Penultimate Vision: March 22, 2015

ROWin’ to the end…

Spring’s still out to lunch, and will be for another few days, it seems. It is getting slowly and unsteadily warmer, and I’m moving forward as the round, the month, and the time for prepping come to an end, and the four-month writing surge commences with the (eventual) change of seasons…

It’s the second-to-last update of Round One. During the next few days, I’ll be striving to wrap up as many of these goals as I can manage, and move others forward. The break will bring more intensive focus on plotting and setting up April posts, goals, and hometending ,with the aim of being ready to dive into CampNaNo, and my two Kifo Island Chronicles novellas- to -be on the first. I’d love to have all of my A-Z blogposts prepped and scheduled by then, too…but it’s likely that that won’t happen, since there are three other people living here, and they call me things like “Wife” and “Mom”…because they’ve got the right to!

So, I’ll be focusing on doing the best I can to get ready for April, and, somewhere in there, I hope to be able to start ramping up for Story-a-Day May, then JuNoWriMo, then July CampNaNo

As I’m typing this, it feels just a bit insane…and I think I love it! It’ll be a full-on creation fest…

And I’ll love August and September, for the slower pace, and the chance to delve back into editing!

What about you? Do you have big spring plans, or are you just ready to sit back and enjoy some sunshine, fresh air, and green things?

As for me, here’s how I’m doing with my revised goals:

Blue with overstrike = completed.

Green = in progress.

Red = goal-in-waiting.

  • Planning for my CampNaNo projects. Plan and plot two Kifo Island Chronicles novellas before April 1. KIC #1- “Transitions”. Ordering the relevant folders in progress. All Goal/Motivation/Conflict completed. Next up, setting up the Scrivener file with ordered scenes, and the rest of the plan, then on to Book 2, which I’ve been giving a little thought.
  • Hometending and lifetending. More hometending projects. The house is even tidier…and I might even dive into the Chaos That Is Our Front Porch in the next week or two…
  • Revising: Revisions for “Slow Jazz Awakening”; complete and submit by March 31. Completed through Plot Point 3, for both. Next up, the final 4 scene summaries, and then the Cheat Sheets for all 16 scenes.
  • Prepare posts for the rest of the week. Second Serving Sunday, and ROW80 posts in progress Coffee and Conversation, WIPpet Wednesday, Eight Sentence Sunday, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday posted and/or scheduled, as well as a reblog. Next up, finishing this week’s, and beginning next week’s, posts.
  • Continue editing/sharing photos from our Oregon trip. More of Feb18th edited, up through t the end of our first visit with Jim’s sister Jennifer. Next up, more Flickr uploads, then the last of the Feb. 18 editing, of the sunset as we drove down I-5 to Eugene from points north.
  • Create a queue of three Coffee and Conversation posts: one essay, and two Walks With Jo. Wrote a jumbled essay rough draft and highlighted for revision. Three collages formatted for first Walk With Jo post. Next up, edit essay for 3/30 post, and embellish collages for Walk With Jo.
  • Write a paragraph or so of notes for all 26 A-Z posts. A and B paragraphs completed; next up, the other 24, then writing the posts.

Moving to the break:

  • Review and adapt goals lists for February, March, Round One, and 2015. Assessing where I am and where I want to be, and adjust accordingly. Next up, continuing comments on Round One and 2015, and writing February/March update.
  • Draft a Round 2 sponsor post.

Well, that’s it for me, so why not pop by and visit another ROWer – or maybe several? And, whatever the season where you are, may it be a joyful one for you and yours! =) And, because it’s spring, I leave you with something perfectly bouncy…




  1. I’m very much looking forward to doing Camp NaNo(even have a cabin set up with a couple ROWers. If you want, I can add you). Also, going to try my hand at the A-Z blogging challenge this year. It will be my first attempt.

    • Thanks for the cabin offer, Fallon! I’ve signed on with my local NaNo group – I’ve been going to write-in’s with them most weeks the last few months.

      I’ll look for you during A-Z – I love that challenge!

  2. Hi – just real quick wanted to mention that coconut oil – a few times per day and then put on some cotton socks – it can sometimes heal feet. Also, long soaks in warm water with a bit of olive oil (and even a splash of dmso) can help too – but do try that coconut oil – it is amazing… 🙂 ❤

    • I love the idea – but, other than when I work out, I don’t wear socks. I’m hypersensitive to certain textures. Socks tend to drive me nuts!

      The split’s a lot better, and I can walk again, without limping. It’s still a bit tender if I overdo, but I’m trying to pay attention to that.

      I’ll keep that coconut oil in mind, though, because I am prone to splits.

      • oh and one more tip-oid – ha! neem oil has a special way of healing all things skin. not sure about feet- but last summer I had this awful sore between my toes – coukldnot even walk it hurt and throbbed – and finally got out the neem oil and put it on four times a day – it helped enough within 3 days where I was wearing sneakers and on the treadmill. and it was gone by the end of the week – neem oil stinks a bit – but gosh I love it for anything skin.

        have a great day Shan – and enjoyed connecting – and have fun with your writing and your kids


    • Maybe your autumn is keeping company with our spring!

      I’m not getting through the plotting and revising as quickly as I might like, but progress is being made, and I’m confident I’ll have at least the first one plotted by the time April gets here….

      It’s single digits (F) here today!

  3. I am currently preparing for the Round 2 of ROW80 (my first attempt), and I’m also considering doing Camp NaNo now that I know that the word count is personal and flexible. I see a lot of other ROWers also doing Camp NaNo, and I was wondering if you had separate writing projects for each challenge, or if you had one writing project but documented the same word count at both ROW80 and Camp NaNo.

    • I incorporate my other challenges into the framework of my ROW80 goals. I like challenges that will help me to meet my existing goals, rather than trying to come up with something to fit the challenge. I often use them to play with or develop ideas I want to experiment with. For instance, two years or so ago, I wrote a story for a flash fiction challenge that sparked an idea. I explored that idea more in last year’s A-Z Challenge, and, somewhere along the way, realized I had the basis for a series of novellas. I’m currently plotting the first of these; I hope to complete three this year, between CampNaNo and JuNoWriMo.

      Welcome to the madness of CampNaNo, and your first full ROW80 round. May you find them productive and exhilarating! =D

    • I’ve still got a lot to do, but I’m making steady progress, and enjoying it, and not ignoring the rest of life…

      I may not get as far as I want to before I run out of month, but I’ll be a lot further than I was, and that’s something!

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