WIPpet Wednesday: Peace in the Stars?

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys!

This week, I’m returning to Chameleon’s Dish (which may or may not become Never Doubt I Love) – to reconnect with Tisira…

In the dangerously superstitious past of Shakespeare’s England, an amnesiac girl and a foundling boy must keep her strange nature hidden as they stalk the Bard’s words and Hunt her lost identity.

Note: The characters have been growing older during the revision process. This snippet was written when I imagined Tisira/Nockatee to be about 7 years old. In the final draft, she’s going to be nearing or at puberty, I think, so some details will change.

WIPpet Non-Math:

  • I started this post on March 17, 2015.
  • Non-Math: My parents named me after an Irish river, and I’m sipping a Guinness as I type. So you get 17 sentences and an Irish-in-spirit smile in place of an eighteenth. =)

Tisira thought she was in a chill woods, with snow coming….and now she’s somewhere else, or she’s dreaming another dream, one where she’s safely with her father. But will he protect her?

“You must not be left alone, until the nectars have become fully a part of you, Tisira. Your dreams will be more real than what is before you, at times, and there is danger in that.”

A part of my mind wondered, as I pressed myself into his safe warmth. Had I not been – somewhere else? Somewhere with the smell of fertile soils, and the tang of frost, and pale yellow sunlight filtered through clouds?

But that made no sense. I was with Father. Yes. He had carried me here, because I had had a nightmare…

I looked about. Father held me, and the sky was filled with stars, as though someone had cast handfuls of jewels across it, to form patterns across the darkness. Always, I found peace in the stars.

But – had I not been somewhere else?

Am I safe here, with you, Father?” The question was strange to my ears; I hadn’t meant to ask it, and hadn’t known I would. But, once begun, it poured forth, living a life of its own. “Will you protect me?”

Which reality is real? Are both only dreams brought on by the mysterious nectars? Will Father keep her safe? Will there be peace in the stars?

I’ll be offering another post from one of these characters next week, and then we’ll be segueing into four months of on-the-fly writing challenge posts – all raw and new and a mixed bag of projects.

If you’ve got a favorite character among Tisira, Nockatee, and Henry, let me know!

See you next week – and, hey, while you’re here, here’s the link to more yummy WIPpet Snippets; assorted genres, sizes, and styles to choose from! =D


  1. Whenever a character asks if they’ll be safe, there’s always this heart-wrenching, gut-twisting realisation that they’re bound not to be… It’s a beautiful snippet though. I love the description of the stars in particular, it’s just so evocative and lovely.

  2. My answer to Tisira question; if she has asked then there is a huge chance that he won’t. Feel bad for her, being lost and confused about those she should know. 😡 She has it rough.

  3. The age clarification helps – still difficult, but easier for someone a little older to deal with the disorientation. How scary for her to have to wonder if her father will protect her.

  4. Oh, argh, choosing realities — now that’s got to be a real toughie for just a little kid! Probably makes sense that the characters are transforming into somewhat older kids — then maybe she will be able to deal with such strangeness a bit better.

    • Maybe it helps a little to know that she willingly chose to ingest those nectars? Although she’s forgotten, she did know, before the fact, that she would be changed, and that there would be intense delusions as she adjusted. She took the risk…

      Of course, knowing it will happen, and deeming it worth the discomfort, and living through an ever-shifting maybe reality is a very different thing than imagining it…

      Honestly, though, even the adults who deal with this experience can find it too much….maybe a child has a better chance, because her mind is more adaptable….or maybe not….

  5. well Shan = this is indeed some techy world – you have battery power and internet during a power out. ha!

    this is super cool

    “named me after an Irish river, and I’m sipping a Guinness as I type. So you get 17 sentences and an Irish-in-spirit smile in place of an eighteenth. =)”

    yeah babay -= I love a good stout – even though none for me this year – but usually I havce a classic black and tan with guinness and Harp – mmm

    anyhow, – top of the day to ya 🙂

    • oh – and I am not sure if you will make it back over to see the photo I shared – but here are all three of the shots I took – these folks were really entranced – I really wonder if they had something special being shipped – or like you noted – they might just be a very curious family… 🙂 like yours ❤ ❤ ❤

        • well thanks so much Shan – and wanted to let you know I thought of you when I set the DVR to record “trek Nation” – I have completely no idea of what it is about – but I am hoping this year to learn more about Star Trek – because of you – and this old friend of mine format he early 1990’s – Garry, from England, who was a huge fan and even dressed as Dr. Spock for costume parties. Garry looked a bit like Paul McCartney and so Spock really fit him.


          anyhow, i will let you know my take on it when I get to it 🙂 –

          • First thing – Dr. Spock was a pediatrician. Mr. Spock is the half-Vulcan science officer and first officer of Enterprise NCC-1701.

