OctPoWriMo Day 23: I Forget to Write a Poem

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Hello, and welcome to OctPoWriMo, Day Twenty-Three!

What’s OctPoWriMo, you ask? Well, it’s a whole month of poetic creation – 31 poems in 31 days. It’s the creative baby of Morgan Dragonwillow and Julie Jordan Scott.

This year, I intend to follow all the prompts, and get the joy of discovery…

I hope you’ll stop by, settle in, and find a little bit of magic here!

Today’s prompt is “Another chapter begins”. There is a list of phrase prompts:

  • Another chapter begins…

  • Turn the page….

  • And then there was….

  • I begin again….

  • And then there was….

  • Now it is time to write….

I had an idea. But then something happened.

I forgot to write a poem.

It’s not that I meant to forget. A few times, I remembered. While I was in the middle of plotting a scene. When I was in the middle of untangling a revision passage. Just as my daughter came in to tell me that her tadpole, who recently sprouted four functional legs, wasn’t in her tank (a plastic bin with no lid, which was fine for a legless tadpole…but not a froglet who just learned how to hop…

She thought her new little friend was gone forever, and was so happy when I found one frightened looking wee amphibian behind the tank. So there was a slightly hurried preparation of the frog habitat, and now PomPom the frog has a new, bigger, safer home…

And I was writing – getting my gestating novel outline ready for NaNoWriMo, rvising a short story I will be submitting this week, answering blog comments….

And forgetting, again and again, to write a poem – until I looked at the clock, and it was almost 9pm.

And I remembered…

And found that maybe I hadn’t forgotten, after all.

So here is my rather tongue-in-cheek poem for today…

Image credit: Julie Jordan Scott.

And I Forget to Write a Poem

Another chapter begins…

And I move through my novel outline,

And forget to write a poem

Because other words and images

Dance through my head

Plots and subplots

Complex conundrums

Setting up for the third act

And I forget to write a poem

Turn the page….

I move through my short story revision

And forget to write a poem

Piecing together a world

Of stooping hawks and child selves

Each word polished

Seeking gleaming truth

Beauty brought forth

From ugly memory

The climax nearing

And I forget to write a poem

And then there was….

The memory card

Filled with pictures

And I forget to write a poem

Nightmare Fairy and Chica

Leaves a frost painted

Blanket on chilling ground

Edit to bring out the

Magic in each one

A thousand words

To describe them

And I forget to write a poem

I begin again….

Blog comments like a leaf pile

And I forget to write a poem

Conversations long and deep

With friends a world away

New folks stop by and

Spread new joy

I engage

And I forget to write a poem

And then there are….

Son and daughter who love me

And I forget to write a poem

Hugs and chatting

The tadpole turned into a frog

Horses killed by a were- cat

“Can I help you with anything?

I feel helpful today”

Bigger now than yesterday

And I forget to write a poem

Now it is time to write….

Yes, time to write a poem

Of plotting and revising and

Editing and connecting

And marveling at

My babies grown big

Now is the time to write

And I find I’ve written a poem

You mean you don’t have a Nightmare Fairy at your house? It’s OK, I’ll share mine! =D

Who else remembered to OctPoWriMo today?


  1. I do love your poem, as my day was so intense today that I couldn’t sit down, even though the idea floated just on the edge of what I might say. Your poem resonates with family and writing, and busy life. Sending you good thoughts for NaNoWriMo!

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