A Nestful of Lovely Chaos: October 19, 2014 Update


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Hi there! How are you feeling today? I’m largely recovered from my abscessed tooth, and the offending tooth’s days are numbered.

It feels good to feel good. I’m still on the low-energy side of things, so fitness goals were largely unmet. Nutrition was a little iffy, too- I was still a little leery about eating anything hard, until yesterday.

But that’s OK. I’m better, and resuming more and more of my typical activities each day…

And I spent time with my poetry, blogging, and plotting – I even got back into my flash fiction revisions, and read a good book…I finally got caught up on comments, and I visited a great many blogs, making new friends and reconnecting with older ones.

I rested and recharged, and I’m feeling almost back to my baseline, now…

I include only those goals I addressed during the session. I’ll assess my progress on all October goals at the end of the month, and my progress toward my 2014 goals at the end of the round.

October Focuses:

  • OctPoWriMo

  • Short Story Revisions for Submission

  • NaNoWriMo Planning


Queue all November posts for Coffee and Conversation and WIPpet Wednesday features by October 31. On target – finally!

  • First tiny little steps taken…I have an action plan. I’m drafting one post each day, until I have all I need for this goal –I’ll work on revising and presentation in stages.

Blog all 31 OctPoWriMo poems. On target.

  • 18/31 posted.

Share each feature post to 3 diverse places. On target.

  • At least, I think so…it was kind of an off week…

Maintain blogging schedule; find a comment rhythm that supports a 2-3 day turnaround.On target – more or less…

  • This is a matter of semantics. I didn’t manage my scheduled Coffee and Conversation post, due to an emergency dental appointment. However, on Tuesday I posted a bonus cover reveal, so I did do my regular number of posts for the week.

  • Answered a LOT of comments (sorry if you got one of the many typos I didn’t spot until it was too late – the high volume upped the odds of rebellious fingers!); visited a LOT of blogs. And, guess what?! Turnaround time is less than a day, at the moment! Now to find the rhythm that lets me keep it that way, or close, even through NaNo

Aurtumnal Puddle Jumper!



Finish plotting The Earth Doth Move (for NaNoWriMo 2014) by October 31. On target.

  • G/M/C/D: 60/60 Scenes completed. =)

  • Scene Summaries/Cheat Sheets/ Scrivener scene setup: 21/60 scenes ready to be written!

Complete OctPoWriMo Challenge; write 31 poems in October. On target.

  • 18/31 completed.


Complete Deep Revision process for three short stories. On target, at last.

  • Story 1/3 at step 4/5.


Take time at least once a week to simply be in my study, as it is. Target attained!

  • Using the hoosier cabinet top for the current revision step – see photos.

File or delete Inbox email backlog; maintain at a manageable level. Target attained!

  • Yes. I only need to remember to check a few times a week, and I’ll be golden! It just occurred to me that I can schedule times on my calender app…

Continue using calendar app to manage my time. On target.

  • Sporadically – it’s been an odd week, so I mostly went with the flow…


Read at least one of the TBR books on the bookcase by my bed. Target attained!

Stay current with my two FutureLearn courses; Shakespeare and His World and Exploring Play. Well…

  • I’ve made progress in both; it was the week to catch up on comments, and not courses…this week will be better.

Continue to meet and make plans with friends. On target.

  • Confirmed our travel plans for the end of the month.


At least one strenuous home/yardtending activity each week. Target attained!

  • Doing any was strenuous, this week, and I did some several days!

Dance, swim, or play physically with kids at least once each week. Target attained!

  • Annalise and I spent half an hour together in the backyard leaves, raking and playing and chatting.


Maintain existing nutrition goals (smoothies/salads and yogurt/nuts). Not so much…

  • Smoothies/salads; 3/5 (2 smoothies;1 salad).

  • Yogurt: 2/2; 1 /2 nuts.

  • Tooth pain and a shift in my regular routine slowed me down here.

Eat fresh vegetables other than salads (raw or cooked), and/or fresh fruits at least 3 times each week. Not so much…

  • 1/3. I ate an apple.

Eat whole grains, in any form, at least 3 times each week. Not so much…

  • 1/3. Corn tacos.

Eat broth or vegetable-based soup at least once each week. Target attained!

  • Jim brought home butternut and acorn squash soups – I especially enjoyed the acorn.

ROW80 Sponsor duties:

Visit my “team” twice weekly. Target attained!

Visit other ROWers as time and energy permit. Target attained!

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  1. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better. It’s really hard to concentrate when your mouth hurts. I went through a period where I had really bad TMJ pain. It was so hard to focus. (Thankfully, I had a great acupuncturist who was able to help solve the problem.)

    Take care and happy writing!

    • I’ve had some TMJ pain here and there – never particularly more than a nuisance level,though.

      Glad we both feel better! =D

      It’s more plotting and poetry right now, than writing, but I am doing it happily, and learning plenty!

    • It does feel good. Still a little tired, but a little less so every day. I’ll be happy once the extraction’s done, and I can get on with my life…

      A huge advantage, for me, in having lots of goals is that even when things get out of joint and the unexpected and unwanted happens, I’ve still got things I can do, and so I can still make progress.

      It’s nice to not be in so much pain that I need to stay with the low-concentration goals, though, and I can delve the deeper things again.

  2. Hi Shan glad you are feeling better and I hope your tooth will be ok soon too (or out as I gather 🙂 ). I took the freedom to do a try-out for the Second Serving Sunday Meme and wondered what you think about it. I quite like the Mr Linky link thing to connect with other blogs but in comment box would be as fine. Blogger just does not offer ping-backs that’s why I opted for Mr Linky which I think works just fine. Hope you will have a great week and looking forward to hear from you. Oh the link maybe 🙂 http://beehalton.com/2014/10/second-serving-sunday-week-ending-in.html take care Bee

    • The tooth is actually broken, so out it comes.

      I’ll take a look at the meme link by Tuesday. I’m heading to bed in a few minutes, and have three blog posts to get up later today…

      I’m so happy you did this, because my plate overfloweth, at the moment! =D

      • I had that distinct feeling so glad you like it. I am using the free linky but you can create your own if you pay: http://www.misterlinky.net/. We have to figure the thing with the “rules” I can add it as suggestions but I think we have to write something because otherwise people might not understand the idea at least if they have not taken part in any meme before.

        • I don’t mind the guidelines or suggestions being there – I just don’t want to call them rules. Silly word thing that means a lot to me…

          I could really get behind calling it “How to Play”

          I’m going to write something up as part of my post for this week,and see if I can put the linky on the bottom of my page. I’d rather use free- we’ve got lots of love here, but money is another matter, at the moment…

          • same here 🙂 that’s why free Mr Linky is great 🙂 am looking forward to your post and well never mind the word thing…. I cool with that …

          • Just finished plotting my NaNo novel, and will be making more visits/answering comments over the next day or so….I need to stop by and visit your post. There was some interest on my site; I’m willing to just mention it here and there for a while and see what happens.

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