More Openings: The IDIC Romance for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys! She’s our fearless shepherd…or something like that, anyway…

Last week, I tried something new, but apparently my fellow WIPpeteers were a busy bunch, and almost no one stopped by, so I’m repeating this week (and might do this all month).

Just before September started, I learned that the fine folks over at Story a Day, where I play every May, are doing it all again this month. Now, I’m using an elderly laptop, and there’s lots going on in my world – but you know that intransigent inter-species duo in my head wasn’t about to wait any longer to tell more of their stories, once they saw an opening…

But, with a story each day, it’s hard to choose which to share from..

So here’s what I decided to do. I’m sharing the first paragraph of each of this week’s stories, up to today’s.. Read one, read all, pick and choose…

If any of them speak to you, let me know in the comments. I’m offering an incentive you can read more about after the snippets.

And, as always, the disclaimer.

I don’t own these characters or their franchise. Trip and T’Pol apparently have ownership interest in my imagination, though, and they will not stop feeding me stories…not that I’m complaining…

There may or may not be spoilers for all kinds of things here. You’ve been warned!

WIPpet Sorta- Math:

  • Today is September 16, 2015.
  • One opening paragraph for each day of the past week. Easy-peasy. =D

And now, without further delay (because TnT aren’t exactly the patient sort….)…my openings!

“Tunnel of Love”: September 10

  • “I don’t understand the meaning of the song.”

Led by the Flame: September 11

  • The young woman sat cross-legged on her cushion, staring at the flame. Her breathing was measured, calm, precisely as she had been taught since childhood. In her mind was a memory. She was only an infant, too young for any of the mind practices. Too young for anything other than the prohibition against touching the flame, for the flame was dangerous, and would harm her.

There was no prompt given for September 12. I wrote a story early this morning using an extra prompt given on September 8; that appears later in the list.

“Oil and Vinegar”: September 13

  • “Fire and ice? Oil and water?” T’Pol turned from where she’d been watching the door close behind the Cap’n. She didn’t exactly frown; but there was something in her smooth features that said she was confused and trying to work it out without a reference point..Maybe it was in the set of her eyes, and the way the light hit them. ”I don’t understand the comparisons; or why the Captain applied them to us.”

“Wow!”: September 14

  • “Damn, pepperpot…that’s so beautiful. You – you are so beautiful. I never knew you could sing.”

When Jon Met Hoshi: September 15

  • Hoshi Sato’s hand went to the back of her head for the seventh time in half as many minutes, checking by feel to be certain that the vividly purple corsage orchid was still securely held by the chopsticks in her hair. She’d been worried about it wilting before it could serve its purpose, but she was more likely to crush it.

Scavenger Hunt: September 16

(Prompt from the eighth; there may be another post for this date next week).

  • “This isn’t a game, Commanders.” Jon tried to stare them down, but Trip was too busy trying to stifle a self-satisfied smirk to even notice. This whole thing had his name all over it.

So, do any of these openings entice you?

Is there one (or more) that doesn’t work for you?

Do any of these make you want to read the next paragraph?

If so, let me know!  To make it worth your while to name names, I’m playing a little game.

For each time an opening gets a positive comment, I’ll post the next paragraph of the story in the comments. If something gets multiple votes, I’ll post multiple paragraphs, and you can comment on those, too, if you want!

There’s no need to choose just one, either! I want to know what makes you want to read more, so, if more than one piques your interest, let me know; I’m willing to share from any and all of these stories. You can even read last week’s openings, and comment on those, too.

All of the openings are on the rough side, since I’m writing a story each day, but I really want to know what captures the attention and triggers the intrigue to read the rest of the story.

In related news, I’m serializing one of my stories, “Mission Accomplished”, over at #8sunday. You can read the first snippet, “Playing Along”, now, and the next segment goes live just after midnight on Sunday.

Looking for WIPpet Snippets that don’t play games? You can find those, or add your own date-related excerpt, by following the little blue froggy from WIPpet to WIPpet to WIPpet!


    • OK, Rachel – you just made my week!

      To say thank you, I offer you:

      (paragraph one was revised, so including it again)

      “I don’t understand the meaning of the song.” T’Pol looked from the datapadd to him.

      Trip chuckled. He wasn’t going to get anything more than that by way of greeting. She tried, but she still wasn’t any good at small talk and the type of social niceties that most humans took for granted. He supposed he should be happy that she didn’t just ignore him the way she still sometimes did.


