“I Want to Help”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday! 

It’s the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Sign up below with your name, blog and email and share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Your post needs to be live between 12:00 noon on Saturday 05/30/15 and 9:00 AM on Sunday 05/31/15. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their #8sunday posts.

It’s a second chance to share a small snippet of my current writing. Most weeks, I tie them back to my WIPpet Wednesday post, so reading both can give a deeper peek…


  • Trip, T’Pol, and Star Trek: Enterprise belong to Paramount, even if Paramount has forgotten all about them. They insist they have more stories, and that I tell them…
  • This is an extrapolated “missing scene” story, detailing some of what might have happened during the months’ long and scarcely shown return to Earth in S2E26 “The Expanse”. Spoilers for that episode.

This snippet follows several paragraphs after last week’s WIPpet Wednesday post, Broken As I Once Was. Attempting to deal with her own pain and guilt, T’Pol is confronted by an inebriated Chief Engineer whose need for solace is even greater than her own.

I’m offering ten sentences today, because the new rules let me! =D 

“You wanna help me?” The pain, and the hope, tangling together. Such a human response. So very like him to feel so much, so fully. 

I kneel in the puddle of his vomit, but I don’t allow it to affect me. I am unable to exercise the same control over my hand – it hovers above his shoulder, fingers trembling with the need to touch him.

Yes, Trip. I want to help.” I need to help. If he will only allow it.

Will Trip allow it? Will T’Pol resist the urge to touch? Why is she resisting it, to begin with? Can she find a way to help him?

For those who don’t want to wait for the next installment, here’s the currentStuck in Space” arc:

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    • It’s not a facade….or, at least, not in the sense a human would have one.

      She’s conditioned to keep her emotions suppressed until she can repress them. It’s more difficult than usual, so soon after the virus, while she’s still dealing with the aftereffects of the pon farr mimicking virus, but the stoicism is a matter of nurture so deeply rooted, it’s almost nature, by now…

      Pretty handy skill, when you need to kneel in someone’s puke. Maybe not so good at keeping you from touching him, though…=)

      • Facade’s first definition is the front or face of a building…. I wasn’t saying it as an insult, but as “this is the face she shows the world”. And… if I were in her place… my facade would crack. I could not stay in control. Just me

        • I got your definition, but I don’t think I see it quite the same way. It’s more than the face she shows the world, it’s a way of life….simply put, her goal is to separate the emotions she feels from her thoughts, and therefore the actions she takes. It’s more than facade; it’s an integral part of her approach to life…

          So while it might look like a facade, it’s more her ideal, the goal she strives for.

    • She is indeed highly motivated to help him. If pressed, she’d claim her reasons were wholly logical. If being utterly honest, she’d admit to some strong personal interest…

    • ‘Hovering on the edge of control’. Yup, that about sums it up, Poor Trip has got no idea what’s going on beneath that cool, calm exterior…I think he might just be a little scared, if he knew how close to emotional collapse she is…

    • Culturally, she knows very little about how to “be there emotionally” for a human. Because Vulcans are conditioned from a very early age to repress their emotions, and, when they can’t, to suppress them, she’s in extremely uncharted territory. The ideal on her world is not to allow emotions to color thought or action; to respond with logic in all cases.

      She’s already personally off balance, because of recent events in her own life, and struggling to find her equilibrium.

      But she does her best. Being rather practical, and more than a bit maternal with him and the Captain, she gets him off the floor and into a chair, while she cleans up. Then she takes him to her own quarters, where there is no alcohol, and gets him in the shower and his clothes into the laundry, since it doesn’t seem like he’s changed or seen to hygiene for a few days. Then she puts him to bed…and that’s when he asks her to sleep with him (just that).

      The fact that she does says a lot about her ability to rise above her cultural conditioning, and offer a more human form of comfort and contact.

      Not that he isn’t going to be mightily embarrassed the next morning….

      But that’s a story for next week! =D

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