An Adventurous Stretch -ROW80 Update, 7/16/14

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Hey there? Are you ready to go camping? No? Neither am I – which wouldn’t be a problem, if we weren’t going camping hours from home, starting- well, tomorrow!

Yeah. Failure to prepare early means I will spend most of today pulling my sh – uh, stuff – together. And help with the kids’ too…

I’m also simplifying my goals for the weekend, as I will be swimming and camping and not online much. Here’s the deal:

  • Be where I am.

  • Keep up with regular blog posts, and maybe comments.

  • Get Lise’s report signed.

  • Move forward with beta-reading.

  • Drafting if so inclined.

Yup, that’s it. I want low-stress and camaraderie and fun. I’ll be home on Monday. By Wednesday, I should be more ready to resume the rest of my goals-in-progress.

So, what are you doing, this weekend? Camping? Sunbathing? Living somewhere where it’s winter? Scribbling away madly? I’d love to know!

First unschooling campout, York, PA. They kids were 5 and 8, and that’s the local horse skull they’re posing with.

July Focal Areas:

  • CampNaNoWriMo 

  • Homeschool Administration

  • Blog Maintenance and Exploration

2014 Blogging:

Focus on layout and design aspects of my Blogging Action Plan.

Play with Web Lab app; goal is exploration and experimentation.On target; more or less.

  • I looked at the app; the lab is closed. I saved some related links that may allow me to do what I was hoping to do with Web Lab.

Build positive blogging habits – post regularly, build queues, answer comments, and share diversely.

Maintain regular posting schedule;queue one post for each regular feature. On target; more or less.

Develop a sharing strategy that feels natural; incorporating input from Kristen. On target.

  • A bit slow; I’ve discovered that I prefer sharing as part of an interaction, and that I don’t feel a need to share every post. This is valuable information.

  • I have another insight or two developing.

Continue interacting through comments; expand and diversify my willingness to comment. On target.

  • I’ve spent some time answering and making comments; I still have some dangling, but that means that I have interaction! Lots of happy, chatting, interaction!

Off to the boffer battle! Unschoolers Rock the Campground II.

2014 Writing:

Complete rough drafts of To Be or Not to Be, The Stars Are Fire, and Perchance to Dream.

Continue drafting Perchance to Dream during July. On target.

  • I’ve relaxed on word count, this session, and likely the next two, at least, while I focus on other things.

  • 3,556 new words.

  • 53,771 CampNaNo Words.

  • Scene 37/60 in progress.

  • 117,062 WIP words. I’m hoping to finish this long WIP draft at around 140,000 words.

Outside the Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA, 2009. Hot on the ship, hot in the village, hot in the tent, too!

2014 Hometending:

Develop new habits that support organization and productivity.

Experiment with Daily Writing Frames from Round 1. On target.

  • I’m doing this in a very general sense.

  • I’m attending to the flow and focus of my days.

  • I will adapt these into a daily plan by August 1.

Develop Daily Hometending Frames. On target.

  • Still attending to this one; I want more flexibility here.

Set aside time weekly for administrative stuff (Adminstrative Frames, maybe?) On target.

  • I’m discovering that this works well in the spaces between larger projects or activities; in times when I want to mull stories; and early and late in the day.

  • Began preparing Annalise’s End of Year Report.

  • Attended to some details for our camping trip.

Ready to explore the Mayflower II. Annalise at 6.

2014 Lifetending:

Seek out playful new ways to move and challenge my body.

One workout at the Y each week. Target attained!

  • Moderately strenuous workout on Tuesday.

Continue exploring fitness goals – more on this throughout the round. Target attained!

Workout goals for July:

Treadmill: 22 minute walking mile using “Rolling Hills” program. On target.

  • .50 miles in 10 minutes; 12 seconds.
  • I’m ahead on speed; but not quite ready to attempt the full mile (weekend plans include camping where there are several steep hills; I’ll add distance next week, after we’re home.)

