of the particulars, that’s my playground, my sandbox, my learning lab. It’s indispensable to me, as a writer and a human being.

I learn about writing from them – and I learn about myself, and the world I inhabit, at the same time. I’m a better writer and a better human because of them…

And, this holiday season, I’ve decided to honor that.

Every day, all month, I’ll post a short story. These are freewritings I wrote as part of my preparations for another project. They’re rough and imperfect; I’m only going to correct for spelling and grammar. But each one is a little gem in the making…

And that’s where you come in. If you read and comment, I’ll add a paragraph to the story. If you suggest a prompt, I’ll find a way to use it.

Below, you’ll find all the numbered tabs. As each story posts, I’ll add its link to the image, and flip the image to the story title. If you see the title, the tab’s open, and the story is ready for you to read and enjoy…

And there might just be a special jackpot or two along the way…

OK, time for a quick briefing:

  • I’m not explaining the stories. They’re just as they are, so that you can enjoy them without being swayed by what might have happened around them.  I may offer some explanation in the comments, though, if asked.
  • Most of these posts are more or less innocent, but, well –   Trip and T’Pol share a powerful attraction, and, sometimes…well, human and Vulcan nature take over. When that happens, I’ll be sure to warn you, so that you don’t open the gift at an awkward time, or in an unsuitable location…

  • There will be spoilers. Many, many spoilers. So, if you were to want to start watching a show that was canceled a decade ago, and you don’t want to know what happens – well, these could be good posts to skip. I’m looking to delight, not to spoil.

  • On the other hand, all of the stories are in chronological order according to series and head canon.
  • The base artwork was created by my daughter, Annalise S. Burton, about four years ago. She was compensated, and her art is used with her approval.
  • And, as always, I don’t own Trip, T’Pol, or the franchise that conceived them. These stories are offered as a gift, without expectation for any compensation. Of course, comments and honest feedback are always welcome!

OK, I think that’s everything. Whatever good things December means to you, may you have it in huge abundance!

And now, the Very First Tab (and all the ones that follow!). Enjoy!

Advent Chief

Advent Phlox

Advent Chaos

Advent Relationships

Advent Marauders

Advent Xyrillian

Advent Zolkan

Advent Catsuit

Advent Impulse

Advent Graylick

Advent Zoom

Advent Woman Man

Advent Lorian

Advent Thyla

Advent Bubbles
Advent Intimate

Advent Soval
Advent Bound

Advent Mind

Advent Hoshi

Advent Whither

Advent Queries

Advent Never

Advent Christmas

Advent Family

Advent Unguarded

Advent Pregnant

Advent Remnants

Advent Jailbreaks

Advent Animals

Advent Kiss

Well… here we are…all the way at the end of the month!  I hope you enjoyed exploring this advent calendar as much as I enjoyed making it! And, in closing, let me add these wishes to my own…

That all your days  hold magic and joy! =)


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