How Much is Enough for Mindful Monday

How much is enough? When have we done all that we can? Are we doing enough, and who is it, exactly, that gets to decides these things?

I’m taking a different approach than I used to, these days. Enough, as I define it, is that which makes me and those who I am responsible for, and/or attached to happy and safe. It needs to be supportive, and enhancing – but what it doesn’t need to be, even remotely, is strenuous in every moment.

There’s a lot to be said for flow, for building up to natural rhythms, and listening to individual needs.

If I get lost in doing All The Things, in making the type of self-sacrifice that children are supposedly expecting from their mothers, or that society thinks mothers ought to give in some saintly fashion, than I might just be overextending myself, and then I’m using my finite supply of energy on things that really may not matter to anyone but me and some weird and warped sense of duty that benefits –

Well, no one.

So that’s where I am and what I’m thinking on my way to NaNoWriMo, poised at the edge of doctor’s appointments and a trip to a neighboring state, and things that are waiting for my attention, and people who are beloved to me.

I‘m thinking about what is really enough, and I’ve decided that the only way to determine that, for me, is mindfully.

What does that mean, exactly?

I’m still working that out, noodling with it in my mind. I think, though, that those words up there at the top of this post, which were written in a five-minute writing sprint, hold the clue…

Here’s what I feel enough means, right now, on the cusp of many things:

  • It supports the safety and/or happiness of myself and/or those I love

  • It’s not a self-sacrifice for the sake of satisfying some societal or personal sense of duty without actual benefit beyond that.

  • It makes wise and productive use of my finite energies, time, and focus.

  • It moves me or someone I love closer to a goal.

With those factors in mind, I’m going to be redefining ‘enough’ as it applies to Mindful Mondays in November, so that I can focus on novel drafting.

  • Enough will be posting every other week.

  • Enough may be sharing a post with Coffee and Conversation, another of my regular features that will appear on a more limited basis for the next month.

  • Enough might be a reblogged post with a mindful theme.

  • Enough may mean that Mindful Monday doesn’t exactly happen on Monday…

I love writing and posting this feature, so long as it enhances my mindfulness. But if it becomes a stress factor for me, it just makes sense to post a little less often, so that I can come to the post calmly, in the spirit of mindfulness I want to embrace.


I will still be mindful in my life, even if I’m a bit quieter here. And, once the drafting is complete, I’ll be back at full capacity, and most likely exuberant and energized by the time spent embracing my creative impulses.

Have you ever considered what’s ‘enough’ for you? Are you struggling to do ‘enough’? Are their steps you can take to get things into a more mindful balance? I love hearing about your experiences!

For more Mindful Monday, please visit Silver Threading.

This represents what’s enough for me! =)

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