Recumbent bike: 8 miles in 30 minutes, using an interval program. On target.

  • 6.32 miles in 30 minutes; resistance to 9, but mostly 5 or below; again, saving some energy for a long, active weekend..

Weights: At the Y; minimum 3 machines for arms, legs, and torso weekly. Target exceeded for this week.

  • I added an arm machine, for a total of 4 arm; 3 leg; 3 torso this week.
  • I also increased my repetitions and weight on a few machines.

Nutrition goals for July:

Consume minimum five veggie/fruit salads and/or fruit smoothies each week. On target.

  • 3/5: 2 salads, 1 smoothie.

Consume Greek yogurt and nuts minimum twice weekly. On target.

  • There was Greek yogurt in my smoothie. 1 /2.
  • I bought Greek yogurt and pistachios, so they will be on hand as snack items.
Campground Warrior at almost 9….

Sponsor Visits:

From Wednesday last:

From Sunday:

Wanna ROW with us? Read about ROWing? C’mon in, the water’s fine!

The water really IS fine! The lake at Pinewoods Lodge Campground.


  1. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I read about your preparations (or rather lack thereof). I have always packed and gathered for trips that way (though I do confess to spending days and weeks ahead of each event plotting and planning out the steps I will take to achieve that “just before the trip” frenzy). It works, but it frustrates the hubby.

    Are you going to the Y semi-regularly on Tuesdays? If so, I’ll just come up and meet you for a workout some Tuesday afternoons. I’ve been missing my workouts, and my body has been letting me know it wants better from me. A semi-social trip would just be a boon.

    As for the trip… I’m glad you had great weather. It was a pretty awesome weekend on the East Coast. 😀

    • I usually get a faster start, but we really didn’t decide for sure to go until Monday night. That left very little time to pull things together, and nothing vital was forgotten, which really was something of a miracle! Jeremiah is very good at loading, when he decides to do it. It also helped that, rather than pack food no one would eat, we planned to go out for one meal each day. Less work for me, and a happier time for them.

      Barring car troubles or sickness, I am at the Y every Tuesday. I need that in my life, and I let it go for too long. Makes me less a happy me!

      Feel free to join me any week, or every week!

  2. Oh dear, SJ, I hope you give yourself permission to leave the computer behind while camping! For some reason I still don’t think electronics and beautiful places belong together. Sigh. Guess I’m hopelessly old-fashioned.

    Have fun! Look forward to reading about it! Now I’m off to our Farmers Market (in a light drizzle) to sell some books. 🙂

    • About 3 years ago, I gave myself explicit and unlimited permission to do what brings me joy. While I see your view, and I have camped technology-free (on a Saranac Lake island accessible only by boat, at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, on the Oregon Coast, and in many desert places in the Southwest), it brings me greater joy to blend nature and technology.

      I tend to like blending far more than I do absolutes, in pretty much every aspect of life; there’s infinite room for variations. Because I brought the laptop, Jeremiah was able to bond with other boys, and made several friends while watching My Little Pony and Animaniacs (not to mention that he learned plenty along the way). Annalise was able to bond with other girls via Frozen).

      And me? I was able to beta-read a good-sized chunk of a book I can’t wait to see finished, because it’s delicious;; to reread several of my IDIC Romance short stories, and ponder new stories, changes to those I already have, and where the theme will carry me from here. I read some blogs, answered some comments, and gave at least one fellow writer a tip that may help her significantly, over time…

      And I had the pleasure of sitting on the deck at the lodge, overlooking the beauty of the lake, while I put together Saturday’s blog post.

      My computer has become part of my life and creativity. I’m not chained to it, but I value all the things it allows me to do, and the way natural places feed my creativity. While this machine spent more time in its case than out, I have no regrets about taking it with me, and I easily may have if I’d left it behind.

