Second-Serving Sunday (dang! Monday, again!): Hello, 2015 Edition!


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A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, in my little corner of the blogosphere

It’s been an interesting week, with  sickness, progress, another novel draft finished, lots of family time, and the companionship of other writers…Now we’re moving into another year, another round of ROW80, and I’ve got some old goals, some new goals, and a wild and whirling mind…

And now, on to the week’s goodies!

Last week in life:

  • A new year on the horizon, and new goals and projects await, along with those I’m carrying forward…oh, and getting sick…which wasn’t exactly in the plan, but that’s life.

Recently at shanjeniah:

Second-Serving ummmm, Monday – The Bye Bye 2014 Edition:

And now, last week’s features…

Coffee and Conversation:

  • Nothing….oops!

WIPpet Wednesday:

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):


Just Jot It January:

What’s Next:

  • January Goals – I’ll post specifics next week, but revision and planning for the spring writing surge will be the focus.

And on the blog:

In the Wilds of Internet-Land:

  • Consequences: Samantha Quinn‘s fantastic Enterprise fan fiction – I was utterly riveted, and completely befuddled as to how TnT were ever going to come together. This is the storytelling ideal I’m striving for.
  • Blue on Blue: Lt. Zoe Jebkanko offers another fantastic fan fiction. T’Pol must balance the needs of the two -Trip and Captain Archer – against the cultural taboos of Vulcan society.
  • Dear Friends and Family”: A Love Letter to Annual Letters: Gretchen Wing has some things to say about those holiday missives.

Life Stuff:

  • I’m settling back into routine this week (despite this post being a day later than expected, and losing some of my annual goals…). Workout, writing group, and possibly skating with Annalise. And Enterprise, and revisions, and and and…

So, what’s on your agenda this week? Are you the resolution type, or more free-wheeling in your approach to the passage of days? I’d love to hear about it!

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