Love is in da Blog Day 1 – Hop!

Lovin ‘Love All Month Long!

Are you ready for a month of love? Not necessarily the romantic, Valentine-y kind (although I’ve got a spot or two in mind for those, too). Love, in many forms and expressions, offered up in a month-long buffet of goodness…

What’s brought this on?

My blogger-friend Bee Halton came up with this lovely idea for a blog hop.

Now, I love love, and I loved Just Jot it January last month, so…


It’s Love Month here at shanjeniah. For me, it’s also my Year of Exploration , Ergo, I offer, for February, a month of exploring love.

What does that mean?

Well, to be wholly honest, I’m not sure yet. Week One’s prompt is “Love, In General”

Some ideas:

  • Photos I love, and why.
  • Old blog posts, brought to loving new life.
  • Poetry, old, and maybe new, too.
  • Places, people, and things I love.
  • Facets of love.

Bee’s planning prompts, which I might or might not use (and, if I do, I’ll probably be creative with my approach.).

Why am I doing this?

Because I love love, and exploration, and fun, and this seems to hold the chance for all of those!

I’ll be kicking off my own version of the hop in Coffee and Conversation tomorrow, with a loving exploration of diversity. I’ll put out some tasty treats – I love hot sweet coffee and oatmeal raisin cookies. And I’d love to read what you have to say about love, diversity, tasty treats, or anything else you love! =D

Yup, Love is in da Blog – and it’ll be here all month long, and beyond! Come back anytime you need a bit of love in your life!

Want to join in? Here’s the official list of (rules) Suggestions!

May you know the warmth of a generous and loving heart!


  1. oh wow, now I am getting even more excited (and I needed that because the day job is dreadful right now….). Am so looking forward to your input and your posts. Thanks for taking part!

      • It won’t but I’ll get over it. Some changes which don’t work out as expected. But I work in a great team and we make the best of it :-). It’s Just I have to work Monday mornings now quite often (6AM!) and I can’t do my “Monday-Morning-Cup-Of-Tea-In-Peace-Routine and that makes me pretty grumpy. Thanks for the snow. You just can’t get it around here 🙂

        • Ahhh, the upset routine. That can take some adjusting to. Maybe you could do a mini-cuppa once you got there?

          I used to waitress and work with toddlers in the early mornings – and I’m only good for anything within an hour or two of getting up on rare occasions. I learned to act as though I wa bright and cheerful, and, uh, AWAKE! It helped.

          We’ve got plenty of snow to go around. When it stops, I’ll take some pictures. It’s lovely, and, since none of us has anywhere to be and we’ve got plenty of wood for the woodstove, and everyone’s favorite foods to eat, we can just snuggle in and watch it fall…

          • I have to admit I am jealous. But I chose my way of living so I better put up with it LOL. Here the general public saw 5 snowflakes fall and they went shopping for bread and milk…. like there is a nine week long blizzard at the horizon….. *shakes head* never mind I have to get some writing done before I head off to bed another early tomorrow and I’ll do the smiley face routine as well 😉

          • If someone had told me back when I was working and a new mom that life could be this way….

            The smiley routine helps when you’ve got to put up with it. Sometimes, I even fooled myself! So does making sure you do something that makes you happy as often as you can manage. I have a sweetly scented verbena candle in my study; lighting it makes me happy, and so does my cheap turquoise lampshade.

            May you find a grace note or three, this evening! =)

          • found three I think 🙂 (those who have already taken part here 🙂 ). You know I live in Great Britain. There is nothing that a good cup of tea can’t solve. LOL. This was my grandmothers recipe as well and she was German like nothing. May she rest in peace! 🙂

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