      (again, includes revised paragraph one)

      T’Pol sat, staring at the flame. Her breathing was measured, calm, precisely as she had been taught since infancy, when she was held on her mother’s lap, and stared at the flame she knew she must never touch, for it was dangerous, and would harm her.

      When her mother’s hands relaxed, she’d thrust her fingers forth, into the power, the beauty, and the pain. It filled her mind, even now – the brightness and searing pain things she must understand. When her mother attempted to pull her away, she had screamed and thrashed in protest, and surged forward, seeking to know the mysterious workings of fire upon skin.


      “Besides, both times, you gave us your challenges while we were off-duty, Cap’n. Now, I don’t mind working on my off hours -”

      Oil and Vinegar:

      “Having a rather passionate disagreement.” Translating for her tended to cool him down, or maybe it was having her attention on him, those pretty eyes intent while she figured out some new aspect of interacting with humans.


      You stare at him, standing there in the doorway, and you can feel him…truly feel him, because, for the first time, he is opening with intention to what you’ve accidentally created.

      When Jon Met Hoshi:

      She was wilting. She’d known yesterday morning that she was coming down with some kind of tropical bug; she hadn’t been here long enough to have gained any natural immunity. What kind of a first impression was she going to make, if she started hacking away at dinner? Phlegm was neither sexy nor romantic…

  1. Fallon stole my comment. Those two were my favourites, too.

    I had sort of intended to do SaD during September when it was first announced, and then I promptly forgot about it. Maybe a good thing, though. I might not have be re-inspired for Operation Sugarplum if I had been madly plugging away at new things each day.

    • No fears….that just means you get more paragraphs!

      #6 for ‘Scavenger’:

      “You didn’t specify how we were to fulfill the requirement, Captain.”


      And #3 for “Oil”:

      “’Going at it?’”

      I think we both made the right choice…although, it’s more like TnT made the choice for me, because they’ve been feeding my stories for months!

      I’m hoping that this will placate them at least through the rest of the year, so I can do Other Things…..

    • Here you go:


      “No, of course not,” Jon backpedaled fast. T’Pol had a temper, and he didn’t want to land on the wrong side of it. “It’s just that you essentially refused to accept the last challenge, but it took you over seven hours to file your report saying so. And now – well, it’s been damned near two days, I haven’t heard a peep from either one of you, and then you give me this?”


      I’m rather fond of this story, too. =D

    • ‘Scavenger’ seems to be the most popular in the early running. Maybe people like it when TnT play games? =)

      **Paragraph 2 of “Oil”:

      “Well, he did just walk in on us going at it – again.” Trip shook his head; it did seem that they almost had to have a fight before they could get anything done.

      **And Paragraph 3 of ‘Scavenger’:**

      “Captain, are you implying that I didn’t? Or that I would allow Commander Tucker to give less than his best effort, when I am in command of the assignment?” Without shifting her tone or expression, his First Officer managed to convey the impression that she was insulted at even the suggestion.


      Hope you enjoy them! =)

  2. I liked Scavenger Hunt the best, I’m not sure exactly why. I think it has something to do with Trip’s attitude. 🙂

    In summer, participation seems to drop off quite a bit. I didn’t post last week at all, partly because I knew I didn’t have the time to visit everyone else’s blogs.

    • Once I read about all the jam and jelly-making, and the back to school things, it all made more sense…

      I’ve had a trickier time getting around myself, with this elderly laptop. It was designed for construction sites, not writing and browsing, but I’m lucky to have it at the moment, so making do….

      Ah, yes…Trip’s attitude. =) See, the Captain keeps giving them these ‘team-building’ games, thinking that he can urge them to get along better…

      What he doesn’t yet know is that his team-building is definitely getting in the way of their OWN team-building games…and of course, they aren’t just going to come out and tell him that, or really let it slow them down…

      Here’s your next paragraph, and I hope you enjoy it even more than the first! =)


      “I was given the impression that that was precisely what it was, Captain.” Staring down a Vulcan was all but impossible. She met his gaze so steadily and impassively that Jon got uncomfortable and shifted back to Trip, whose smirk had gotten the better of him. This one was his doing, but that last disaster with the murder mystery – that had to have been T’Pol’s work, because Trip’s mind didn’t work that way.


      It’s OK, by the way, to ask for more. ReGi was definitely at the buffet table, last week! =D

    • It’s new-ish…she mentioned a while back that her brother had been there for a loooong time. It was her turn, and the pink Plushtache definitely embodies Lovely Chaos! =)

      She’ll be tickled that someone mentioned it! =D

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