Second-Serving Sunday: #NotBacktoSchool Edition!


A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, in my little corner of the blogosphere

What do I mean by #notbacktoschool? Well, it’s only a coinflip away from #backtoschool – and a universe apart.

Neither of our kids have ever gone to school. We began as eclectic homeschoolers (a lot of the “curriculum” I used with our son came from other homeschoolers, garage sales, and imagination), then shifted into the relaxed category, then became so relaxed, we were radically unschooling by the time our son turned eight. He’ll be thirteen in a couple of days, and we’ve never looked back.

So no back to school lists, chores, or schedule changes for us. Just life as we know it, flowing on. Birthday plans. Work plans. A trip to New York City for me, to expand my own horizons. Working out and swimming, and making connections with friends. Learning, living, laughing, and loving as we go.

Today’s pictures come from another #notbacktoschool week, when our youngest was officially “kindergarten-eligible” (now, she’s 10!). I think they capture the flavor of our lives very well!

Annalise’s Zen-style volcano.


And speaking of life…what have I been up to?

Recently at shanjeniah:

Second-Serving Sunday for August 24: Big Stretch Edition!

A week of romance as my Accomplice and I celebrated 17 years of marriage, I dis some odd things I wasn’t expecting, and new perspectives were formed. I wrote my inaugural post for Rose B. Fischer‘s Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge, Trip and T’Pol got all tangled up in each other, and drafting and revising took a step back for a few days. David Vienna urged parents to CFTD; Kerry took us to the museum to share Shakespeare’s First Folio; and there was this blogfest announcement:



This week’s fun:

Coffee and Conversation:

WIPpet Wednesday:

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

  • Thirteen Years: This week’s SoCS prompt was “Age”. Apropos as our oldest becomes a teen this week. Here, I contemplate the threshold between childhood and adulthood, choice and control, and what these have to do with maturity.

ROW80 Updates:

Learning about “monies” in a lobster hat, cause that’s how we rolled back then!

What’s Coming Up?:

My writing focus for September is on:

Siblings in communion with the TV, and each other.


This week’s blogging:

Annalise discovers that light is made of colors!

In the Wilds of Internet-Land:

Learning is fun, and makes this girl grin!

Life Stuff:

  • I reflected on the past, looked forward to next week, and spent a busy week in the middle.
  • I took Jeremiah out for a workout and lunch on Tuesday, and we set up his weight room orientation. On Friday, both kids and I went for a swim, and to do some provisioning.
  • I bought my ticket for the NYC World Sexual Health Day event, and began making the travel details with my companion for the day!
  • Magnet Mountain was reduced to barious sorted piles of rubble…uh, magnets.
  • Jeremiah’s testing was completed and submitted for scoring; Annalise’s end-of-year report was submitted to the school district, and I moved forward with fourth quarter resporting and IHIP for Lise.
  • All in all, a week with some busyness, and some calm, in a pleasing blend.

What was your favorite part of your week? Did things go according to plan, or were there surprises along the way?

“I’m riding a horse on the army!”


  1. Hi there, thanks so much for the link back to the app page. I think I will add some playing to my routine this week 🙂 and here is my Second Serving Sunday post where I have linked to you for the first time ( I have changed my blogging routine a little on “The Bee Writes…” to have a little more time to read and be there for my family and three stories came from which all had to do with death. A little disturbing that but well: Creativity does not really care about conventions ;-). May you have a wonderful week and I promise to find out more about the linky thing. Can’t wait to get it going 🙂

    • Death is a natural consequence of life. Seems reasonable for it to crop up now and then.

      I’ve had a very busy week, so I’m just getting to these comments, but I will pop over now and check out your post.

      I’m pretty excited too, as I move through the list of other things I hope to get wrapped up or underway in the next few weeks.

      • Good luck to you. For me things are changing dramatically. I found two pages one with course in general and one with learning languages and both for free. I chose one for English and English literature and I try to get my French up to scatch again. So blogging needs to go a little bit to the back but its great to learn again. I love learning. Still on the track though for the linkys 🙂

        • Change can be very exciting. I’d love to use all that French I took….someday.

          Learning is delicious! I never have been able to get enough, but I keep trying…!

          I didn’t get a Second=Serving up this week. Windows ate the project minutes before I was ready to post it. I would have gone back and redone it, but then I realized it also ate my daughter’s homeschool paperwork, and that I have to do, so….

          • oh bugger (sorry for my language….) did you get it all back? I am not a friend of windows sometimes and have learned to double save everything in the cloud and on a card as well. …… hard learned lessons that….

          • No, but I was able to recreate it well enough, and the paperwork’s all turned in now.

            There was a time when something like that would really upset me, but now I just give myself a few minutes to absorb the loss, and then I get on with doing what I can to resolve the problem.

            I did get a post up this weekend! =D

          • wow impressive! I had a week off work and got a cold right in the middle of it so I just keep myself from doing too much and just take good care of myself. But try to do a SoCS post now. Maybe I’ll be tempted to do a Second-Serving-Sunday one tomorrow ….

  2. I cannot wait to read those stories you’re editing up, Shan! Congratulations on the anniversary, have a fun time in New York, and good luck heading on into the teenage years. I think you’ll have a good grip on it, though!

    • Or, more accurately, gearing up to edit – it’s been a very busy week, and I’m not likely to get to them before next week.

      I’m very excited to see how they turn out, too. One of the ideas has been with my for a very,very long time!

      Year 18 is underway, and that teen just made me a grilled-cheese sandwich. I’m really looking forward to this stage of his life. =)

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