JusJoJan Day 21: Let’s Talk About Sex!

Jottin and Sauntering through the rest of January!

So, are you ready to talk about sex? Or does the whole idea make you want to blush and click on over to another screen?

It’s OK, if you want to go. I don’t want people feeling uncomfortable. And, fair warning –

Things are gonna get a little sexy here, for the next ten days or so, because sex is fun, and good for the body and soul, and because it’s the prompt for Days 21-30 of Linda G. Hills Just Jot It January. I intend to walk the balance beam between the sensual and the explicit. I aim to titillate and be provocative in the sense of inspiring thought and feeling more than to delve into the overtly graphic…although you might want to save the videos for later, if you’re at work or hanging with very young people.

I suppose you could say that I intend to be something of a tease. ; )

OK – are you still with me? All righty then! Time to decide what my topics will be for the next days…


I think I need another cuppa coffee, and a few minutes. So here’s a little treat, to occupy you while you wait for me to come back and entertain you…

I’m back, with some deliciously spicy ideas rolling through my mind – and yes, that video was a hint at what’s to come….ummm, yeah. I either meant that double-entendre, or it was a happy accident. You decide!

So, I promised you a list of topics….and here goes:

21: Setting the Mood (that’s this post!)

22. A Matter of Biology…?

23. Sexual Shaming

24. Coitus Interrupt Us

25. Who Owns Their Sexuality?

26. Of Zucchinis and Condoms

27. Vulcan Biology

28. Inter-Species Relations

29. Sex in the Big City

30. Who Owns MY Sexuality?

That’s my list, and I’m sticking to it. I’m looking forward to playing with these ideas, and sharing….because, really, sex is best when it’s undertaken with a sense of playful adventure!

Still here? Planning to come back? Want to share your own thoughts on sexuality? Want to pull up the covers and hide from the whole thing? That’s OK – I don’t mind.

Want to read other sexy jottings? Find ’em here! =D


    • Hi,August! I was hoping you’d see this, since you’ve been such and inspiration to me in this area. When I watched the George Michael video (an old favorite of mine, I was thinking that it would have been cool if he’d felt fee to be sexually open, and used men in it- it would have been awesome in a whole new way!

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