Almost Too Much: The IDIC Romance for SoCS and #STaD

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This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme – an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: the word “almost”.  I used the word several times, in this passage.

Since it’s also International Short Story Month,  and I’m actively participating in Story a Day May,  I combined this prompt with the May 29 “Back to Front” prompt -writing a story that begins at the end, and ends at the beginning. 

Today, I bring you – a starship captain denying his emotions, as he sees the relationship between his second and third in command evolving in a way that excludes him…oh, and there’s also a very sick Vulcan. 

But, before that – I want to share a few sentences I wrote earlier in the month, because I like what they say, and, well, they fit the prompt almost perfectly, even though they predate it.

Almost. Filthiest word of ‘em all, almost. All. Most.

Nope, no context, but you can find the story here if you’re so inclined….


  • Jonathan Archer, Trip Tucker, Doctor Phlox, T’Pol, and all the rest of Star Trek: Enterprise belong to Paramount. I play with them strictly for my own amusement – and perhaps yours, too. And because T’Pol tells me to – and she’s rather formidable! =)

  • This is an extrapolated story, occurring after the events in S4E20: “Demons” and S4E21; “Terra Prime”. Spoilers for those episodes; also for S4E17: “Bound”.

Almost Too Much

“Thank you, Captain.” T’Pol’s voice was almost gone, a thready, raw whisper.

“Don’t try to talk, pepperpot. You just sit tight, and stay still, and let me handle this. Cap’n, please don’t make her talk. Damn, I didn’t know so much could come out of someone so slender. She can’t take much more of this. I’m sorry, pepperpot – so damned sorry you have to go through this.”

“At ease, Doctor Tucker. T’Pol, I just wanted to check up on you. If it hurts when you talk, or makes you feel sick, don’t. I don’t want to make it worse -”

He broke off as T’Pol gagged. “Awww, hell!” Trip exclaimed, grabbing the basin on the table, and getting it under T’Pol’s chin just as she started to heave weakly. Trip’s fingers stroked through the sweat-crusted fringe of bangs; Jon watched them, trying to avoid the implications of that small intimacy; of Trip still being here several hours after he brought her.

When T’Pol finished vomiting what looked like nothing but bile, Trip put the bowl aside, and picked up a soft damp cloth. T’Pol leaned into his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her, gently. Jon almost said something, ordered him out and back to work, but then T’Pol’s head dropped to Trip’s shoulder, and Trip whispered harshly, “Aww, hell, pepperpot. I hate this for you. It’ s so not fair.”

“Trip, don’t.” Barely even a whisper, now. Jon had never seen the Vulcan looking so weak and defenseless. But one trembling hand lifted, made its way to Trip’s hand, and her fingers tangled with his as she sighed.

“Kaiidth,” she breathed, or something like that.

“What’d she say?” Jon asked.

“Means ‘what is, is’ – or almost that, or close to that, anyway. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, pepperpot, or that I can’t be sorry that this is so damned unfair to you – “

“Captain? I didn’t hear you come in.” The end of whatever Trip was saying as he looked into T’Pol’s face got drowned out by Phlox’s entry from his office area. Jon could almost think that was intentional, to give Trip and T’Pol their privacy – their privacy? – why the hell did they need privacy?

The little gold claddaugh ring with its jade heart peeked out from between Trip’s strong and capable engineer’s fingers. It said things that Jon didn’t want to think about, and couldn’t seem to stop.

He forced himself to turn to the doctor. It really wasn’t his business, whatever was going on with his First Officer and his Chief Engineer. He couldn’t cheat either of them out of any solace they found with each other. Not while T’Pol was wearing Trip’s dead sister’s ring, and had been ever since the baby they’d given the same name had died. The baby created from their stolen genetic material – stolen from his two best friends on his ship.

Almost under my nose, and Phlox’s. How the hell could we have let that happen to them – ?

He couldn’t go down that road now, not while he could still hear the sound of Trip murmuring to her, hear T’Pol’s thready and infrequent responses – and then the sounds of retching, and she was vomiting, again –

“Phlox? Have you learned anything about what’s causing this? Is she in danger?” Jon swallowed hard; the stink of bile and the sounds of the attack were almost enough to make him vomit, too.

What’s making T’Pol so sick? Will Captain Archer face his jealousy? Is there a reason for him to be jealous? What has Phlox learned?

If you’d like to know, read the full version of Not Jealousy.

Have you tried stream-of consciousness writing? Come join in – there’s just a few simple rules.

