#Onegoodcup After Another: Mindful Monday

As June slips into July, I transfer my attentions from my second Kifo Island Chronicles novel, Generations, which is a near-future fantasy, to Foul Deeds Will Rise – a straight-up, shapeshifting, otherworld fantasy from my Trueborn Weft series.

Poised between these two projects, I’m going to pause and take a few deep breaths, and ground myself in the present.


Because all of my creativity springs from within me, in the alchemy of thought, feeling, experience, and perception. So, while the pause in the forward momentum seems a bit – sideways – I feel it’s necessary; a pause to touch base with myself…


By revisiting my writings during the first and most recent days of my own personal #onegoodcup project, and seeing where I was at the end of May, and now, a month later, at the end of June.

The first entries are from my Intentions Journal – a series of prompts intended to stir thought and ideas for life changes.

May 25, 2015

Remember those deep breaths!

  • When I feel overwhelmed.

  • When I’m feeling emotionally charged.

  • Before I say difficult things.

  • When I feel the impulse to escape.

  • When I want to be open.

  • When I want to focus.

  • When I want to relax.

That’s pretty good advice, if I do say so myself. Oh, wait, I did! =D

May 26, 2015

Keep breathing!

No, I don’t mean in a live-or-die way, but an inhalation, opening to the possibilities; exhalation, releasing the past sense.

Although I’m feeling a little pressure, it’s mostly internal.

Let that go, and simply enjoy indulging in life, today.

Why all this focus on breathing? Breathing is essential. Without air, we soon die. Without the breath of life and creativity, we stagnate. That’s something I tend to forget, sometimes, when I get busy pursuing my goals.

Deep, easy breaths. Pauses to breathe, and to be. I might accomplish more, that way – but that’s not my prime intent – balance and centeredness is…

Now, we turn to the last two days, from my #onegoodcup journal – a yoga-centric theme with inspirational quotes and art sprinkled among the pages. I bought this during our Oregon vacation in February, during an a few hours alone at Suislaw River Coffee Roasters. Using it reminds me of the peace of that day, and the joys of that trip with my beloveds…

June 28, 2015

I begin the day with about 1800 words to my JuNoWriMo goal, and three scenes left to write in Generations. Going to get the JuNo words, then do my Second Serving Sunday and Round 2 posts.

Somewhere in there, I’ll scan and save the test documents, so they’ll be ready to mail tomorrow.

Right now, I have a slightly soggy purring cat beside me, a variety of drips from the rain, and Jeremiah and his friend Josh’s Minecraft Skype chat wafting out from his bedroom. Miah is intermittently talking about 90s internet connections.

I’ve got other ideas percolating, but I’m going to let them simmer another day or two.

Sometimes, the thing to do is just simply to pay attention to where I am, right now, and what’s happening around me. It’s not always the best idea to struggle to understand deep things too soon; getting still and absorbing this moment will eventually bring deeper understanding to the surface…

June 29, 2015

I’ve won JuNoWriMo!

Still have two scenes and a bit left to write, and the test scores to mail, and two blogposts to get out today –

And plotting. I’m supposed to begin another novel on Wednesday, but I’m not ready with either of the ones I’ve been prepping.

I’ll get there, or I won’t.

We’ve got a Snowflake Plotting Workshop tomorrow, so I’ll do what I can before that, and try to finish during it.

It’s Jim’s weekend; he’s staying home today. Miah is planning a Skype/recording call with Josh, who lives in Pennsylvania.

These might seem disconnected, but, like the chat Annalise is having with her best friend, Gabriella, I need to consider them…

Because everyone’s needs and desires are important, and we all affect one another in the way we choose to pursue our own and honor (or not), each other’s.

This is definitely one of the ways in which my approach can be a model for my family, or a nightmare…

Gorgeous clouds banked outside my window…they look like an oil painting, over the lushness of the trees. After a very dry May, June has been quite wet…everything is vibrant.

The lawn is getting mighty shaggy, and the lawn mower has ceased to function…something will need to be done…

But I’m anything but a mechanic, so writing about how something will need to be done is about as far as I can go.

Well, I’ve got about half a cuppa left.

Know how I know that writing is what I’m meant to do?

Here’s how:

I’m sitting here writing in this journal, thinking about what I need to do before I can settle in for – yup – a day of writing!

There’s both a joke, and a truth, in there, somewhere…

What’s the point of that passage?

Well, I’m not sure. Maybe something to do with letting my thoughts happen, even if they seem unconnected and trivial. They still matter, and sometimes circle around to something deeper – or, in writing them, maybe I just eliminate a little of my surface mental chatter – an exhalation of the mind, to leave room for more attention and deeper mindfulness…

Have you ever felt this way? Do you keep a journal? Do you ever go back and review things you wrote in the not so distant past? Have you made discoveries or gained insight there?

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