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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors Eight Sentence Sunday!

It’s simple and fun. Sign the linky list with your name, blog url and email address on Mondays, 8:00 AM EST. Each week, the list remains open until Saturday, 11:59 PM. Then on Sunday, post 8 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support. Writers hanging out with writers, a good time with a great group of people.

It’s a chance to share a small snippet -exactly eight sentences – of my current writing. I’m sharing an excerpt from The Earth Doth Move, a Star Trek TOS/Enterprise crossover fan fiction novel. This is a rough draft written for NaNoWriMo 2014.

Disclaimer: Spock, his family, and all of Star Trek are the property of Paramount. I’m not making any money; I only play here.

This snippet immediately follows last week’s post, “Seeking Clarity”. A young Spock is out in the desert, where he has come to gain insight…

Yes, Sarek would begin, and likely end, with that, as if doing so were all the argument that was needed. He would say it, and have no thought of what the words denied – the desire of the one to choose a course for himself. If the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, then it was illogical to speak of what any wanted, as wants were certainly to be placed far beneath the logic of need.

Spock remembered those words, spoken to him, each night, before Sarek took his leave, and again in the morning, as greeting. They were ingrained, now – and that was the intent of the repetition, he suspected – to build into each Vulcan child the belief that their own needs – much less their desires – must ever be suborned, if they came at the cost of denying a greater number what they needed.

Empirical evidence suggested that the method was highly effective, in nearly all cases. Spock paused in his journey, to admire the clean sharp line of a dune, and the way the sudden gusting of chill air from the Forge set off a miniature sandstorm, shifting and obliterating that line…

Yes, it nearly always worked.

Last week, I was welcomed warmly into Eight Sentence Sunday, although one commenter expressed concern, because I hadn’t specified what I intend to do with my Trek fan fiction. The truth is – I just want to write it and share it. I’ve been writing it since I was 13; I’m 45 now, so I don’t expect I’ll stop. I fully intend to get better, and I love playing in these worlds. Ultimately, I will be submitting to fan fiction websites.

What I have no intention of doing is making any money from this writing. I offer it as a gift, a way of sharing my passion for and appreciation of characters and a fictional reality that have, in no small part, shaped my life. I write other things with the intent to earn money – this is what I do purely for love…

And maybe because those Vulcans in my head won’t let me stop…they claim it’s only logical.

They also insist that it’s logical for us all to visit other #8Sunday posts, and comment on those we find agreeable.


  1. Really enjoying being back in the world of Star Trek again, haven’t read anything set there in ages. Well done snippet, really felt as if I was listening to young Spock’s thoughts.

    • I spend a good deal of time in that world, and Spock’s been i my head for decades. T’Pol is a far more recent discovery, but she fascinates me – I love that we finally get a chance to explore a strong, flawed, and not always logical Vulcan woman. In many ways, I identify even more strongly with her than with Spock…

      It does always seem to be the Vulcans who grab me, though!

      I’m happy you’re enjoying! I spent so long being ashamed of my fan fiction, ans treating it like it wasn’t ‘real’ writing, yet unable to let go of these characters who are so alive in my head…

      More, they make me a better writer in everything I create).

      And it’s a huge bonus that other people enjoy them, and tell me about it, so thanks! I will be offering a LOT more, in more places, in the coming months! =)

  2. I love the look inside his mind. I’ll never be able to look at or think of a Vulcan the same way again since my parents nicknamed my first orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Vulcan. He reminded them so much of a Vulcan, the way he was so completely emotionless (barring the outburst I’m told about before my first surgery).

    • I love that he had that nickname, but not that he was unemotional… that must have been scary, especially if you were little at the time…

      The obstetrician who delivered our second child was like that. He never even checked back with us to see how Elijah was, though he went directly to the NICU. The nurse-midwife made a point to come see us after he died at 12 days, but never a word from the doctor….it was strange – I’ve always wondered why he chose delivering babies as an occupation.

    • I’m sorry you had a doctor like that. That could be very scary for a child, I imagine.

      You might like T’Pol and Spock better – they both emote more than the typical Vulcan, and their minds are, uh, fascinating. At least to me! =)

  3. Hi again 🙂 I’m sure Trek fans will enjoy your story. Some peeps are very discerning when it comes to the main characters because they have such specific personalities, but I think you’re staying true to Spock.

    And thanks for accepting my comment last week in the spirit in which it was intended. I think it’s good to state, as you did, right on your blog that you don’t plan to try to make money off your fanfic. Fanfic is looked down on in some circles, but it’s a good way to hone your skills. I did some Lord of the Rings fanfic, myself 🙂

    • I’m very discerning when it comes to my Vulcans. I take it as a point of honor to give them the same integrity Leonard Nimoy gave to Spock, all those years ago…I so put them in some extremely unexpected situations, but, given who they are, and their motivations, I stay true to who they are.

      I understood what you meant in your first comment, and, if I hadn’t known, I would have been very grateful for the info. I meant to post my typical disclaimer, but somehow forgot…oops!

      I’m not concerned about people looking down on fanfic – the Vulcans keep whispering in my head, so I keep writing. =D

      I’m a far better writer for the time I spend with these characters, and, because I don’t intend to earn money from them, a more daring one, too.

      LoTR fanfic sounds interesting, too!

  4. Oh, that last sentence leaves some unspoken thoughts dangling. Nicely done!

    I will really miss Leonard Nimoy. I loved that Audi car commercial he was in last year with Zachary Quinto. Leonard was truly one of a kind.

    I didn’t get to welcome you last week. We’re so glad to have you participating. I look forward to your Trekkie fanfic as it unfolds!

    • I agree…that Audi commercial was wonderful! He was indeed one of a kind.

      You can browse more fanfic – original series and Enterprise – on the blog. I’ll be taking a break from posting it here, during April, because I’ll be writing original contemporary fiction. In May, though, I’ll have be writing a Trip and T’Pol story every day, and posting them in whole or in part.

      I’ve also got a longer story in revision – that one’s slated to be submitted to a fan fiction site, and I’ll share the link once that happens.

      I am so grateful I got to share the world with Leonard for a while. =)

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