“A Complicated Weaving”: Foul Deeds Will Rise for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

79782-shadeWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Sign up below with your name, blog and email and share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Your post needs to be live between 12:00 noon on Saturday and 9:00 AM on Sunday. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their #8sunday posts.

It’s a second chance to share a small snippet of my current writing. Most weeks, I tie them back to my WIPpet Wednesday post, so reading both can give a deeper peek…

This ten-sentence snippet follows immediately after last week’s WIPpet, “Past Middlenight”. It’s from Foul Deeds Will Rise, Book #2 in my Trueborn Weft Series fantasy saga.

Vaara, formerly exiled and unknown daughter of the now-dead Kai, has taken her rightful place as heiress, but all is not well. There are more layers to this title than Vaara expected, and the work, to which she sees no point, seems to be without end. And now her aide, Visyl, has suggested that this is a necessary part of her service to the Untribed people. But, perhaps, she doesn’t need to learn it all at once…

“A Complicated Weaving”

Serve them? But I am Kai. Are they not intended to serve me?”

It is a complicated weaving, my Kai. In some things, they serve you. In others, you serve them. It is yet new to you – but you will learn the way of it, in proper time.” She ran fingers through the pages. “None of this needs to be tended before morning. Enjoy your run.”

Will Vaara learn enough to be an effective Kai?

Will she be able to enjoy her run?

Is Visyl telling her the truth?


I’m not going to tell you, at least not yet. Beginning next week, and at least through September, I’ll be sharing more from my favorite fan fiction ship, TnT – yup, Trip and T’Pol are coming back, mostly because I’m playing along with the fine folks at Story A Day in September, and these two intransigent characters insist that they have a lot more than 30 stories left to tell, so…

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to share from just one story, or give you teasers from several. So, when I post my eight next week, we might all be surprised!

Want more #8Sunday?

Eighteenth Century Day at the Schuyler House (Saratoga National Historical Park), 2013. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.


    • Indeed she does. And she doesn’t yet know the half of what awaits her….

      It doesn’t help that she’s had no training whatsoever to prepare her for this role, and was raised outside of society….

    • I may or may not have a bit of a fascination with weaving. There may or may not be a reason this series is the Trueborn Weft Series, and its companion fan fiction series is the Warp….

      I tend to have a lot of weaving imagery in my writing. Glad it worked for you. =)

    • It’s definitely been surprising me, this one – and I thought I KNEW where it was going! I mean, I had a PLAN!

      But my characters always end up doing what they’re going to do, and they never much seem to care if I’ve got a clue, beforehand. They just expect me to keep up!

  1. I’m wondering if she’s got anybody she can really trust. She’ll surely need somebody like that in this kind of situation! Hope you pick up from here next time, I wanna know what happens next!

    • Trust hasn’t exactly been a part of her reality – and, even when someone is trustworthy, she isn’t given to that type of vulnerability.

      Fortunately, she does have some skills that can help her know whether someone is lying – but, like most strengths, these skills aren’t perfect, and she might be misled by them…

      I’ll be taking a bit of a break from this story, but it will be back in October. Not sure where I’ll pick it up, but, since this is a rather eventful scene, maybe I’ll grant your wish! =D

    • She is, indeed. She wasn’t at all prepared for this role, when she assumed it.

      As for her run, it will be educational. It won’t go the way she wants it to, but she will learn some very useful things…

  2. I love the subtle way you infer the ‘alien-ness’ in your story. The turn of phrase and juicy words. I just had to go back to the previous week to read more! Thank you for sharing.

    • Kim, I’m so glad you shared this! I’m currently creating a revision plan for the first IDIC story I plan to submit to a fan fiction site (a Big Deal, for me!), and I’ve been spending a lot of time considering how to present T’Pol’s ‘alienness’ without beating the reader about the head with it…

      This gives me reassurance, and a guide, all in a few lines! =D

      Thank you! =D

        • I’ll be submitting to an existing site, so it’s really just a matter of feeling like the story is ready – I take my fan fiction every bit as seriously as my other writing, and I want it to be its spiffy best before I send it out into the wider world…especially since this first story is the keystone for my entire premise…

          No pressure…. =)

          I’m not sure what AB testing is. Would it maybe be alpha and/or beta readers? I was hoping to have a few once I finish this next revision, which I plan to do next month. If you’d like to read, I will happily put you on the list! =D

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