Second-Serving Sunday: The Nest in the Weeds Edition


A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, in my little corner of the blogosphere

It’s been a challenging week – and that’s a good thing. Mostly. I’ve recovered from the abscessed tooth, which will be extracted a week from tomorrow. Hopefully, that will eliminate the largest danger, but I’ll need some other dental work in order to avoid a repeat with another tooth…

I’ve continued to write a poem every day, to plot my NaNo novel for next week, and (mostly) stayed up to date with my blogging. I’ve made many, many visits to other bloggers, and dove back into my flash fiction revision project. I’ve done a bit of hometending- but it’s been a tired week, as my body fought the infection, so I took things easy, and mostly rested.

We stayed home this week, but, last Thursday, the kids and I went to our state museum. Those pictures haven’t been edited yet, so I’ll share a few from previous visits – the museum is a favorite destination for us.


The Cohoes Mastodon

Recently at shanjeniah:

Second-Serving Sunday: The Poetically Planning Edition:

Coffee and Conversation:

  • I missed my regular C and C post this week; emergency dental appointment; lots of pain…
  • C and C Bonus Cuppa: Island of Glass Cover Reveal -come have a cuppa, and read along while Ruth Nestvold shares glassmaking, fairy tales, alternate history, and humor in her latest YA offering!

WIPpet Wednesday:

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

  • Shape of My Heart: What’s better than a TnT snippet every week? Getting a bonus story, with a soundtrack by Sting, that’s what! =D


ROW80 Updates:

Unschooling Architecture!

What’s Next:

My fiction writing plans for October: (I’ve dropped and adapted, here, so I can focus on the high priority projects for the remainder of the month).

  • Complete character sketches and biographies, and plot my NaNoWriMo project, The Earth Doth Move, another Star Trek: TOS/Enterprise crossover fan fiction the companion novel to my fantasy WIP, Blood and Breath.
  • FutureLearn Shakespeare and His World and Exploring Play. For research and inspiration…
  • OctPoWriMo: 31 poems in 31 days! I’ll give you a new poem each day, as well as revising those I wrote two years ago.
  • Unknown Worlds Review Continue revising 3 stories for submission here by October 31.
Canned food tornado sculpture

And on the blog:

Exploring historic machines…

In the Wilds of Internet-Land:

Life Stuff:

  • Abscessed tooth, poetry, growing pains, recovery, and home beautification were the order of the week!

How about you? What have you been up to, this week? What’s on tap for next? Drop me a line, and share what’s happening in your world!

Who thinks every museum should have a carousel? We do!


    • So sorry about that wasp collision…wasp stings are PAINFUL!!! Not wasp weather, here, the last day or so. May you recover well and find much delight in this week’s living! =)

    • Why thank you. I’m rather pleased with what I managed. If all I had done was catch up on that avalanche of comments, and chat with people, it would have been enough. I don’t like leaving people hanging – I always worry they’ll think I’m ignoring them!

          • It is amazing. I never touched a personal computer until my teens. They used to take us on school trips to college libraries to look at the mainframes!

            That I have a slender laptop that can many times what those huge machines did, and connect me to people all over the world, besides….wow! Just wow!

          • It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it. At the start of my life, mobile phones were just beginning to become ‘common’, our internet still had dial up, and iPads didn’t even exist. Now I’m lying in my bed in Australia using WiFi to talk to you as I receive emails on my smart phone and read a book on my iPad mini! It’s amazing!

          • When my kids were little, and very into Disney movies, they were shocked that I have never seen Snow White, Cinderella, 101 Dalmations, or The Fox and the Hound straight through.

            You see, I don’t only predate the Internet, and mobile phones and dial-up, I also predate cable and videotapes!

            Disney had a Sunday night movie when I was a little girl – after Wild Kingdom, which I adored. The problem was that when I was young enough to love those movies, my bedtime fell right in the middle of the movie.

            I have three siblings, and it seemed that money was always in short supply. We didn’t go to the movies often, so I didn’t see those movies all the way through…

            Which is an alien reality for my kids, who’ve enjoyed VHS, DVD, cable, and live-streaming movies…

            I wonder what the next generation of children will live with, and marvel at their parents not having…?

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