A Romantic Stretch: ROW80Update, 8/24/14

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

Hi there! Is life treating you well this fine Sunday evening? Yes, it is evening, here, and it will likely have shifted to bona-fide night before I get this post finished (especially if I don’t manage that before the redux Castle episode airing at 8, because, well, CASTLE!). I was hoping to be done with both of today’s posts, have a clean house, all Miah’s testing finished, and be deep in revisions by now – but life.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. It’s a good life, filled with lovely chaos…and things have settled out after the excursion last weekend, and the exertions of physical, mental, and emotional stretching…=)

A few things have broken open, for me, both in Chameleon’s Dish and Perchance to Dream. Endings have always been my weak spot, in drafting. Late last night, or maybe it was early this morning, I got a sudden and much clearer idea of how CD really ends, and, since I’m currently revising resolution scenes, I’ve already begun putting it into play, with exciting results, so far. And for PTD, a POV character revealed something huge about herself right in the middle of a sentence I thought was headed somewhere else! It was almost dizzying, the way it shifted things and ratcheted up the tension!

Oh, and yesterday my Accomplice in Mischief and I celebrated our seventeenth anniversary in a very low-key way (chefs work weekends….). We’ve shared a lot, during these years, and I can’t imagine not having him beside me for any of it.

We just….fit. And that’s as mushy as I’m gonna get. ❤

August 23, 2014.

And now, on to my progress since my last update ! =)

August Focal Areas:

  • Homeschool Administration

  • Chameleon’s Dish Revision

  • Social Media/Blog Design

2014 Blogging:

Build positive blogging habits – post regularly, build queues, answer comments, and share diversely.

Maintain regular posting schedule; queue one post for each regular feature. Target attained for posting! As for queuing, welll…not so much.

Continue interacting through comments; expand and diversify my willingness to comment. Target attained!

  • I dug my way out of a deep pile of wonderful comments, and more are gathering, already. I love comments! =)

2014 Writing:

Complete rough drafts of To Be or Not to Be, The Stars Are Fire, and Perchance to Dream.

Write at least 750 words on Perchance to Dream daily through August, or until the draft is completed. Target exceeded for this session!

  • August 20: 879 words.

  • August 21: 1111 words.

  • August 22: 1008 words.

  • August 23: 1704 words.

2014 Editing:

Complete first revision pass for Chameleon’s Dish.

Revise all plot points by September 1. On target; goal changing.

  • Plot point 3/10; scene 11/60.

  • There’s no way I am going to finish these by September 1. So, goal change time…

  • Revise all resolution scenes by September 1.

Round here, purple flowers mean I love you.

2014 Hometending:

Continue physical and virtual hometending plans – resetting rooms, cleaning files, and inhabiting my study.

Continue the family room reset. On target.

  • More porch and family room decluttering.

Clean out email files. On target.

  • More messages deleted. Progress slow, but happening.

Continue reclaiming my study. On target.

  • Mount Magnet is eroding beneath my sorting skills.

Develop new habits that support organization and productivity.

Experiment with Daily Writing Frames for the rest of the year. On target.

  • My daily flow has resumed, and is yielding results.

Use Daily Hometending Frames; adapt to suit shifting goals and circumstances as needed. On target.

  • Still making big progress in small sprints.

Set aside several sessions weekly for Adminstrative Frames, shifting according to goals and circumstances. On target.

  • I entered a writing contest, worked on reports, and facilitated testing.

Complete all required homeschooling documentation, testing, and reporting. On target.

  • This is a priority until all required paperwork has been submitted.

Complete Jeremiah’s PASS test and submit results when received. On target.

  • Reading and Language sections complete. 2/3.

Complete fourth quarter reports for both children, and submit by 9/15.On target.

  • Annalise’s ELA and Math sections complete.

Complete 2014-2015 IHIPs for both children; submit within 4 weeks of receiving confirmation of LOI packet.On target.

  • Annalise’s ELA and Math sections complete.

Acomplices in Mischief- at a playground, naturally!

2014 Lifetending:

Stretch and find new ways to blend the facets of my life with intention and awareness.

Make plans to meet with at least 1 person on my get-together list; get in touch with at least 2 more to express my wish to reconnect. Target exceeded!

Seek out playful new ways to move and challenge my body.

One workout at the Y each week. Target attained!

Nutrition goals for July:

Consume minimum five veggie/fruit salads and/or fruit smoothies each week. A little off.

  • 3/5; 2 salads, 1 smoothie.

Consume Greek yogurt and nuts or seeds minimum twice weekly. Target exceeded!

  • Yogurt: 3/2; Nuts/Seeds: 3 /2 (raw sunflower seeds).

ROW80 Sponsor duties:

Visit my “2”s every session. Target exceeded!

  • Yup – I even did extra visits, which was fun!

Get more ROWing in your life!


Holding on to the love….


  1. Happy Anniversary, Shan! Congratulations on 17 years together (I love the title Accomplice in Mischief!). You both look very happy together at that playground.

    The developments you’ve had with your two WIPs sound very exciting. There’s nothing better than having that flash of inspiration and the frantic documenting of the details and how it all fits together. Complete and utter joy. 🙂

    All the best with the week ahead, Shan. Take care.
    Lisa 🙂

    • Accomplice in Mischief describes us both. We chose nontraditional vows, and we live a fairly nontraditional life. It fits us. =)

      I haven’t documented all the details, yet. One novel is in the drafting stage, and the development is going to have a sweeping affect on most if not all of the remaining scenes, in ways I can’t yet define.

      In the other, it’s a matter of revision, mostly in the scene I’m working on, and the next. So, it’s more a matter of getting to that point, changing things, and seeing how the rewrite evolves…

      Thanks for stopping by- may your weekend be delightful!

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Isn’t it great when you have a sudden flash of insight into a story or a character? Suddenly, something new is revealed and a piece of the story falls into place. I love it when that happens.

    Have a great week, Shan Jeniah!

    • Well, in this case, her revelation complicates the entire storyline…but in a believable way with deep potential. So, yeah, although she shocked both herself and me with her new reality, it will ultimately make a far better story.

      I hope your week was great, too!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary, you still look so happy together. Loving the Accomplice’s blue beard.
    Well done with all of your goal reaching too. I know that you didn’t hit all of the ones that you wanted to reach but you had a lot of of goals to reach and you’ve hit more than you missed.

    You should be really proud of yourself for everything that you’ve achieved this week.

    • Thank you – my Accomplice (AKA Chef Bluebeard), isn’t much on smiling for cameras, but he’s still pretty awesome. I was hooked the day he took me to Sedona on our first date – he liked me better than I liked him, till then, Now, Sedona is our daughter’s middle name, and we’re 17 years and a bit further down the road….and it’s a good road, peaceful and familiar, but still able to surprise us…

      I adore the blue beard. He’s had it for 2 or 3 years now, and it’s a part of him, now. I like the way it says without words that he’s not just any guy – he’s himself. ❤

      Truth is, I don;t list goals I did nothing on, but it's just as true that I always have more goals than I can get to each round, because I like options more than "winning".

      It's always a plus when it all flows smoothly! =D

    • There was a lot of blue, there! Of course, only listing the things I actually worked on definitely helps there!

      Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary, too! ❤

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