January 14, 2015: Vision and Revision

ROWin’ to my goals!

So, have you seen any good fireworks lately? Some places have them for New Year’s, so you might have.

Me, too.

Mine, though, have been more internal. The flashbangs of new ideas, and the sizzlesparkle of new connections and layers in older ones. Things are shifting, and happening, but a lot of it is the type that will show up later, and cumulatively, like the Grand Finale. It won’t necessarily look like much, in the next few updates, but it’s like setting up for the show. A lot happens that doesn’t show, in the dark, when magic paints the sky as if it was Lite-Brite

So it goes…

  • 2015 goals

  • Round One goals.

January Update #3:

  • Goals attained: blue with strikethrough: 14

  • Goals in progress: green: 27.5

  • Goals-in-waiting: red: 17.5


  • Revisions: Chameleon’s Dish; The IDIC Romance; and “Morning Coffee”.

  • Write1Sub1: Terrance’s Story (for Kifo Island Chronicles); “Morning Coffee”.

  • Oregon Trip: Planning and preparing.



Write rough draft of Terrance’s story (for Kifo Island Chronicles).

Submit “Morning Coffee” to World Unknown Review.

  • Reread all completed exercises.
  • Began Exercise 3/5.

Kifo Island Chronicles:

Sort stories into novella threads; choose three.

Complete background information for at least one, using Cathy Yardley‘s Rock Your Plot.

Star Trek Chronology Project:

Complete current viewing of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Rewatch Season 1; taking notes and beginning story list.

  • 1/31 stories sketched.
  • Broken Bow (series pilot) with notes.
  • 6 possible story threads to ponder.

The IDIC Romance:

Research fan fiction sites.

Choose one for first submission.

A-Z travel posts:

Create list of A-Z post topics.

  • List about 1/5 done.

Trueborn Warp/Weft series:

Sketch notes for next volume in each series.

Write at least 750 words daily:

Use 750words.com for freewriting and to chart progress.

  • 13/31 days.


Chameleon’s Dish:

Revise all plot points for Chameleon’s Dish (6.5 scenes).

  • .5/6.5 January scenes completed.

  • Revising Midpoint 1/3.

The IDIC Romance:

Complete revision pass for “Tigress T’Pol” as WIPpet project.

  • Extenuating Circumstances”: in revision.

Combine “Breaking Protocol”, “Mystery Woman”, and “Magical Possibilities” into new rough draft.


Revise “Morning Coffee”.

  • In revision. Step 3/5.

Choose at least 1 more story for 2015 revision.

Social Media:

Blog Maintenance:

Maintain regular posting schedule, comments, and visits.

  • Some comments answered/visits made.
  • Posts up to date.

Build blog queues:

Write at least 1 general queue post:

Write 1 “special” WIPpet.

Blogging Action Plan:

Review Blogging Action Plan; highlight for revision.

Review Lovely Chaos Sidebar; make list of desired changes.

Twitter and Facebook:

Visit at least twice weekly.

  • 1 /2 – Twitter.
  • 3/2 – Facebook.

Pinterest, LinkedIn, WANATribe, ect:

Visit at least one weekly.

  • Quick visits to Pinterest and LinkedIn; breaking the ice.

Share posts – mine, and others’:

Share at least 3 items a week.

  • 2/3; to Facebook Writer Page.

Blog views and followers:

Increase blog views to 25 on a semi-regular basis (at least 10 times this month).

  • 11/31.


Family room reset:

Clean the three toy bins (trains; gears; misc.).

  • Began sorting train bin.

Clean the Lego and battle game drawers.

Kitchen reset:

Clean all kitchen counters to left of sink.

  • Emptied “the Bowl bowl”.

Rehome pans and serving dishes to pantry.

Inhabit my study:

Clean and organize floor.

  • A bit; sweeping.

Replace calendar and candle.

Use the space at least once per week.

Personal Administration:

Clean, organize, and backup Desktop and Writing Bullpen files’ sort Leisure Time Reading file.

Maintain inbox below 100 messages at least twice weekly.

  • Yes; Monday.

Homeschool Administration:

Complete second quarter homeschool reports for both kids, due March 15.

Photo digitalization:

Scan Oregon travel photos; save in organized files with backup.


Submit sponsor post.

  • Awaiting final revision.

Keep visits up-to-date.

  • Caught up.


Oregon vacation:

Make list of what needs doing.

  • In contact with Jim’s sister and others.
  • Much conversation on this end; plans firming up.

Make schedule for accomplishing list items.

Do what can be done in January; evaluate weekly.

Kindle ebooks:

Read and write reviews for 2 books on my Writers I Know list.

  • Free to Learn by Pam Laricchia; reading complete.
  • Reading: 1 /2
  • Reviews: 0 /2

NNWM local group:

Continue attending write-ins whenever possible.

  • Attended latter part of Sunday’s write-in.

Interact at least weekly online.

  • Done twice Monday!


Experiment with guided/unguided meditation at least once a week.

TBR Stacks:

Read 1 book from bedroom TBR pile.

Smart Change:

Make a list of goals to focus on, using the methods in this book.


Reconnect with USS Albany group.

My beloveds:

One on one time with each, at least twice per month, doing something of value to us both.

Paying it Forward:

Complete at least two beta reads and promotional blog posts for other writers as requested.

  • Chapter One of beta read 1 /2.

Fitness and Nutrition:


At the Y or a strenuous activity at least weekly.

  • Y on Tuesday.

Wii Fit at least once weekly, for 15 minutes minimum.

Walk, dance, swim, or physical play:

With children, spouse, and/or dog at least weekly.


Find out t’ai chi and yoga class schedules.

  • Found classes that will fit my availability; also a water aerobics class I may try.

Intuitive Eating:


Cooking/ Food Preparation:

Develop a repertoire of 4 self-made food options that support my nutritional goals.

  • First steps: shopped, and bought a magazine with simple recipes.

Maintain weekly nutritional quotas; adapt as needed.


Maintain or reduce weight; continue monthly checks.

Take a ride on the ROWboat!


  1. I love those moments when a story clicks, especially during revision when you’re layering and deepening a story. Best of luck with all of your goals, Shan Jeniah! Sounds like 2015 is off to a great start. 🙂

  2. You are so very organized! There’s some great goals on this list and it looks like you’re right on track.

    Can I just say I really dig that you have particular days for responding to comments also?

    • Starr,


      I’m not really so very organized; I just work things around the life I live. And my house – umm, let’s not talk about that, since I live with three not so tidy people, and I’m not the neatest person in the world,..

      And, I dod try to answer comments on the days I have listed. I’m not always successsful….

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