An Inspirational Stretch: September 21, 2014

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Do you ever get the feeling your head might explode with the force of all the ideas brewing inside, just waiting to be burst forth and be turned into reality? Like, whatever you do, it comes with three bright shiny new inspirations attached, like colorful leaves whisked along on an autumn gust?

Have I ever mentioned that I love fall?! ;D

It’s been a tumbling of ideas for me, this session. I often have a lull, this close to the end of the round, where I naturally slow down and assess. But this time, the assessing seems to be happening on the fly in a blustery, hurly-burly fashion that feels almost physical, and urges me on. For instance:

  • I had a breakthrough Friday! I discovered the calendar app on my computer, and how to set up a project list. It helped me focus on my targets, and I was more productive, went to sleep knowing what my first projects would be. My dreams were fertile, and I was able to get right into the flow today. I feel like this could be something big in my life…

With only a few days left in Round 3, and a few more before October, how are you feeling?

September Focal Areas:

  • Homeschool Administration (until complete) Target attained!

  • Chameleon’s Dish/ 3 short story Revisions

  • Drafting Perchance to Dream/ Pre-planning and Prep for King of Infinite Space

As always, I list only those goals I moved forward this round.

2014 Blogging:

Build positive blogging habits – post regularly, build queues, answer comments, and share diversely.

Maintain regular posting schedule; queue 3 posts for Coffee and Conversation; prep 3 ahead for WIPpet Wednesday. On target.

  • Second-Serving Sunday: Inspiration Edition!

  • I have two CandC posts drafted (bonus this week!) in my drafts file; and I had an inspiration regarding how to use the Comments Source File I’ve been saving; now 7 pages long. I’m excited to play with the concept, but I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet! =) 0/3 Queued, but that’s about to change!

  • WIPpet: 1/3 in drafts; 3/3 in revision; and posts tentatively mapped out into October. 0/3 Queued; but gaining on it!

Continue interacting through comments; expand and diversify my blog visits and participation.Target attained!

  • Still moving through, still getting more. Happy times!=)

  • I’m discovering some amazing blogs, and reading them is providing lots of fodder for my own posts. That’s pretty cool!

2014 Writing:

Complete rough drafts of To Be or Not to Be, The Stars Are Fire, and Perchance to Dream.

Write at least 750 words on Perchance to Dream daily until the draft is completed. Target attained!

  • September 17: 761 words.

  • September 18: 850 words.

  • September 19: 885 words.

  • September 20: 793 words.

  • Currently drafting: Scene 49/60.

Draft another novel in the Trueborn duology series, King of infinite Space, as my November NaNoWriMo project.

Print and read-aloud Blood and Breath (rough draft WIP); KOIS will be its duology fanfic. On target.

  • Chapter One and Two read-alouds complete.

  • Chapters Two and Three printed.

Complete pre-planning for King of Infinite Space, through character sketches/bios. On target.

  • Rock Your Plot goal/motivation/conflict section in progress.

  • 3/3 G/M/Cs complete!

  • Began gathering existing material to use in character sketches/bios. Hope to have all three done by the end of the month, so I can have all of October for plotting.

2014 Editing:

First revision pass for Chameleon’s Dish; Readthroughs/notes for Blood and Breath.

Complete first revision pass for Chameleon’s Dish. On target.

  • Scene 13/60 in progress.

  • I’ve got inspiration here, too, and I’m really looking forward to revising this scene! =D

Throughout read-aloud, make on-page pre-revision notes for Blood and Breath. On target.

  • Chapter One: 11/11 pages, and General Chapter Notes. Major revelation regarding theme and subplots

  • Chapter Two: 3/17 pages.

Revise three short story WIPs for October 31 submission deadline. On target.

  • I found the project notebook for these stories. It’s a start! =D

2014 Hometending:

Continue physical and virtual hometending plans – resetting rooms, cleaning files, and inhabiting my study.

Continue reclaiming my study. Target attained!

  • A bit more tidying – and magnet rubble eradication.

Clean email files. On target.

  • I remembered that email is simple to go through on my Kindle, and made great strides on this goal.

Continue the family room reset.Target attained!

  • I‘d been stymied on this for a few weeks; but I’ve had an inspiration here, too – and it’s going to solve at least three different clutter issues! Much more to come on this goal! =)

Develop new habits that support organization and productivity.

Experiment with Daily Writing Frames from Round 1. Target attained!

  • Yes. Blogging, drafting, and revision were the big winners, this round.

  • Hooray for my calendar app! I think I’m in love! =)

Develop Daily Hometending Frames. On target.

  • Continuing a loosely structured plan; gathering resources for a more focused surge.

Set aside time weekly for Adminstrative Frames. Target attained!

  • Email clearing; scheduling; reading review book; setting Halloween plans.

2014 Lifetending:

Continue exploring fitness goals – more on this throughout the round.

Plan a monthly family excursion that involves physical activity. On target.

  • Plans in the works for apple picking and a trip to a local “amusement farm”.

Continue exploring nutrition goals – more on this throughout the round.

Consume minimum five veggie/fruit salads and/or fruit smoothies each week. Target attained!

  • 5/5; 3 smoothies; 2 salads.

Consume Greek yogurt and nuts minimum twice weekly. Target attained!

  • Yogurt: 3/2; nuts 2/2.

ROW80 Sponsor duties:

Visit my “2”s every session. Target attained!

Cheer the ROWers to the finish line!

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