JusJoJan Day 4: (Not So) Readerly Confessions

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OK – confession time!

In order to jot this post on reading books written by writers I know, I needed to first find my Kindle, which had been lost to the wordsmithing (is SO a word; I used my Creative License!) attrition that was NaNoWriMo and its December-long aftermath…

I hadn’t seen it in maybe two weeks. The battery is currently redlined; I don’t know how long I’ll need to charge it before I’m at the minimum needed to actually use it.

Which brings me to the beginning point (overstrike)- hang on, the start screen just popped up, negating the previous sentence…

I have 22 books in my Kindle Cloud that were written by writers I have an online or personal friendship with.

I’ve read 4.5 of them (the .5 is divided between 2 books, which I’ve read parts of but not completed.

I buy the books because I want to read them.

Really, I do.

But then –


I’ve been passionately in love with words since I was a diapered little sproutlet. I’ve been an avid (some would argue considerably more than avid) reader since I was four years old. I’ve been writing since I was seven, but not consistently…

There was a good deal of guilt imposed from the outside, for many years, as regarded my writing. I internalized that, and, for more of my life than I like to think about now, writing was something I generally viewed as a self-indulgence; something that took me away from the things I was “supposed to” be doing. Becoming a parent only intensified that feeling.

But, in the last few years, I’ve changed. Words and imagery are my currency, and the medium through which I can best reach out and take in…

Words have set me free.

I live in endless flows of stories, bits of dialogue, phrases, images, emotions, plot twists and tribbles (they multiply WAAY faster than bunnies!), and characters who absolutely live in my head, not under my control or at my whim, but autonomously…

And if I don’t set these forth in writing, sooner rather than later – well, the dam would break, and the resultant floodwaters would drown me…

So, I have all these lovely books, and most of them are siting neatly and inconspicuously in my Kindle, waiting, waiting, waiting while I write, writ, write….

(I think I hear them murmuring, sometimes….”Is she ever gonna get to us?”)

As a matter of fact, I am.


This year.


One of my goals for 2015 is to read all of the friend-written books currently in my Cloud. For each (as well as those I’ve read previously), I’m going to write up an Amazon review and post it, because reviews help authors as much, in their own way, as money does. Instead of leaving the books sitting there, I’m going to delve, learn, enjoy, and give a little something back.

For those who are interested, here’s the list, in no particular order, with links, in case you’re looking to add to your own ebook library and something here piques your interest:

L.S. Engler:

Ruth Nestvold:

Kait Nolan:

Alana Terry:

Lee McAuly:

L.E. Carmichael:

Gretchen K. Wing:

Pam Laricchia:

Lauralynn Elliott:

August McLaughlin:

Kristen Lamb:

Shah Wharton:

So there’s my list. By December 31, 2015, I will have read and reviewed all of these books. I’ll be richer for doing it – every book I read offers learning and insight and its own treasures. There’ll be the giving-backness of completing the reviews, and offering that bit of feedback and support…

And I’ll get to know some friends better, by immersing myself in the words and worlds they’ve created.

How about you? Are you a reader, with stacks of print books (yeah, I’ve got bunches of those, too!) or ebooks stashed, waiting for you to get to? Are you a movie or television buff who can’t seem to watch all the things you want to watch? Do you feel torn between entertainments? Guilty for not getting to all the things you’d like to do or experience? Guilty for indulging them?

Is it just me?  

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OK, this isn’t a friend’s book – but it IS my Kindle!


  1. I currently have 5 books sitting on top of my desk(4 of them were Christmas gifts, one I got on sale at the store yesterday), and I should have 2 more coming in the mail soon(1 releases tomorrow). And, um, like 80 sitting on my kindle. One-click ordering is my weakness. 🙂

    Making friends on twitter certainly doesn’t help. Their books, or other ones they like, seem to find their way onto my list. I’m a fast reader, but I can’t even seem to keep up. 🙂

  2. Hmm, the only one on your list that I have read is August’s book. It is excellent!!

    I do so know what you mean. Since I started writing, I seem to have way too little time for reading. What’s wrong with that picture? My love for reading was what spurred me to start writing.

    • It’s definitely a conundrum. I’m not sure I’m happy to not be the only one…

      But I will continue to try to find ways that allow for more of all the things and people I love most in life…

    • Ban’t wait to read it (because it’s already been too long!).

      If I could figure out a way to read words while writing words, I think I’d have a ready-made market! =D

  3. What a great goal – funreading and helping friends with your reviews – win/win. My kobo isn’t working – don’t know what’s the problem. But I am more a book person and I have waaaay too many of those. My goal is to read as many of those as possible this year. Will definitely check out these books.

    • Our house is small, and filled with books. I’m starting to winnow through my stacks, though – I’ve developed a passion for reading on my Kindle, and there are so very many books here…

      But I’ll be reading some print books, too, and possibly giving then away when I’ve read them.

  4. Man, I have stacks and stacks of books, including dozens from author friends, that I’ve been meaning to get to for months, some of them even years. And don’t get me started on what’s on my Kindle (though, to be fair, I had a Kindle mishap, too, and that put a pause to a lot of that). So I definitely get you on this one, Shan! I try not to stress out about it, though, even if I do feel a tad guilty. I’ll get to them when the time is right, and not a second before. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy Bowlful when you get to it! And that WUR causes your pile of To-Be-Read books even higher with some of the previously published authors in there (though, for a lot of them, it’s their first publication! So some people to keep an eye on for future books!).

    • Kindle mishap… *shudders*. That doesn’t sound like fun. At all.

      I actually read Bowlful ; it was one of the first two books I bought for the Kindle when I got it two years back…I loved it. I just meant to write a review, and didn’t, so it’s far more than time to get to that.

      WUR has been a treat, thus far. I’m one of your newbies – I’ve had a couple of poems and essays published before this, but “A Splash of Red” is my first published short story.

      I had to read two others, before I had the courage to look at it in Kindle print!

      I had an inkling about Fallon’s story, as she WIPpeted parts of it, but it was really cool to see the entire finshed project.

      I’m certain it’ll lad me to yet more books to be read.

      But hey, we could have worse problems in life, right?!

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