The Peace Falling Like Leaves Edition: Second Serving Sunday

A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, from my little corner of the blogosphere…

Are you ready for a Second Serving?

Life Stuff:

Last Week’s Edition: What a Difference A Week Makes

  • This week brought some degree of resolution to the family matters that dominated our lives since the beginning of the month. There will still be some follow-up and things left to tend to, but the intensity has shifted to something that feels more settled, and I’m shifting, too, using this difficulty as a catalyst for change in several areas of my life.
  • The weather is growing colder – Saturday night brought the first freeze of the season. I went out ahead of it and cut the rest of my wildflower garden. The freshest blooms were brought inside – we’ve got two pretty vases, brimming with pinks, purples, and whites. The rest were scattered through the area I plan to seed next spring, to help the process along, or loaded into the wheelbarrow to be strategically placed elsewhere.
  • I’m getting back into a more normal writing routine, of sorts. The children’s sleep/wake cycles are out of sync with mine, at the new moon, so I’m playing things more by ear, but still making measurable progress….and the new moon always spurs my creativity.

Last Week’s Features:

ROW80:  The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life.

  • Grateful Clarity: In Week One of Round Four, Life asserts itself and challenges me to take my theme – gratitude – seriously.

  • Peace and Gratitude: In the aftermath of life challenges, peace returns, and I exhale gratefully as I begin to resume my course toward my goals.

Eight Sentence Sunday:  The Blog Hop For Everyone Who Loves to Write!

  • Losing Focus”: If the rest of T’Pol always goes where her fingertips lead her, and those fingers have captured Trip’s, is Vulcan logic going to help either one of them concentrate on the matter at, ummm, hand?

Mindful Monday:  Because Self-Awareness is Vital to My Joyful Life.

WIPpet Wednesday: Date-related WIP Snippets!

Coffee and Conversation: Grab a cup of something refreshing, and let’s chat!

  • This feature isn’t exactly on hiatus – I’m just running a bit later than I anticipated…

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

A weekly prompt to free the mind, and the words!


OctPoWriMo: 31 Days of Poetic Exploration!

What’s Next:

  • I’ll keep moving toward my ROW80 goals.
  • More OctPoWriMo – hopefully, lots more! With the new moon and the full in the offing over the rest of the month, I expect to make significant poetic progress – and to continue actually posting my poems! =)
  • 2015-16 homeschool paperwork, and a minor fix from last year’s reporting.

  • A few other matters need tending – loose ends from the last weeks. This week, I delve into that.

  • Prepping for NaNoWriMo next month – my novel is already plotted and waiting, so I’ll be focusing on pre-emptive home and yardtending, dealing with various administrative responsibilities, and queuing features posts to carry me through November with a minimum of fuss. I’ll also be attending a plotting workshop in addition to our regular write-in.

  • We’ve got plans for a Halloween trip, so I’ll be gearing up for that.

This week, on the blog:

  • #8sunday: More “Mission Accomplished” from that delicious inter-species duo, Trip and T’Pol.
  • Mindful Monday: How much is enough?
  • ROW80 Updates: On Sunday and Wednesday, for the duration of the round.
  • WIPpet Wednesday: I’m serializing “Scavenger Hunt”, another #StaD story from The IDIC Romance, and the sequel to “Mission”.
  • Coffee and Conversation: When we push anti-bullying campaigns on kids, and glorify adults who bully, what message are we really sending? Parts 2 and 3 of 7, this week.
  • Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS): A post based on the weekly prompt, TBA Friday. I’ll go wherever my wandering mind takes me…likely into poetry.
  • OctPoWriMo: A month long exploration of and celebration of poetry. I intend to get caught up with writing, and make inroads into the posting, this week.

In the Wilds of Internet-Land: What Piqued My Interest This Week:

That’s what I’ve been up to, and will be getting up to.

What about you? Anything exciting happening in your corner of the world?

Any Second Servings to offer?

(Yes, I’m a little nosy. Writer thing.)

If you want to satisfy my perhaps inappropriate curiosity,

drop a line, a link, or an image into the rectangular receptacle below –

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