At the Drop of Her Pheremones: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

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It’s a second chance to share a small snippet of my current writing. Most weeks, I tie them back to my WIPpet Wednesday post, so reading both can give a deeper peek…


  • Trip, T’Pol, and Star Trek: Enterprise belong to Paramount, even if Paramount has forgotten all about them…it was their own idea to go to the Everglades.
  • This is an extrapolated “might-have-been” story. No real spoilers; just what Trip and T’Pol show me…

This post is rated PG-13 for suggestiveness.

This snippet follows a few paragraphs after last week’s WIPpet Wednesday  post, She is Fierce”. 

T’Pol, Burning, wants to explore the Everglades, all alone with her husband, by canoe. All attempts to dissuade her by logical means have failed.

I’m offering ten sentences today, because the new rules let me! =D

He got up from his chair, went the three steps to her – furthest she’d let him get away from her in days, and Trip couldn’t decide if it felt good, or if he just wished she still wanted him right where she could grab him at the drop of her pheremones.

“I’m with you, pepperpot. Don’t worry, Doc – I’ll take care of her, and keep her safe. You can meet us at the chickee – but give us -” he looked up at the sky, to a sun that was just past noon – “well – give us till it gets all the way dark, will ya? Cap’n’ll be happy to beam you in.”

“This is unwise, Commanders -”

“Desist!” T’Pol grabbed up the paddle, her hands clenched around the pole, like it was a weapon. She gasped out a couple of breaths, breasts heaving in a way that was doing things to him – she hadn’t worn a bra or panties in weeks, and still he couldn’t get enough of the way she looked in just a T-shirt, with her hair growing out and curling at the ends in the humid air. “Your objections have been noted, but I am Burning, not ill.”

Will T’Pol keep her cool, or use that paddle on someone? Will Trip keep his cool, or show her how delicious she is in just her T-shirt? Will they stay, or will they go?

In case you don’t want to play guessing games, here’s the full story in a three-part arc:

  • Fierce:  One very determined, and very, well, passionate, Vulcan woman, and the man who loves her enough to paddle her canoe.
  • Telling Stories: Trapped in an Everglades lightning storm with a critically ill wife, Trip tries to tell her a story…
  • Don’t Shave:A drabble (100 word story) that wraps up the Everglades story arc.

Want more #8Sunday? 


    • Basically, Vulcans aren’t human, and that extends to more than pointed ears, green blood, and logic.

      Every seven years, they must mate or die- and it’s a time of insanity, either way.

      At this point, T’Pol is nearing the end of her cycle, which was spent in the Everglades, since her husband, Trip Tucker, is from Florida, and it seemed like a good place to get away from it all…

      They’ve been in a cabin for a few weeks, now, with a doctor and a female friend whose role us to meet T’Pol’s needs. But now she’s restless, and starting to focus a little on things other than mating…and since she’s a scientist, and this is a new ecosystem to her…

      At least, that’s what she wants Phlox and Hoshi, and maybe even Trip, to believe… the truth is more that she wants to be alone with him, and only him, somewhere NOT where they’ve been. And since she’s not exactly rational yet, she’s also not willing to take no for an answer, and she might be willing to fight about it…and she’s extremely competent at hand-to-hand combat, if it comes to it.

      I’m glad it caught your interest. T’Pol is a complex and engaging character, all by herself. Add in her romantic interest in an extremely human human, and it’s irresistible to me! =D

    • TnT are easy to write! Star Trek needed a couple like them. So very much to play with….

      Getting them to stop talking at the end of the month so I can write something else – now, THAT’S going to be the hard part! T’Pol in particular is always quite sure her thoughts are worth my time, regardless of circumstances!

      So happy you’re enjoying them, because I LOVE writing their stories! =D

  1. You’d think the doctor knew what pon farr was by now. 😀

    Nice piece, nice nickname, and… I think she will use that paddle to hit someone, if she doesn’t get some time alone with Trip. (And probably even then.)

    • Phlox knows enough to know that this is a Very Bad Idea. And enough to know that attempting to force T’Pol to accept that it’s a VBI could easily get him killed, since she’s determined to drag Trip off and have her way with him.

      But, of course the first rule of pon farr is that Vulcans don’t talk about pon farr. So it’s not like he’s got access to the most recent research, or any treatment plan outside of the blatantly obvious…

      He does have the scans he took of her during the earlier, virally induced premature manifestation of pon farr, or pon farr-like symptoms…but since his goal then was to reverse the effects by curing the infection, they aren’t particularly useful in dealing with her irrationality now.

      In the end, she doesn’t actually hit anyone – they’ve all seen enough to take her seriously.

      I think Phlox was really just hoping she was still lucid enough to reason with, even though he was pretty sure she wasn’t.

    • Nothing at all – except those two pointed ears he happens to find completely irresistible!

      It helps that Terran mosquitoes don’t dig green blood….

      Burning, indeed!

  2. “…pepperpot.” Made me smile. I like his dialect.

    Is there significance to the word, “Burning”? The uppercase B made me wonder.

    Good 8, shanjeniah!

    I didn’t post this week. Just making my rounds and saying hello. 🙂

    • When I thought of what Trip might call T’Pol, no human endearment seemed to fit. She can be kind and compassionate, but she’s NOT sweet or darling or a baby (she’s approximately twice his age!).

      She is, however, fierce, stubborn, daring, passionate, and often surprising. There was a season 3 episode where Trip gets a valuable formula by trading spices, and the alien in question had a thing for pepper. I guess that sparked the idea that Trip might think of T’Pol that way, and, the first time I wrote it, it totally fit! Now, I can’t imagine that NOT being his pet name for his Vulcan wife who doesn’t know anything, really, about pet names.

      Trip’s voice is so distinct, with that Florida dialect, that he’s the easiest male character I’ve ever written.

      ‘Burning’ is a euphemism for pon farr, the Vulcan mating cycle, which is characterized by insanity, violence, and the plak tow, or blood fever. At this time, they mate, or they die. I took the name from Spock’s words in “Amok Time”, the first mention of pon farr – “I Burn. My eyes are flame. My heart is flame.”

      T’Pol is actually correct. She’s not sick. This is a completely natural part of her life cycle.

      Which doesn’t mean that the rampant desires,single-mindedness insanity and near complete lack of good judgment where sex is concerned aren’t, going to land them both in a heap of trouble….

      But that’s part of being married to a Vulcan….

      It’s possible I spend way too much time thinking about these things! =D

      Happy to have you stop by even when you didn’t post! Thanks for popping in, even if my 8 was a 10!

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