JusJoJan Day 2: Read, Read, Prompt, Repeat…

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Do you find the new year disorienting?  Are you a little at a loss when you finish a major project?  


Yeah, me too…

So, yesterday, I wrote a few hundred words on my beginning of the year, ROW80, post-novel drafting plans before I remembered Just Jot It January. Today, I remembered the other thing I forgot – that there were going to be prompts, and that I wanted to follow them…

Did I mention that I get a little addled when I finish a novel draft? Let alone two in two months (one, at over 272,000 words, written beginning to end)…?

My mind is swirling and whirling, not settling on anything for long, but instead flitting here and there, on a whim, or something less than a whim- the shadow of a whim….

Where was I again…?

Oh, right. That prompt.

For January 1- 10, it’s reading.

You would think that I’d have a lot more to say on the subject. I’ve been doing in since I was 4, after all…but, at this moment, my mind’s on low idle, off chasing random shadows and butterflies and flickering thoughts…

But I do have some ideas:

  • Things I learn from reading fan fiction
  • Reading books written by online friends
  • Learning to read….
  • “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”
  • Kindle and print reading.
  • Reading my own writing – in an anthology!
  • Reading as my children grow up…
  • ‘I read…’

Wow, look at that. In a few minutes, I listed enough ideas to cover all the reading prompt days. Pretty cool, no?

I’m feeling pretty satisfied with my up-all-night, slept-four-hours- self. I think I’ll actually develop these ideas over the rest of the “reading cycle”. I mean, this is Just Jot It January, not Overthink it January….

And I think I’ll leave it at that, for today… =) Want more JusJoJan fun? Click the icon at the top of this post, or right here!

One of many stacks of books waiting to be indulged in!


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