A Quick Note about Potential Downtime….

I love my Lenovo. I really, really love it.

I don’t have the same feeling about its power adapters.  

I’ve just ordered my third in 18 months (and a fourth, as insurance, so that, hopefully, I won’t need to repeat this message anytime soon…).

My current adapter is failing, and becoming increasingly unwilling to charge, and I may run out of power before the replacements get here.

I’m going to keep trying to charge, and also to stack up what posts I can…but, if I vanish, know that it’s not my choice, and  that I’ll be back as soon as the adapters get here…hopefully by Friday (I paid  extra for speed).

Feel free to send all the cord love you want in my general direction, till then….


    • I think it’s working! I found a spot in my study where I can get the machine to charge. A lot more shutting down and rebooting than I’d like, and a different rhythm, but, if it holds, I’m OK with that. One day down, one or two more to go (I hope!).

      Thanks for the cord love, Gretchen! =D

  1. Suggestion: go to Staples and get a third-party adapter. They make them for all makes and models. If that doesn’t work either there might be a problem with the computer’s electrical system.

    • Power adapters seem to be a problem for my Lenovos. I’ll check into that if I need another cord…this one has a USB type socket, so I might not be able to find one that will work – I don’t know if that’s common or not.

      On the plus side, I’ve found a location and position where it seems to charge well enough, so I’m using it and charging, in sprints. It’s working for now.

      The two (hedging my bets) new ones should be here on Friday, at the latest.

      For now, I’m prioritizing my projects, so I can hopefully keep from getting too far behind if it decides not to charge before the new ones arrive…

    • I’m still here. I found a way to charge it that’s working OK, so, hopefully, it will serve until the replacements arrive.

      Thanks for your well wishes!

    • Maybe it’s operator error….I don’t know what model you have. This is a Yoga 2 11, and I love love love it. Fortunately, the replacements were under 20 dollars, and I got two – next time, I won’t need to pay extra for speedy shipping (and my son says I should have checked Amazon Prime, where there would have been quick delivery and no shipping charges. Too bad he was asleep when I ordered them!).

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