Love’s Hard Place: A Repeated Diamante for #OctPoWriMo Day 21


If you love to write poetry, you love a good poetry challenge, and you are missing April’s NaPoWriMo then you are in the right place. There are now multiple Novel writing months it is past time we added another Poetry month. October is a great time to challenge poets to a poem a day for thirty one days.

This October, I’m also focusing on gratitude, so each of my poems will use the daily prompt, and deal in some way with thankfulness. Come join me on this poetic journey – and feel free to comment, or link your own poems.

Look – here I am, with an OctPoWriMo on the prompt date! OK, it’s after 11pm when I type this, and it may actually be after midnight when this posts….but it’s not midnight yet, so I have high hopes.

Which is good, because this isn’t the happiest poem I’ve written this month.

The October 21 prompt is to write a poem about overwhelm. It’s perfectly timed – between family issues from a few weeks back, and the lingering loose ends they presented; car repairs, computer breakdown, and not enough money for everything that seems to need tending, the last-minute invitation to a birthday party at a water park which meant an afternoon spent in search of a new swimsuit for an eleven year old shapeshifter whose other suits are no longer wearable…in mid-October, and in upstate New York, where it is absolutely NOT swimming season….

Oh, and an unexpected disagreement with my Accomplice, who was never an eleven year old girl with all the attendant growing pains….and who was less than helpful in my current overwhelm, but who, in this autobiographical poem, actually did save me from a whirlpool on the very same day he proposed to me, at Mooney Falls deep within the Grand Canyon….

But writing this poem did help…..thank you, OctPoWriMo!

Love’s Hard Place



I was caught

in a whirlpool.

The water crushed me

Tight against a rock wall

Wet sharp travertine

Deadly turquoise


Too strong




for release

for my freedom

from pressing waters

abrading hard place

water pressure

far too much




too tired

fading will

aching muscles

suction subsuming

greedy waters swirl

hungry turquoise




grips me

still tighter

getting weaker

yanking at my legs

which twitch and tremble

almost ready to

give in give up





Two arms

That belong

to the man who

will propose to me

in a little while

but now pulls me free

holds me so close

My safety

And I




that strong man

bear his children

two alive one not

take him within me

and bear the weight






know this was

the sometimes price

of that little word yes

I said so long ago

when he saved me

from the rock

and hard




he would be

my own whirlpool

of love and anger

desire injustice

Abraded love




this same

man who pulled

me free could so

easily bind me

into his worries

his furies

his own




I was caught

In a whirlpool

love constricts me

Tight against a rock wall

Turquoise travertine

Nature and

love’s hard


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And find more overwhelmingly great poetry at OctPoWriMo!


    • Thanks, Bev! I didn’t like the way I felt before I wrote it, but remembering that day in the Grand Canyon made a huge difference.

      And, like most of our marital storms these days, it was short-lived and reasonably easily resolved, with a plan to minimize future dust-ups.

      And I got a cool love poem of sorts.

    • Thanks! think I may have misnamed it as a diamante when it might actually be a repeating etheree.

      I do love shape poems, so I enjoyed this, and it reminded me of the pressure and release that were the theme for this poem.

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