Coffee and Conversation: Our First Monday Walk with Jo!

Grab a cuppa and a comfy seat, and let’s chat a while. It’s time for Coffee and Conversation.

When I was six, my family was driving on a highway late at night. Streaks of headlights and taillights painted the dark. For the first time, I realized that each car held people living lives as important to them as mine was to me.

I wanted to know what those lives were, and to share my own..

Have you taken any interesting walks lately?

Recently, I was introduced to a delightful blog feature, Jo’s Monday Walk, over at Restless Jo. The premise is simple; Jo began sharing her walks in words and images, people enjoyed them, and, gradually, the idea was born to turn this into a weekly feature where anyone can share any walk they’ve made.

Because we’re an unschooling family, I’m most often with my children, and so most of my walks include them. They also inspire me to visit places I might be less likely to visit, alone, or just with my Accomplice in Mischief…

Last Friday, we decided to go apple-picking, to see some leaves, collect some treasures, and breathe the fresh early autumn air before it shifts. I’ve already posted and shared some images here; Finding Sweetness; At the Apple Orchard.

I took a lot of pictures, and I want to share as many as I can – so, I’m going to pick up this walk where I left off in previous posts, and carry on from there…

Come join us in the orchards of Saratoga Apple in lovely Schuylerville, NY – won’t you?

This first grouping is of the orchard itself…simple, ripe, fertile, and freely offering its treasures (well, once we paid for the privilege of entering, that is!)

And, of course, the children offered many chances to capture them in the moment – when they were engaged with something else. It’s interesting to look at the pictures, now- because I see the littler kids they used to be, and the adults they are becoming, both held within the people they are, right now. That’s a harvest that doesn’t have anything to do with apples, but which is even more precious, to me.

Once we had filled our bags, we took a break, and, naturally, I took more pictures. Here’s two of my previously unshared favorites.

Rested and refreshed by water and fresh-picked apples, we made our wandering way back to the farm stand beneath a sinking sun and a rising half moon. There was time to rest, to take in the scenery, and to play on a pile of wood chips…

Scenes from the exterior of Saratoga Apple – it’s definitely harvest season, here, in all its beauty and splendor. I could have taken hundreds of pictures here – but I had just a touch of self-restraint…

We were a little too busy, once we went inside, to take many pictures- there were cider donuts, fruits, vegetables, and chips to be procured for us all, and a woven African basket for me (something I’ve wanted for years, and plan to use again and again and again and…but this display was simply to good not to share!

Once my basket was stuffed, and taste buds reveling in those apple cider donuts, we went back outside. Behind every image of beauty is a framework that supports it, and so it is here. That’s certainly a lot of crates – and that was only one of many stacks!

So, there you have it – my very first Jo’s Monday Walk! I hope you enjoyed coming along with us – we’re not orderly or particularly quiet, but we are definitely prone to playfulness and sudden outbursts of heartfelt laughter.

Do you enjoy walking, hiking, or backpacking? Do you have any precious memories of past walks, or images to share? Like to travel through your screen of choice? Drop me a comment in the box below, and feel free to check out other walks, too!

Annalise's Apple Orchard Walk


    • I think they were! =D It was a lovely, lovely afternoon and evening. So glad we went, and that they consented to let me capture them as they were- even Jeremiah, who doesn’t always want to be photographed, these days.

      They do loon very natural in an apple orchard, don’t they? =D

  1. well at the end of your walk – your words summed up what I perceived this walk to be — “playfulness and sudden outbursts of heartfelt laughter” – and fall in NY looks wonderful – and now I really need to go and slice an apple – mmmmmm great photos! have a nice week.

    • An apple, some sharp cheddar cheese – yup, that would be a perfect New York autumn snack!

      Much of our life is playfulness and sudden outbursts of heartfelt laughter. Creating a joyful home is a high priority, around here!

      It has indeed been a nice week, except perhaps for the holiday-weekend abscessed tooth…

      But laughter and writing are happening, and those are both good! =)

      • glad about the laughter and writing 🙂

        oh so sorry to hear about the tooth! if you ever get your hands on some powdered myrrh – it is a great thing to use for gums and tooth probs. I know first hand because I have a long story about trying to save two cracked molars – argh! anyhow, have a nice day…. and get well wishes

        • I’m going to look for that…I’ve made it through to only minimal swelling, and the offending broken tooth will be extracted in a little over a week. I suspect there will be a plan put in place for the other issues that aren’t yet huge, but will be if I keep ignoring them.

          Sorry to hear about your cracked molars – ouch!

          It’s so amazing not to have a swollen face!

  2. What an absolutely delightful walk you’ve shared and thank you for the kind words of introduction, Shan. So nice to see your two intent on the job at hand. Apple cider donuts? Not familiar with those but I suspect it could become an addiction. 🙂
    I shall hop back and look at the previous post. I love the way you’ve framed these. Once again, thank you for joining in and sharing. I’m sure you’ll have a fun packed week.

    • Well, for my kids, this wasn’t a job, but something fun to do on a fall Thursday, and they each had their own bag to fill however they wanted. And I got to take pictures (I don’t always have permission to photograph Jeremiah these days) and enjoy the beauty and the laughter…

      Apple cider donuts are very tasty, and usually coated in cinnamon sugar, which is a perfect complement. This season, here, also brings out the pumpkin and maple donuts. I’m sure someone somewhere makes a maple bacon – that I would like to try…

      We did have a lovely time at the state museum, and I took pictures until my camera battery went out on my in the Ancient Peoples exhibit my daughter used to be afraid of, but decided to visit this time. So most of the pictures are of what we saw and did (giant checkers!) inside the museum, and they stop rather abruptly.

      I think I have as much fun editing my images as I do taking them!

      I’ll see you in a few weeks, or maybe a little sooner, with our museum walk!

  3. Lovely, Shan. Thanks for sharing! Autumn in Florida isn’t quite as delightful as up north. But the humidity has lifted and the days aren’t as hot, so it’s time to get back into taking long walks with my dog. Thanks for the inspiration to get out there!

    • You’re welcome! Jim and I spent a winter working in the Everglades…I would NOT want to be there in the summer! It was, however, exquisitely beautiful…

      Happy to share our upstate autumn with you – and may you and your canine companion find plenty to delight you on those long walks! =D

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