Story Blossoms: May 3, 2015

ROWin’ and blossomin’ my way through May!

Am I the only one that spring sneaks up on, year after year? Who is always bewildered by the suddenly green, fiercely vibrant season? The welling-up of life and energy and new perspective fills me, and I’m a whirlwind of new ideas, new plans, new life…

So, as May breaks over us, and my lilacs, tulips, and daffodils prepare to bloom, here I am with a new set of goals…featuring an exploitation of my creative energies, in the form of Story A Day May.  If you don’t know what that is, clicking the link will give you a better idea – or you could stop by tomorrow, 5/4/15, to learn more about my personal take on the challenge.

You can find my two stories-to-date at these links:

Today is the third story, with a 640 word limit, and I’m about to go outside, do some yardtending, and see what ideas percolate…

But first, I’ve got goals to update…with May changes based on my Round 2 (I’ll have an update ready for this by  Wednesday) and overarching 2015 goals.

Color-coding key:

  • Goal attained (for the session, or the round) = blue with overstrike.

  • Goal in progress (for the session or the round) = green.

  • Goal-in-waiting (for the round) = red.

It’s not about the winning for me, as much as the stories – but a new blue badge is decorative and fun!



  • Complete April CampNaNo 60K goal with Transitions: Kifo Island Chronicles #1 drafted; and Generations: KIC #2 plotted and in progress. Official CampNaNo word count: 64,875/60,000.

Continue Kifo Island Chronicles Series:

  • Each day in May, engage in playful StaD exploration of this world, using all or part of the day’s prompts for any stories or fragments that appear. 1 /2 days. Ran out of day Saturday before I got to this. Next up: catch up and keep going!
  • Generations (KIC#2): Continue writing a minimum of 1 scene/week; will be a back burner project till June. Scene 3/24 in progress; 5,615/~50Kwords. Next up: Keep going…
  • Sea Changes: (KIC#3): Complete all planning and plotting; ready to go for JuNoWriMo. This will happen piecemeal, for now…beginning with rereading all background material and stories for the POV characters.
  • Draft 31 Story a Day May Trip and T’Pol stories. Use prompts. 2/31 stories drafted; notes for 12/31 stories transcribed/revised. This will be my primary focus until completed; focusing on transcriptions that are candidates for the current day’s prompt. Next up, drafting remaining 29 daily stories, and completing note transcription/development for the remaining 19 ideas; create list for the undeveloped ideas breeding like tribbles.
There’s something about these marked-up pages…


  • Complete revisions for “Slow Jazz Awakening” and submit.  Rock Your Revisions: Highlighting/comments complete for Scene 10/16. I’ve had a few minor, and one fairly major, epiphanies that will shape the next pass. Next up, complete highlighting and comments for remaining 6 scenes, then create to-do list for next revision pass.

  • Move “Peach Liqueur Love”through Step 3 of Sarah Selecky‘s Deep Revision exercises. I’ll begin this after finishing the revision notes for “SJA”, above, and alternate between these projects from that point, allowing one to rest while working on the next step of the other.

Almost 15,000 words about going places!


  • Complete all sponsor visits on time; visit 3 other blog hop and challenge participants each day, at minimum. Every day but Saturday, when I did only two. Next up: Make up the missing visit, and cement this into habit country.
  • Clean up/update blog sidebar. Updated challenges; explored some new widget ideas. Next up: Play with some widgets! =D
  • Beginning May 1, post for StaD each day – a story; a snippet, a story spark; or an essay on progress or process. Still a bit sketchy; but I have posts for Friday and Saturday’s stories – two for Friday! Next up: Continue, and aim for better timing/integration.
Scenes from my study…



  • Continue with hometending. At least 5 days weekly; include decluttering and yard projects minimum of 3 days. 6/5 days; 3/3 yard/declutter. Moderate yard/general hometending/declutter on Wednesday. Laundry Thursday. Yardtending, Chaos Porch, kids’ rooms Friday and Saturday. Next up: Continue this trend!
Fragments, shards, bits, and pieces merging into art…or something like that, anyway!


  • Continue one-on-one time with all beloveds; online and in-person writerly socialization; time with friends; social media. Blogs; a bit of Facebook; snuggling, chatting, and art with daughter; cleaning up and chatting with son. Gave my Accomplice extra time to himself; he had a very busy work week and needed that more than my company. Next up: Write-in tonight; helping son with a project; couples’ time over Accomplice’s weekend.
  • Expand and extend in ways that feel natural and challenging without forcing. Try two new things each week. 4/2 new things: Snowflake plotting; t’ai chi ebooks; nature photography using my phone; solo grocery shopping while kids stayed home alone. Next up….we’ll see!
Embracing me as I am, in many ways..



  • Continue increasing physical activity and exercise – 3 times/week at minimum. 5/3: Yardtending/decluttering Wednesday-Saturday. Next up: More moving; more tending; more exercise; more t’ai chi!
  • Attend t’ai chi weekly. Add one at-home practice move per week. This week’s move selected: Cloud Handsit gives me trouble in class. Next up: Practice. Because practice makes better.
  • Meditate/Intentions journal twice weekly. 3 /2: Meditation…t’ai chi; 5 minute pre-travel stress release; 5 minute breathing on Tuesday. 0 /2: Intentions Journal – oops. Kept intending to get to it, but never did! Next up: Cement meditation habit; catch up with Intentions journal.

I’m feeling that little extra spring in my step, these days, and a new expansiveness in my soul. Does that ever happen to you? I’d love to hear your stories!

Want to ROW along the ROW80 Blog Hop River or join in? The icon is your portal, and the water’s fine!

Ever wonder why a scene got deleted? This one is wonderful, and I laughed out loud. I KNEW I liked Trip’s mom!


  1. Spring always seems to sneak up on us. Of course, it seems like it goes from end of winter to nearly summer almost overnight.

    You did really great in April. Good luck with May!

    • Yes – I know exactly what you mean about the season sneaking up on us! This year, it was even more noticeable, I think….

      It was a whirlwind of an April. May is a bit mellower, but there’s a different level of productivity, and a different manner of creation.

      May your May also be full of wordjoy!

    • April was a bit of a whirlwind, and, so far, May has been too…but I am slowly making the transition, and things are finally starting to feel like they’re evening off a bit…

      Only one challenge a month for the next three!

      Thanks as always for your kind words! =D

  2. Congrats on the Camp Nano win! 64k is phenomenal! Awesome job on your other goals.

    Spring is always a good time for me to start new projects and spend more time outside.

    • I tend to be a much faster drafter than editor. Maybe because I never seem to run out of ideas, and because I spent decades not wanting to really systematically revise anything – so I’ve got a lot of learning to do….and a lot of practice material.

      I’ve been revising a 13K+ Trip and T’Pol story…slow going, but I’m starting to see what works for me, and to develop a rhythm I can build upon…

      I’ve loved being outside, and things are starting to look much better, out there (and even on the Chaos Porch!)…

        • I think the key is in knowing how our own process works – and where it is we’re hoping to go.

          I tend to let my stories percolate for quite a while, so that I can often see their shape long before I start writing. That works for me, because I’ve got a good memory, and I tend not to forget, so things build…

          I also do a lot of planning and open-ended plotting ahead of time – tens of thousands of words. So, while my actual drafting time is relatively short, if all the setup were added in, I’m probably not so very fast! =)

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