      Another way in which we’re a little different. =)

      I hope the book sales went well, and that the drizzle didn’t intensify. We had just enough light rain on Saturday night that Annalise and I put up the rain fly (our sleeping tent has two skylights, and we don’t like to cover them up unless we need to). It rained harder, Sunday night, but, fortunately, not until after camp was broken, the car was loaded, and the kids had had one last swim (too cold for me!). And it only lasted the first 30 miles of the drive home, so I would classify the weekend’s weather as near-perfect.

  3. On the working out thing, another blogger told me that she keeps track of how far she walks (which is one of the things she does for exercise) to see how close she is to covering the distance that Frodo and Sam cover in the Lord of The Rings – ie how close she is to Mount Doom.

    I cannot think of a more fun way to exercise!

    It’s so important to enjoy exercise or it can become such a drag, right?

    • I think I read that. Pretty interesting!

      I actually enjoy my visits to our local YMCA. I’ve been going intermittently for years, and i’m very familiar with what’s there. The only problem is that it’s ten miles from our house, and that means I actually need to GO there…I’m working on building the habit of just doing it regardless of anything else.

      But I do love the way my body feels when I exercise, and even the aches and fatigue that follow feel good, connecting me to my body.

      • Oh wow you are motivated, I need working out to be as easy as possible or I don’t go (so it needs to be very close to where I live).

        But I agree with you, that achiness after a workout is amazing, and so rewarding!

        • Well, I live in the country. Getting anywhere from here is a project. I grew up here; I’m used to it.

          I started off today, but my car was a little too low on gas to trust it for the trip. I’ll see about borrowing my husband’s car in a bit, and get there, even if it’s late. After camping, I’m fatigued, but I want to build that habit of going each week, so that it’s just a part of my routine that doesn’t require much thought.

          And I do love that achiness. Need to get me some of that tonight! =)

  4. “Be where I am.”
    This is a good one. We’re going to Disney next year, which is a HUGE deal for our family. Hubby has already asked me if I will be truly available and “with” the family then. I said “yes.” Then I went on to explain…although this will be a wonderful trip, vacations are hard for me. I love writing…I don’t need a break from it, I need to find ways to spend more time doing it! So, taking time off from writing to be fully present doing something else for a while is not going to be easy for me. But I will do it. These moments come and go but once.

    • Sometimes, I get a little keyed up about the not writing. It’s not like there will be no time; just not as much time as I like to have. Still, being where I am will let me have fun and relax, and refill my wells. I’ll be a lot more physically active, so I may be writing more the week after we get home.

      Also, new experiences also tend to stir up new ideas, so I’ll be collecting those!

      I’m cheering you on for your trip. Maybe you could snag a bit of time once or twice a day to take the edge off…

  5. What a coincidence! I am also going camping this weekend! My hubby and I just bought a pop-up camper and we’ve been dying to try it out. Have a great time!

    • I’ve got a mind that needs lot to occupy it. I’ve learned to go with it. If I don’t complete them this month, or this round, I can keep going with them next round, or next month, or drop them because they don’t work for me.

      That’s something I love about ROW80. It’s as flexible as I need it to be.

      Thanks for the well-wishes.

  6. Wow! You’re much more ambitious than I am. Sometimes, I feel like my goals ought to be limited to “get out of bed.” LOL! Looks like you’re doing pretty well, though. 🙂

    • My brain needs lots of things to bounce between. One goal would either consume me, or make me manic if I couldn’t be working on it. I see it as something like a puzzle. The pieces all fit, somehow.

      “Get out of bed” is a good enough goal, some days. =)

      I just know how my brain works…and I don’t try to fight it anymore.

  7. You prepare like I prepare: “I have plenty of time, I’ll get around to i—whaaaaaat? We’re leaving in an hour? Uh, okay, hold on.”

    Have fun camping! I haven’t been in a long time; I should change that soon.

    • Yeah, that’s me. I used to get very fussy about the whole thing, but I’ve mellowed with the passing of time. The kids are also a lot more help now than they could be when they were younger.

      We’re moving along – maybe about halfway through the packing and loading process. We’ll get there, eventually.

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