WIPpet Wednesday: Fierce Impact

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It is hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys!

Here’s another snippet from The IDIC Romance, my Story A Day May Challenge project. This is a Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, exploring the interspecies relationship of T’Pol and Trip.

A little pre- October treat – a version of Collide that doesn’t have an embed code, but fits my scene perfectly!

For those keeping track:

This is the thirteenth installment of Story #4, “Tigress T’Pol” . The prompt was to write a story of exactly 2000 words. An additional guest prompt from Heidi Durrow invited us to explore passion in this story.

Disclaimer: T’Pol, Trip, and all the rest of Star Trek are property of CBS/Paramount; no copyright infringement intended. I just want to play with them, and I’m careful!

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is September 24, 2014.
  • 24 sentences for the day, and 4 more, from the year, for a total of 28.

This story is an add-on scene for the pilot episode: “Broken Bow Part 1”. Ive done my best to extrapolate without violating series canon. 

And a little pre-snippet Collision…

This snippet follows immediately after last week’s WIPpet, Collision Course. Trip’s pinned beneath a suddenly extremely amorous and insistent T’Pol, who’s got her hand on his zipper…

I managed to catch her hand before she could pull it down – but that only sent that plasma-jolt slamming through us again, and I could feel her- hot and fierce and wanting me in an alien way I didn’t understand. T’Pol made a little cry and started nipping at my lips, moving frantically now, and I groaned as my hips jerked up to meet her downstroke.

But there was something -stunned, almost- way back in her eyes, and dazed fear skittered along the edges of the plasma-fire. Something was wrong; she was resisting, trying to stop herself, and failing…

T’Pol’s shaking fingers traced my ear, my jawline, her nails almost sharp enough to scratch – delicate, and dangerous. And, all the while, her eyes and whatever this energy was said it was all wrong – that she’d been swallowed up by something too big for her to control.

Damn, but I wanted to give in to the force of her sensual onslaught,  and pretend I couldn’t feel how scared she was. But not like this; she wasn’t ready, and I knew it. I managed to get my mouth away from her long enough to gasp, “T’Pol – we gotta stop, while I still can…” And damn sure I wouldn’t be able to, if she kept this up much longer.

Was this what sex was like, for Vulcans – or was it the blow to the head, or the stress of working with humans, or something about me and her? And, how the hell was I supposed to stop her, when she had me pinned down, and my own body was on her side, my hips jerking in rhythm with hers – and she didn’t even respond to what I’d said?

Suddenly, I had a whole new interest in Vulcan mating protocols – and I hoped to hell I could figure it out soon, before –

No. Not gonna let that happen – not like this. You’re an engineer, Trip – work the problem. The curvy, passionate, pointed-eared problem. The sexy-as-hell problem who’s scaring herself silly – ”T’Pol, how do I shut you down, when I can’t out-power you?,” I whispered, and tried to get the thought into her head, through our clasped fingers.

Her answer wasn’t in words – she didn’t seem able to speak, only to nibble at my neck, panting, her body surging into mine, over and over.   But there was something waiting in her eyes and the connection between us; she maybe couldn’t talk or stop herself, but maybe she could listen, and understand. The Vulcan word she’d used before flashed into my mind -the one that meant ‘stop’. I’d have to get my mouth free long enough to say it, though- and for that, I needed a distraction. One of her ears was close enough, and, as I traced it with a finger of my free hand, T’Pol gasped sharply, quivering into the touch, and lost hold of my lips. I willed her to see me, hear me, understand me, and said, as firmly as I could with the constant friction between us, “Mmmn -T’Pol -Kroykaa -”

Dance, spar, collide, spar…REPEAT!

Will T’Pol stop? Can she? How does Trip respond to his crash course in Vulcan mating protocols? What impact will this have on their professional – and personal – relationship?

You guessed it – you can watch the episode, or come back next week for another WIPpet snippet!

These posts are the seeds of a project I’ll be expanding in 2015, so your input is always valuable. No need to feel shy; I’m a friendly sort, and will keep my phase pistol on stun… for the most part. 😉

A not too spoilery, very cute bit from early in Season 3.



  1. Nice twist, Shan. I’m loving Trip and loved that he was aware enough to read her silent signals. Well done, You!

    • Well, from a telepathic standpoint, her signals are a lot more noticeable, but still…yeah, he’s pretty attuned to her, already. And just a genuinely decent kind of guy.

      I love him for her. =D

  2. I love so many things about this. And you know me, my heart is always on social justice. I adore how much of a gentleman he is. He’s honest about how he’s feeling–his body is on “go” but his mind and heart want to be in line with hers. So much respect conveyed in such a short span. I really think we as writers have a responsibility when it comes to these things. It’s especially tricky in the context of fan works. A lot of people just want to skip to the “good bits” without thinking through the consequences for the characters.

    • I know what you mean!

      This scene was born because I was always a little bothered by what Trip did in that decon chamber- it didn’t fit with the gentleman he proves himself to be, over and over.

