#LoIsInDaBl Day 27: Invisible Friends

Put a Little Love in Yours!
Put a Little Love in Yours!

NOTE:  I was away, visiting faraway friends and family, when this post was intended to be scheduled. I was unable to post it, and the two following it.  Over the course of this week, I’ll be posting my “Missing Four” Love Is In Da Blog posts, as written, and resuming my typical posting schedule.  And here we are, at the very last one!  I hope you enjoy!

Maybe all fiction writers have them; I don’t know. But I always have had invisible friends. When I was little, I often got teased for them; I learned to keep the fantasy realities in my own head, letting others see only the more “acceptable” aspects of my imaginary life.

When I got older, I discovered that I could write about them – and, the more I wrote, the more real my imaginary friends became, and the more of them there were. As I’ve given them permission to live their own lives within me, and given them a voic , they’ve grown more complex and real. More than that –

They’ve become better and better friends, the type I love spending time with, and learning about…the better a friend I am to them, the more they share with me.

I’m profoundly grateful for all of them – the ones born whole in my own mind, and those who began as someone else’s imaginary friends…

How about you? Do you have any imaginary friends? Are you a good friend to them, or have you been neglecting them?

Why not let them in, and see what happens?

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Just two of my invisible friends…and, oh, do they have stories to tell! ;D


  1. Oh, I have all kinds of imaginary friends, among them Blake Stephenson, Mary Cecelia O’Brian, Father John J. Flanagan SJ, Lana Dean, Del Wellborn, Mary Cecelia’s father Jack, brother Tommy and sister-in-law Lupe, Rex Harrison (his brothers are Bill, Ben, and George)… They’re all just sitting around waiting for me to get around to them again. And I have promised them I will…

    • I think I can hear them all pleading with you. T’Pol, on the other hand, doesn’t plead. She just expects me to faithfully record her stories…and then she looks at Trip, and he kicks up a major fuss, because humans can do that…

      There are so many invisible friends in my life, that it’s almost impossible to get to them all. Right now, I can feel Tisira, Nockatee, Henry, Terrance, Barry, Corinne, Gladys, Howard, and Iris all awaiting their turns…

      May we both get back to our invisible friends soon! =)

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