Temporariness for SoCS

This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme -an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: “temp”, as a word, or in a word.

Last week, I wrote this:

This week, and for the rest of September, I’ll be playing SOCS a little differently. You see, I read about the Story A Day September challnege at the eleventh hour, and rather spontaneously decided to join in. OK, maybe it wasn’t so much me who decided, but the Vulcan and human in my head, who’ve been wanting me to get on with it, and write more of their stories, so they can be together…

This week, well….

I’m temporarily stymied, in a temporarily quiet house. Both of my children are temporarily sleeping – and, as if to prove the sheer temporariness of that situation, just as I typed that, my son woke up. That might be temporary, or less so – we’re temporarily on disynchronous schedules, with him shifting into nocturnal, and my daughter shifting out, and me tired, because I’ve temporarily had a lot less sleep than I really need, because she doesn’t like to be all alone at night, and because the words and ideas were surging, and, even when I do sleep, I’m temporarily overflowing with fertile dreams…

It’s temporarily raining rather hard, with a pleasant cool breeze blowing freshness into the house. That’s definitely a temporary situation; temperatures are expected to climb again next week, so I’m enjoying the lull and the temporary but inevitable hints of fall in the air, and in the temporarily changing leaves. There are geese temporarily overhead, winging their way south; their time here is temporary.

So why am I temporarily stymied? I’ve joined a writing challenge, and today’s prompt is (I hope only) temporarily missing. I wanted to combine the ‘temp’ prompt here, with whatever that one will be, but it’s nearly seven, and each hour is, after all, temporary.

So, instead of a temperamental Vulcan, you get to read about the temporariness of things.

Maybe that’s good, and maybe not. Maybe the prompt will be up when I look again.

Because everything ends up being temporary, I try not to get more than temporarily hung up on things like missing prompts I’ve been awaiting, and this very elderly laptop I’m using while my shiny new one is (also temporarily, I hope) out of commission. Or this temporary but recurring headache that may turn into a migraine, which, although temporary, may feel like it lasts an infinity, if it takes hold…

I try instead to be at peace with temporariness – with the messes made by children whose time as children is temporary, as mine was. With things lost, broken, ruined…

With impermanence, in all its temporary glory.


How well do you deal with impermanence? Are there times that you handle it better than others? Things that just plain drive you nuts, every time, no matter your intentions? Times when you just laugh at the absurdity of it all?

Once I have today’s prompt, I’ll write my story, and post a link to it here. Although it will be revised, I’ll at least have kept my word, more or less, despite the temporary delay. =)

For now, you could read “We Have EVERY Right!”, a sequel of sorts to Forest Grotesque, which I shared last week. Both have links to other stories in the “Not Jealousy” arc.

Have you tried stream-of consciousness writing? Come join in – there’s just a few simple rules. Check out the brand-new #SoCS hashtag, or Get more SoCS right here!

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