      I finally realized that he had a reason – and a good one! – to think that T’Pol would welcome these little touches and advances, and that it gives her an outlet for her own explorations…

      And, for me, the building of the relationship IS the good stuff. Oh, yes, these two are lighting up that little cell with their sparks, and they’re going to light up a lot more places, before they’re done, but what REALLY makes TnT special to me is the way they learn to relate to one another, over time. Trip seems to get T’Pol better than anyone else does, and I think it has to do with the fact that he’s the first one to really come to respect her and see her as something more than just the Vulcan chaperone they didn’t want, but got stuck with.

      No way I want to skimp on the very best parts! =D

    • Last night, I dreamed that Connor Trinneer, who played Trip, offered to take me for popcorn. It vaguely occurred to me that both he and I were married…and not to one another.

      But, apparently, I like Trip a little more than I thought, too…

      When I first started watching Enterprise, I thought Trip was just going to be the cut-up of the crew, and I didn’t like him much…

      But he does have a way of growing on you, and, by the fourth episode at the latest, I liked him. By episode seven – well, I was definitely hooked.

      He’s such a decent guy – and yet, he’s not perfect, and doesn’t pretend to be. It’s a nice combination.

  3. Kroykaa. Uh-huh. He is such a gentleman. I love how you get into his analytical engineer brain and he’s trying to puzzle her out like some problem on the ship. All the while his body is like, hey, relax, I’ve got it handled…sort of.

    • Oh, his BODY was good to go – and I don’t THINK she’d really hurt him – not on purpose, anyway…I mean, she is on the diplomatic staff, so it’d be a little hard to explain how she managed to break a human she was supposed to be avoiding intimate contact with…

      But, yeah,Trip’s engineer brain is good at picking up strange vibrations and fixing them – even in the form of a Vulcan seductress who doesn’t know her own strength….or how to stop herself.

      Kroykaa, indeedy! =D

  4. haha I love these two. I also love to see them interact and work through the problems in the way they do, especially Trip. Engineering, logical…see the problem and work it out. And the funny thing is, I don’t think he’d do it for anyone except T’Pol.

    • Welcome back! ❤

      I'm not sure if Trip would do this for anyone else..but I'm also sure that no one else would tackle him the way she just did, either…

      I don't think he can give in to this while T'Pol's got that look in her eyes and that fear in her mind…

      And he's kinda starting to really like her….sorta….sometimes…

  5. You have got to love a man with that kind of restraint and honour. It was such an emotional charged scene, and so damn sweet. I absolutely loved this line ‘The curvy, passionate, pointed-eared problem…’ You’ve got skills 🙂

    I watched the video at the bottom and loved it – I imagine this was an integral part in their relationship.

    On a completely separate note. Have you got any advice about the kind of piece to write for the beginning of ROW80. It says ‘inspirational post’ – is that about the process, or writing in general…help!

    • Yes the video t the bottom (there’s more to the scene than what’s in this video, btw, and it’s pretty funny!) is and important step in their relationship, but I’m long way from saying how or why…it’s from the Season 3 premier, “The Xindi”, if you’re interested.

      And Trip is amazing. He’s not in this for a quick hookup (although, if she hadn’t been so scared, he probably would have let her have his way with him…

      Question is, can T’Pol stop, or will the force of her passions make all Trip’s chivalrous efforts moot..?

      And, for your separate note: Your post can be about process, writing in general, or any other writing-related topic you can come up with. My last one had passion and Vulcans (are you surprised?) =)

      • Not in the least 🙂 And I’d love to read it. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

        As for Trip’s little dilemma, I think his chivalrous nature will hold strong, unless she gives him some indication the desire outweighs her fear and it’s something she truly wants. But I’ll just have to wait to find out. Whichever way the tide turns next, I know we’re in for an exciting ride (no pun intended!)

        • Wild ride – *snerk!* Umm, yeah. 😉

          I think you might be right bout Trip’s intentions…but the question is, can he resist T’Pol while she’s got him pinned down, and is using all the considerable powers at her disposal to attain her goal…

          Or something completely different…=D

    • Trip is definitely a gentleman – and T’Pol – well, she wasn’t exactly prepared for her reaction to him…

      But Trip just isn’t the kind of guy to take advantage of a woman who’s compromised – and since he knows she is, well – that pretty much means he’s got to do everything he can to help her resist…

      Of course, T’Pol might not be willing to go along with this plan, and is considerably stronger…so we’ll just have to see what happens.

    • I know you posted somewhere about your ARC, but I can’t seem to find it now in my comment archives. You can find me on Facebook (Shan Jeniah Burton) or Twitter @shanjeniah, and PM me. You can also email me here: memismommy at yahoo dot com.

      I’ll keep my eyes open – with a ROW80 break from now to October 6, (and pre-NaNo madness!) it’s a perfect time to fit in some of these smaller items.

      I’m moving through another review book right now, but it’s a pretty quick read and will only take a few days. You’re next on the list! =D

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