“She is Fierce”: WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys! She may be less physically present for a bit, but she’s still our fearless shepherd…or something like that, anyway.

I‘ve got another snippet from The IDIC Romance  stories; as part of my Story a Day May  challenge. Read the full story or explore others in this series.

These stories are Star Trek: Enterprise  fan fiction, dealing with the inter-species relationship between T’Pol, a Vulcan scientist, and Trip Tucker, the extremely human Chief Engineer…


  • Trip, T’Pol, and Star Trek: Enterprise belong to Paramount, even if Paramount has forgotten all about them…I couldn’t leave them sitting on a bed holding hands against their shared pain, so I’m giving them a fanfiction hug.
  • This is an extrapolated “might-have-been” story. No real spoilers; just what Trip and T’Pol show me…

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is May 13, 2015.
  • I added the day and the date, for 18 sentences.

She stood there, the paddle propped against her pink clad shoulder, hands on her hips in a pose she’d gotten from him, just like the thigh-length T-shirt that was the only thing she wore.

“I understand your need for Seclusion, T’Pol, and your desire to explore, as well. However, you haven’t completed the cycle yet.”

“I am lucid. I have been, for two days.” She frowned, then added, “Perhaps longer.”

“Which is a clear indicator that you will not remain so. The compulsion to mate will likely return several more times before the cycle ends. It’s not wise to be away from your support network, not yet. Patience would be a better approach.”

“I intend to go. Trip.” That wasn’t a question, not even a little bit. She’d probably use her nerve pinch and sling him over her shoulder if he dared to refuse her. She might be lucid, but her emotions – those were still powerful, and her impulse control was all but nonexistent, most of the time.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Trip read from her shirt, grinning. “You wanna go, pepperpot, we go.”

Where does T’Pol want to go? Why is she only wearing a pink T-shirt? Why does Phlox think it’s a bad idea? Is he right?

Looking for more WIPpet Snippets? Something a little less confusing, perhaps? Well, hop along with the little blue froggy; assorted genres, styles, and lengths of WIPpetty lily-pads to choose from! =D


    • Chaos – check. But he is going to mind a whole bunch when she tips the canoe with alligators in the water, and when she gets bitten by a coral snake –

      And neither of those things put a dent in her – umm- instinctive needs….

      This is not exactly the kind of chaos he was expecting, when he agreed to go with her and keep her safe…

      As far as writing them – I’m not sure how much credit I can realistically take. For the most part, I just try to stay out of their way! =)

    • Well…I think he does know, better than her, that this might not be the very best idea, given her emotional state…

      But then again, he’s all for being all alone with his wife, because this isn’t exactly a human’s idea of a honeymoon…

      Of course, as he suspects, it’s not going to matter much either way – she is going to go, and he is going with her, one way or another….

      He bought her the shirt for a very good reason… and it wasn’t just how very delectable she looks in it, either. =)

    • I’m very happy to get back to them. T’Pol was actually waking me up at night to plant stories on me. I love writing their stories, but, even more, I need to write them or she’d overflow my head and not let me think of anything else! =)

      It tickles me in so many ways that other people enjoy these stories, because I’ve been writing them so very long, and these are fantastic characters who deserve rich and full lives…

  1. I like how she knows her own mind, but it doesn’t sound like now is the best time to be so headstrong and insist on doing what she wants. It’s usually never the best idea to react or do anything in the heat of the moment, but wait till the situation has simmered down a bit.

    • It would be so good if she could do that. But, right now, she’s physiologically incapable. She wants what she wants, and she’ll do whatever she needs to to get it.

      Logic? Not really. She may, though, THINK she’s being utterly logical, and that’s why Phlox is trying to convince her to wait….

      Of course, waiting is likely to set her off, and make the ‘simmering down’, which will still be a week or three, last even longer…

  2. I realize this is just a snippet, but I’m a bit confused, Shan. Where is Phlox mentioned in the actual WIPpet? This scene is just between Trip and T’Pol and from Trip’s POV, correct?

    Do love the t-shirt though.

    • Phlox is the one speaking at the very beginning, hoping to convince T’Pol not to go, because he’s certain she’s not ready for this.

      Although you don’t see her in this snippet, Hoshi is also there, to attend to T’Pol’s personal needs.

      That’s a huge part of why T’Pol needs to get away – the four of them have been in the same place for weeks, and, as she’s moving beyond the cycle, she has an intense need to take her mate somewhere completely private –

      And she’s not at all inclined to listen to any logic other than that of instincts.

      An, BTW, yes, we are currently in Trip’s POV, although we switch back and forth between them. You might enjoy reading the full story (follow the link to my #STaD blog), and then the following two in this arc, “Telling Stories” and “Don’t Shave” (which is on my ROW80 update in its entirety).

      I love the shirt, too – and can just see fierce T’Pol in the swamp, in a succession of t-shirts that never stay on too long…

    • I just reread it, and you’re right. Although he’s mentioned by name later, there aren’t any dialogue tags in this bit to show Phlox is the one arguing with her, here.

      There will be some reorganization at revision, and this will be addressed, so thank you for the catch, because this was the beginning of the story!

  3. Ha! I love her shirt. And yes, he would be wise to pay attention to it. I have a feeling this isn’t going to go exactly as either of them planned.

    • The shirt was inspired by one I saw on A Mighty Girl (and having seen Midsummer, well, last midsummer; and the fierce girl who lives here…).

      You would think that, having bought her the shirt, Trip might take heed of it in more than a joking sense… but he really does think she’d be willing to knock him out and drag him off…and, right now, she just might.

      It certainly doesn’t go according to Trip’s plan. As for T’Pol, I don’t think she HAS a plan other than get away alone with Trip, by any means necessary – so I guess it works out all right for her – at least in that sense….

    • He would have done better to really, really, pay attention to that T-shirt….because what’s in it, however tempting, truly is fierce…and not exactly rational (which, as a sprint buddy, I guess you already know!)…

      He does get to see her take it OFF…. ;D

        • Well, she wasn’t so much taking it off FOR him, as taking it off in a (quite logical?) mating display…

          So, more like, she was taking it off for herself…or something….

          Maybe we should ask her…except that other things have happened, and she claims not to remember shedding it…Trip has, however, assured her that she was glorious.

          Because, as we all know by now, Trip is a GENTLEMAN!

          • He is indeed. And I agree with T’Pol. Taking one’s shirt off is a very logical and practical mating display. (Tai agrees too, but as he does not actually have a shirt at the moment, he can’t do the stretch and pull thing to go with removing it…)

          • Well, getting rid of the shirt was only the beginning…and now it’s lost, so T’Pol and Tai are in the same boat, except Tai wasn’t in a boat, and T’Pol isn’t anymore, either…

            I have not yet had enough coffee for this comment! =)

          • I wish you a dull and uneventful day, then…the kind that puts you to sleep,

            I’ve got one child sleeping, and one at his grandparents – and a man babbling to himself… and pansies to plant.

            Life is good, though the coffee could flow faster….

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