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    • Thank you – I don’t ‘feel’ Captain Archer the same way I do Trip and T’Pol, but every now and then, he comes through loud and clear. And he’s got definite feelings about what he suspects is going on between his two best friends….even while a part of him understands, even knows it wouldn’t work with him and T’Pol…

      I hope he finds someone who is as good a fit for him….

      • Maybe some day you will write one for him… He’s a good character… I am sure you could write someone who will work for him… just a thought 😉

        • Well, if it were that simple, I already would have, because he is a great character, and deserves to find someone to share his life and his big heart with….

          I even have an idea who it might be – but I don’t write that way. I wait for the characters to reveal themselves, or pieces of themselves, to me, and when I can really feel them, then I write….

          And Jonathan Archer isn’t the most emotionally open man there is….he guards himself, that way.

          He also might not be that fond of me, because I feel Trip and T’Pol so strongly, and, despite his friendship with them both, and what I feel will be his ultimate acceptance of their relationship, he’s still a bit jealous….

          But I’ll be writing 30 more IDIC stories next April, and maybe some sporadically before then, so who knows what might develop? =D

          • That’s great that you wait for the characters to speak to you… your writing methods fascinate me 😀 I look forward to more of your stories… even if I have to wait til next April 😀

          • When I try to make stories happen, they always read forced and flat. So I’ve learned to let them percolate a while, until I feel like I’m in the skin of my POV character. It’s easier with some than with others – Trip is the easiest, of the Enterprise crew, and the male character I feel the most deeply. T’Pol’s a little trickier, but she tends to be extremely insistent when she’s got a story to share…

            And she’s not likely to wait till April , so there’ll almost for sure be more shared before then!

          • The only characters I’ve ever been that involved with were the ones in the Sci-fi story I wrote during April for the A-to-Z challenge… the rest of the stories I have written, the characters have just popped into my head and I learn about them as I write the story… I do hope T’Pol is persistent! I look forward to more about her 😀

          • She’s been known to wake me up!

            Do you have a link for your sci-fi story? I’d love to read it, and my June project is going to be – difficult. I need to write it, but it’s the darkest novel I’ve written, and there’s a part of me that’s resisting it. It might help having some great reading material…

            The truth is, I always learn a huge amount about characters and their stories once I start writing- even when I plot them well (which I haven’t, most of this month), that’s true. There’s something about giving myself to the story that brings up surprises…for instance, my May 30 story went all KINDS of places I wasn’t expecting! I’ve learned to sit back and let it happen – I’m wrong far more often than my characters are!

          • wow… she is persistent! only my muse wakes me… or refuses to let me sleep like tonight… lol Here is the URL to the story. It is over at my Promptly Written blog… just scroll down to A to begin reading:

            I am always amazed at writers who plot everything out… I am definitely a fly by the seat of my pants kinda writer… nothing was pre-planned in that story I wrote in April.

          • I never sleep nights when the moon is near full. I just accept that I’ll be up writing…

            I’m not sure that my muse isn’t a very persistent and very complicated Vulcan woman! =D

            I used to pants everything, but I’ve found some open-ended plotting techniques that help me lay a groundwork that still leaves plenty of room for the magic to happen.

            I’m still a lot less likely to plot short stories than I am novels.

            I’ll save the link to read a bit later in the week, so I can take a break from homeschool reports and that dark novel…

          • Maybe that is what’s going on with me tonight… the near full moon… I guess if I were ever to write another novel (and I just might in Nov!) then I may do some plotting… I found that I had to keep extensive notes while writing that story last month… things just got so complicated and interconnected, I couldn’t keep it all in my head.. lol.
            Sure.. read it at your leisure.. it is roughly 45k so it could take you a while 🙂

          • It might be the perfect thing to soothe me, between the sessions of darkness and the reports, which are just dull….

            45K is a novel, or close enough! =)

          • hmmm, not sure if it will soothe or not, but perhaps it will take your mind off of the darkness and dullness 🙂
            The story needs a lot of tweeking…there’s no hard science in it because that would have required some research and I didn’t have time for it for the challenge… it could easily be increased to 55-60k if I added more descriptions and hard science.. it is very plot and action driven… fast paced.

          • Sounds like a fun project to play with at a future time. =)

            I usually save the extensive research for second drafts and on, and just try to do enough to make sure I’m not basing the rough draft’s plot on impossibilities…

            It sounds like it will be a nice change of pace from the novel I’ll be working on, which will deal strongly in abusive relationships…

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