The Vision of Perspective: March 8, 2015

So, another two days have passed. My new laptop power adapter and charger, covered by warranty, have shipped from Texas, but not arrived here yet. I’m hoping this will solve the issue. If it doesn’t, I’ll be buying a backup battery, and getting all my personal information moved before I send my secondary brain off to California for more in-depth repair.

I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that – that the new adapter solves the issue.

But, in the meantime, there’s things to do, and, in a slower than normal way, I’m doing at least some of them.

My house is a lot cleaner – frequent cleaning breaks help alleviate the frustration of a much slower machine that isn’t nearly flexible enough to do more than one thing at a time. The weather has shifted from the icy lock of winter to something looser, with the first whispers of coming spring…and it feels good and productive to be using this time to move our physical spaces closer to order. I know from experience that more intensive periods of writing tend to be accompanied by less hometending from me, so this feels a little like banking some organization and decluttering against the writing surge I will engage in from April through July.

I took Saturday off – I needed a break from slow computing, and it was my niece’s ninth birthday party. I spent a lovely afternoon with my older brother and his family.

The time away, and the adaptations I’ve been making to move forward while awaiting my laptop’s rebirth, have led to a new perspective – or a deeper one, anyway.

Things happen, no matter what we’ve got planned. Life is less about what happens than about how we choose to deal with it.

In my case, I think I needed this somewhat enforced slwdown more than I thought I did. I came home from my vacation, and got a head cold. I was aswirl with all we had experienced – but I didn’t really take the time to absorb. I wanted to get back into my customary rhythm and flow, because I hadn’t done much that was directly writing oriented during my time away.

I needed time to reorient, absorb, process, and grow from the experiences of the trip, which was a busy one, with something happening every day during that time.

My computer fail has offered me that time, and now I’m reaping benefits.

  • I reread “Slow Jazz Awakening”, the Trip and T’Pol story I intended to submit to Ad Astra last month – and I saw it in a whole new light. I’ll be diving into a rewrite this week.

  • I’ve got new insight into some existing novels…I reread parts of my November NaNo project, an original series Star Trek fanfiction novel, The Earth Doth Move. It’s good – better by far than I thought it would be. I can clearly see how I’ve grown as a writer in the calibre of this blistering fast rough draft.

  • New Trip and T’Pol stories are simmering and growing in my mind. This is valuable, because I’ll be writing 31 new stories for these two in May…so this newly conceived material will be handy, down the road a month or two.

  • I’ve learned a lot about my Kindle, my new cell phone, and myself.

So, in this time of waiting and slowed momentum, what’s on tap for the next week?

  • Homeschool reports. I’d honestly rather not, but it’s the law, and the price I pay to allow us to live as we choose. So…it’s time, and those will be a primary focus, this week.

  • Planning for my CampNaNo projects. I’ll likely only work on this sporadically, but I have two novellas to plan and plot, and I want to make some forward progress on these.

  • Blogging. I have one Love Is In Da Blog post still to get up, and my A-Z Challenge Intro post is partially completed. I want to do both of these, and catch up on ROW80 and other visits, this week.

  • Hometending and lifetending. I intend to do more cleaning, decluttering, and organizing, and to resume my weekly workout at the Y, this week.

  • Revising and writing: Revisions for“Slow Jazz Awakening” and completing Terry’s story, begun in January, and still awaiting a conclusion. This story is essential character exploration for CampNaNo, so there’s great value in finishing it.

Okay, five objectives seems like plenty, for this week. If the adapter comes, and solves the issue, I may begin moving significantly more quickly, and add items on Wednesday. If not, I may not complete everything on the list. That’s OK; the goal is simply to move toward my goals.

Update:  My adapter arrived!  I’m typing this update from my resurrected Lenovo!  Wooty-woot-woot!!  I’m still behind where I would like to be, so I’m going to stick with this plan, at least until Wednesday, when I’ll re-evaluate.

What about you? How do you adapt, when life throws you an unexpected twist?

ROW80 is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Curious how the other ROWers are faring? Enter the blog hop!

Can we please be done with this stuff? Let it melt, let it melt, let it melt!


  1. I accept life’s challenges and do what is reasonable to achieve goals in spite of them.

    My house becomes a mess during massive spurts of writing too. Sounds like you have quite a few projects on the go. Good luck with them.


    • My brain needs lots of projects…I’m a born flitter. The complete list I didn’t have access to is – well, much more voluminous.

      The house wouldn’t be so much of an issue, except that I live with three people who tend to drop things wherever and keep going. The resulting clutter will bother me long before it does anyone else, and then I tend to get cranky and find it tricky to function…

      So I’m hoping to create enough order that I can maintain my bearings and some semblance or functionality during the four consecutive busy writing months to come.

      I tn to see the challenges as part of life, and incorporate them into the wide-angle view of what I hope to accomplish. They might slow me down or even shift my focus, but they always bring gifts.

  2. Hoorah for a resurrected computer! I just hate when they have problems. It throws me off completely. You seem to be taking it well, and in stride. Looking forward to reading more of Trip and T’Pol. (You’ve inspired me to rewatch Enterprise. It’s been years since I saw it last, and never saw the conclusion. Now I’ll be looking for Trip and T’Pol moments).

    • The conclusion, if it can be called that, was horrible. A travesty, really.

      But the two episodes before that were amazing. They should have ended it there…

      And the TnT moments are there. Sometimes it takes close looking…but it’s so much fun watching things develop between them, beneath the surface!

      And I am so very happy to have my trusty laptop companion back again! =D

        • Yes, it is. I have two storylines in mind. One will ignore the ending, which is set within the TNG Holodeck. The other will acknowledge it…more or less…

          The two part episode just before the “conclusion” is pretty epic, though! =)

  3. glad you got your adapter!! My first netbook died on me after a year. Even when it was plugged in, it wouldn’t charge. I got a universal adapter, and that prolonged its life for another 6 months. Then, it died completely. I lost a lot of writing & photos(most of which were on Facebook, so I didn’t completely lose them). I had to share my husband’s computer for several months, which was a pain. I’ve had this netbook for about 2 years, and its still going strong, even though I probably use it harder than it’s meant to be.

    Glad that you were able to get the break you needed. And good luck with your goals this week.

    • Thanks, Fallon! The only problem I’ve had with my Lenovos (and the previous one was used, and purchased through EBay, is that they seem to use up power cords very quickly.

      Thankfully, this machine is still under warranty, so I just had to speak with a tech support person, then await the new one. I’m considering extending the warranty, as well as purchasing another adapter and a spare battery, as insurance, so I’m not hobbled if this happens again. I’m also keeping the cord stationary, in my study – I’ve got long battery life.

      I’m loving having it back, and I’ve already moved a lot of things to One Drive, which is now on all my devices, so I can at least read things and make notes if I should be without again…

      Best of luck with your netbook! =)

    • It definitely was valuable, that break. And now, rather than diving back in headlong, I’m striving to keep a more balanced approach, so that all the things that are simmering don’t get swallowed up in assumed busyness….

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