            Here’s a fun fact: In my 20’s (also in the early 90s) I painted myself green and danced as an Orion slave girl at Trek conventions. I haven’t seen Trek Nation, but I think I’ve heard of it, and that it deals with conventions…of course, I could be completely wrong about that, and I’m too inundated in story stuff just now to look it up…

            Maybe you’ll let me know what you think.

            Either way, may you enjoy your Treksploration (I tend to make up funny words before I’ve had enough coffee!).

          • Oh I love your made up word – but you nailed it (and I love your creative side Shan – really love it) – but right now it looks like that Trek Nation will be cutting until spring break – my to do list has 68 item right now – not all big things – but whew – bust ending of the month for me –
            and thanks for the tidbits – and I feel like I am missing out on not knowing about this show – so it is a goal of 2015 for sure…
            and by the way = this month also will always be remembered for Leonard Nimoy’s passing – so a big RIP to him ❤ ❤ ❤

            hope u have a nice rest of your week and nice connecting 🙂

    • I’m not much of a drinker at all. I could only find a case, and I had one and a half bottles over two days…my big brother gets the rest!

      I have two basic things I’ll drink – Guinness and White Russians. Even then, you can usually count how many I’ve had in the last five years on fewer fingers!

      And it truly is an amazing world we live in….

      • oh wow – have not had a white russian since the late 1980’s – and they used to be one of our holiday drinks with my friends in WNY – but those tasty drinks are so sneaky —-

        they sneak up on ya because they are so strong. ilk – and like, you, I am not a big drinker, which is mostly because I am a lightweight and my body does not like it -makes it easier to stay away from.
        have a great week and be back later to check in 🙂 ❤

        • I have a funny story about “sneaky” drinks. I used to go dancing with a non-drinking friend. I’d have two White Russians over the course of a few hours, and stay at her place.

          One night, we tried a new place. Their drinks were twice as large – I never thought about that, and had two. On our way home, she said, “You’re drunk.” “No, I’m not,” I answered.

          But, when I got out of the car, I dropped my bag right in the street!

          Yup, beware of the sneaky drinks!

          And I still need to get that mostly untouched case of Guinness off my kitchen counter and off to my brother…

          • well I bet your brother will thank you very much for that! ❤ – and speaking of brothers and beers – for a short while my brother was making this major strong (high alcohol content) or home brewed beer – and one beer made me so sick – well when he was here a few months ago he said he had to stop making that extra strong one because it was too strong – lol – anyhow, he and my cousin have entered contests with their beers – and some have placed in the top 5 of certain categories.
            anyhow, funny story about the larger white russians – good thing you did not fall with the bag… ❤

          • very wise phrase Shan = ha! Beware thy brother’ beer! I will have to share it with him when he visits – and his visits are usually so special for me when he comes to town – a few years ago we went our for yummy burgers one night and he ordered a sour beer – it was like 25 bucks a glass – and he sipped it and told us all about making beer – and even the waiter was special that night – an eccentric college grad waiting tables as he tried to carve his own path – but not too talkative – I love those kind of memories that keep on giving later…

    • Well, it might help to know that Tisira isn’t exactly human, and her 7 is more like 10 or 11…still, I think most people of any age would have a hard time with what she’s in for.

      I didn’t expect her to be getting older, but, somehow, my characters do always seem to have minds of their own!

    • I’m rather used to her story – and she’s far from a helpless girl. Still, you’re right. It’s not so simple to write these passages. But then, her story wouldn’t be very good if there was nothing but sweetness and light in it…

    • It truly is confusing. She’s used to relying on her senses, and now they’re not at all reliable. And she’s not even sure she’d with her father, whom she’s always thought was solid as bedrock…

      She’s tough, and she’s faced some challenges…but this will be in a whole different league.

  6. Your writing always has such an ethereal feel to it. Poor Tisira, though. You’ve got to get to a point where you start second-guessing every event in that situation.

  7. Ooh, Paul Simon. 🙂

    Interesting snippet. I can feel her confusion. If this isn’t the really-real reality, then what is, and what’s bringing on her dream/memory state?

    • Paul Simon is my all-time favorite, and this song just popped into my head.

      As for what’s causing the dream state…that’s dealt with a bit earlier in the story. In short, she ingested rare nectars with powerful psychotropic properties – nectars that will change her on a fundamental level.

      The changes are desirable to her, which is why she took the opportunity when it presented itself – but there is a several weeks’ long period of adjustment, and, until it’s over, she’s not capable of telling dream from reality…

      We don’t know for a bit longer which parts of her experience are real – and it takes Tisira even longer to come to terms (for one thing, her memory is affected, so she needs to work it through more than once…).

    • She’s definitely in a bad situation…and it is pretty yucky. She’s been used to relying on her senses, and now she can’t trust them…

      Poor Tisira, indeed.

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