JusJoJan Day 11: Number Play

Jottin’ my way through January!

Oh, hi! You haven’t been waiting there too long, have you? I got a little sidetracked in my own brain – that happens, to me, sometimes, when all the different threads I’m weaving tend to tangle up…

So it’s the second trimester, so to speak, of Just Jot It January, and the prompt has shifted from Reading to ‘Rithmetic.

In another word….


I’m not especially a big fan – I spent most of my high school math classes writing stories and poetry, and, because no one ever really helped me to see the connection between them, I chose the words over the numbers. Now, I live a far less either/or type of existence, and, while the idea of school math still leads to my nodding and backing away slowly, I actually enjoy toying with numbers, when I do it purely for my own purposes.

Purposes, for instance, like measuring stuff. What kind of stuff?

Glad you I asked!

Numbers and words dancing together – and does it matter who leads?

Here’s my rough list of number play, intended to carry us all the way to the 20th, when Linda changes the prompt again!

11. Number Play (that’s this one!)

12. Fitnessing Them Together

13. Dripping Dali Clocks of Time

14. Quadratic (and Sometimes Erotic) Inequalities

15. Threeteen, Fiveteen, and the 27 Piece Puzzle

16. Three Minus One is Two

17. Measuring Up

18. “That’ll Take Eighteen Thousand Years!

19. The Infinite Cookies

20. Our Kinda Economics

Okay, I get that that’s a bit of a tease, posting those titles with no explanations – but no one said I couldn’t be a tease, right? And, even if they did, I wouldn’t be all that likely to listen…

I promise that if you come back every day, I’ll back up the tease with a little numerical dancing….

Which leaves me with only one question – who’s gonna lead?

(I’m picturing a scene from the M*A*S*H episode, Inga, but I can’t find a clip, so I’ll leave you to your own imaginations!)

Jot along with us, or read more!

Numbers can take me places – like to Manhattan!


  1. These look like fun. Made me think of something I discovered tonight that might tie in with your number gymnastics. Scientists disagree about the dates of the Little Ice Age! So, not being absolutely in love with math myself, perhaps it would be fun to explore when numbers are ‘fixed’ and when they ‘wiggle’ — and why! Nice to see you here!

    • Beth! I didn’t know you were playing, too! How cool is that?!

      That does sound like an idea with potential – I’ll explore it more after I sleep…and thank you!

      Popping over to see you right now!

          • right now I delightfully fly to my friend…. its windy here but we have planned since ages to meet up. Take care and enjoy… your night???! 😉

          • I hope you had a good night. Yes, both of us enjoyed our chat with lots of tea and muffins and gossip… not too much of that though 🙂

          • A very good night, a good sleep, and a great mellow day! Tomorrow, I go get my workout, and some time alone, and I am swimming in writing projects, which makes me very happy!

            So glad you had fun – and muffins! =)

          • Enjoy your projects and your workout. What have you planned? I am easing myself into the exercise. I figured that I am not a sporty person so light stuff will get me in. I managed to do some exercise to strengthen my belly & leg muscles every morning since a week and I want to keep that up for the year. Later on in the year I will try to get some running in as well but I believe in MicroHabits and it obviously works http://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/2006/07/18/micro-habits/

          • I have a regular Tuesday workout – sometimes my son goes with me, but this week I’ll be solo. I do some weights and some cardio, and this week, I may add a swim – I love to swim; it’s like meditation if the pool is quiet. I’ll check out that blog; it sounds something like what I’m doing – incremental building of intensity.

            I’ve never been sporty,either, and I’m not very competitive. I do like challenging myself, though, and I love the way I feel during and after a strenuous workout.

            After, I go to a favorite restaurant and get soup, salad, and a fruit smoothie. It’s the perfect after-workout meal, for me!

            You can check out my list of fitness and nutrition goals in my JusJoJan Day 12, if you want.

          • Wow that sounds great! Am impressed. I used to go swimming when I was younger and I loved it and in fact were just talking about it yesterday with my husband. Maybe we’ll carve some time out as a family and do it as the kids love it. It’s just a problem to find time together as we hardly ever have a day off together neither do we work the same times. But we go for walks very often especially from spring to autumn as he knows a lot about foraging which adds some exoticness to our meals 🙂

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