“We’re Not Ready”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

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For me, it’s a second chance to share a small snippet of my current writing. Most weeks, I tie them back to my WIPpet Wednesday post, so reading both can give a deeper peek…

This ten-sentence snippet follows immediately after last week’s WIPpet, Shared and Unspoken. 

“We’re Not Ready”

“We’re not ready to talk about it, yet, Cap’n.”

Trip’s voice was ragged with the tears that brimmed his eyes, and he was as close to T’Pol now as he’d been that day,  on the shuttle. T’Pol’s eyes had been wide and frightened then, and Trip had stayed glued to her, wrapped his arm around her, kissed the top of her head while she sang a human lullaby, his eyes daring anyone to tell her to stop.

“Neither a leave nor medication will erase what has happened,” T’Pol said, and, although she wasn’t near tears, her voice had that strained quality she got when her emotions were threatening to break her hold on them. She leaned back very slightly, and Trip pressed his fingers into her back until she let out a long, soft sigh. “Therefore, logically, I’ll tend to my duty.”

Something about it – the casual ‘we’, the way Trip seemed to know just when and how to touch her, the way she allowed it, even seemed comforted by it- felt deeply intimate, as though there were layers here that Jon didn’t understand, and maybe should. But how could he? Vulcans weren’t humans; T’Pol was entitled to her own brand of grief. And all the better, if she’d let Trip support her even a little – helping people was just his nature, and had been as long as Jon had known him.

What aren’t Trip and T’Pol ready to talk about?

When did they become a ‘we’?
Does Jon really want to know what’s going on between them?

Has Trip given up on getting T’Pol to sit down?

This excerpt comes from the discarded stories file of The IDIC Romance, my Star Trek: Enterprise  fan fiction series, which chronicles the canon inter-species relationship between Chief Engineer Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III and Commander T’Pol, the Vulcan scientist and First Officer. The timeframe is somewhere early in the six-year gap between the events of S4E21: “Terra Prime”  and S4E22: “These Are the Voyages” (I have an explanation brewing for that disaster of a finale that will allow this to be canon, but I haven’t written it yet…).

After playing with this excerpt, I’ve decided to pull it out of the discards, and eventually build the bridge between this story, and Not Jealousy, written for Story A Day May 2015, I have an arc building, so there may be much more in the future…but, starting next week, I’ll be posting….something different.

If you’re a fan of my favorite Vulcan, and the human who loves her, though, don’t worry. They have this way of worming themselves into my head no matter what else I’m working on, and it’s just not a good idea to deny them for long – T’Pol has a temper, after all, and she might get….agitated.


Trip, T’Pol, Captain Archer, and Star Trek: Enterprise are not mine. I write their stories because they insist on it, and I accept no monetary compensation for sharing them.

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  1. A nice piece here… I think getting too close to Jon Archer’s head could trigger too many story ideas for me though. I really like him. 😀

    • I really like him, too. He has a nice way about him…he just can’t compare, for me, to the yumminess going on between those other two…I can’t stop focusing on that, and, honestly, I really don’t want to, because it fascinates me! =)

    • I was a little surprised to see the raw material when I pulled it out (what you’re getting is a rough rewrite of that, which wasn’t remotely reader-ready, since it was just hasty backstory for a poem I was writing.

      I’m glad the emotion comes through, because this entire arc is filled with it, for reasons I’m not sharing yet…

  2. Well I’m enjoying the story so I’m glad to hear you’re going to bring it int your active file! I think you’re doing an excellent job of portraying the Vulcans via T’Pol. Great excerpt!

    • I do love ny Vulcans. And I want the humans around them to understand that they do feel, an sometimes need to be taken care of gently, and always accepted as they are, where they are…

      Trip’s gotten pretty good at that, over the years…and the Captain’s learned a thing or two, as well.

      Honestly, I’m not sure why this landed in the discards in the first place, unless it was because it was backstory I wrote for a poem, and I didn’t quite know where it fit…

    • Thank you , Aurora. I “get” T’Pol, and I see through that mask she wears. I’m pretty sure Trip does, too – at least, when she’s not driving him crazy! Captain Archer isn’t quite so good at it…he’s got certain ideas about Vulcans that keep getting in his way…

  3. Hi! Interesting excerpt, and yeah, a big part of the interest is in how you make it clear that T’Pol has strong feelings, she’s just keeping them (mostly) under control. If Vulcans (or any race) literally didn’t have any emotions, readers wouldn’t empathize with them. Thanks for sharing this!

    • In an earlier episode “Fallen Hero” from Season One, Vulcan Ambassador V’Lar tells T’Pol, who has just made a comment about human emotions, “They’re our emotions, too. We’re just better at hiding them.”

      T’Pol’s changed, since then, and hiding hers isn’t always a possibility, anymore. And this pain and grief – well, it’s of a nature that wouldn’t be easy for anyone to control.

      Thankfully, she’s got Trip there to help her stay on something of an even keel, even if she isn’t eating, sleeping, or meditating…

      I think it goes even deeper than whether readers or viewers could empathize with a non-emoting species. Without emotions, I’m not sure there can BE sentience, because all motivation would have to be instinctual. It’s emotions that drive striving for more than survival, even for Vulcans…

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, and they won’t be gone too long…they never are!

  4. Beautiful piece Shan. I think the logic/emotion intensity comes across really well. Just because she is logical, it doesn’t mean she can’t feel deeply. THANK YOU for sharing.

    • Some people don’t see that in Vulcans, but I always have. I think it’s a huge part of what draws me to them, again and again. I’m not trying to make them feel, or make them human (seriously, they’d lose ALL their charm if they were just like us…). I want to explore how Vulcans experience and express emotions as themselves…most particularly at times like this, when simply repressing it isn’t a possibility, and it must be lived with.

      THANK YOU for appreciating! I spent many years ashamed of my need to write Trek fan fiction. It’s more gratifying than I can say to share it with others who take it as seriously as I do,

        • I honestly wouldn’t know how NOT to write them! I’ve been doing it since I was 13, almost since I fell in love with this fascinating guy named Spock…

          But the not feeling guilty about it – that’s still pretty new, and wonderful. I was raised in a family that scorns Star Trek, for the most part, and where any writing that isn’t journalism was labeled a ‘pipe dream’.

          It can be hard to rise above those attitudes, and just be who you are, you know?

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