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This week, I offer you installment #5 in my serialized Star Trek: Enterprise flash fan fiction story, “Mission Accomplished”. We begin right where last week’s snippet, “Stow the Fantasies” ended.

With a mystery to solve, T’Pol has introduced a line of inquiry – but is it really Trip who’s losing focus, here…?

Losing Focus”

“I see your point.” Damn, he loved the way her mind worked.

“You’re losing focus, t’hy’la.” T’Pol’s fingers surged across the table, captured and twined with his.

He let her keep her prize. Where her fingertips went, the rest of her would follow, sooner or later. Resistance was completely illogical..

“OK, maybe we don’t have proof that the burglar is a killer – but how will that help us figure out who the hell he is?”


“ ‘He absconded with a few items’.”

“There is no evidence to support the assumption that the perpetrator was male.”

Will T’Pol manage to keep her focus?

Will Trip be able to keep up with her mental acrobatics?

Is T’Pol onto something here?

Will they solve this murder mystery?

Why does T’Pol always go where her fingertips lead her?

Come on back next week to find out!

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Challenges like Story A Day September encourage me to think outside of my own experience. Fitting all the prompts into my fan fiction universe, ups the ante.

Of course, I also get to play with Trip and T’Pol! =D

And, now, the obligatory disclaimer:

Trip, T’Pol, and Trek: None of these are mine. Can I help it if these two unlikely lovers keep insisting I tell their stories? =)

If you were to write a fan fiction story, what would your inspiration be?

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And, to close out, watch T’Pol’s fingertips live a life of their own in this series pilot clip!  I do think Trip asked for it…and, I daresay, enjoyed it, too….



    • I theorize that there are reasons for this – but they aren’t revealed in this snippet, or this story. But Trip is a fine engineer, and he’s got a vested interest in how this lady ticks.

      Glad you liked it!

    • I have an idea about Vulcan fingertips I’m not quite ready to use in a story, but I think Trip’s on to something here…those conquering fingers of hers are maybe going to get them both otherwise focused…not that that wasn’t a danger, right from the start…

      So glad you liked it…I can’t stay away from these two – or they won’t let me go…I’m not sure which.

    • I’m a little shamefaced that I’m only seeing this now….life got a bit more than a little hectic here.

      Trip and T’Pol seemed to communicate on multiple levels at once right from the series pilot, so it’s very natural to write them this way – especially when they’re all but feeding me the scene! =)

  1. A fun excerpt. I like that you have a good handle on how you see these characters – their personalities stay consistent. I hope they can concentrate on the problem enough to solve it!

    • It’s been like that with these two from the start! One of my favorite parts of the series pilot is when Phlox confines the two of them in Decontaminaton with slippery disinfectant gel which they’re supposed to slather on themselves. Now, in the few days T’Pol’s been with them, she and Trip have done almost nothing but argue with one another. And, no surprise, they’re STILL arguing. But then he offers to do her back, and, when he lets his fingers wander a little below the waistband of her undies, she doesn’t stop him. She even lets him do her ears, lingeringly, before she stops him by turning around to retort, then commanding HIM to turn around. She goes to work on him while they keep on fighting, and our heroic engineer is – umm – giving her a good deal of attention, shall we say? She goes over his shoulders and upper back – FIVE TIMES. All the while they’re arguing.

      Then she says, “I fail to see your point and all but attacks his ear –

      I’ve based more than a few of their interactions on this dynamic…glad you liked this one. =)

    • It may be that it’s not as much a distraction for him as it is for her, but time will have to tell on that point.

      At any rate, I’m sure the lady has a perfectly LOGICAL reason why it’s essential that she play with his fingers! =)

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