A Festive Stretch – ROW80 Update, July 9, 2014


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Ahhh…here we are again, at the first check-in of a brand-new round!

I’ve been up to a lot, but not so much things that are directly writing-related. You see, this round started on Monday, and Tuesday was my daughter’s tenth birthday. She wanted to have a Girls’ Day just with me. So I squeezed in my weekly workout on Monday, and Tuesday was all about her – taking her to a movie, shopping, and out to dinner.

We had a lovely time. She is delightful to be with, and I am amazed at the way she’s blossoming.

I haven’t really hit my stride with my ROW80 stretching just yet, because, well, the blue-eyed Force of Nature had priority. And I am more than OK with that! =D

How does this Wednesday evening find you? Are you happily engaged with people and activities that bring you joy? Is there some way you could have more of that? Have you stretched in any way, lately? I’d love to hear about it! =D

Part of the life ROW80 knows I have. =)

July Focal Areas:

  • CampNaNoWriMo

  • Homeschool Administration

  • Blog Maintenance and Exploration

2014 Blogging:

Build positive blogging habits – post regularly, build queues, answer comments, and share diversely.

Maintain regular posting schedule;queue one post for each regular feature.A bit of a rough start; writing and celebrating took precedence.

Continue interacting through comments; expand and diversify my willingness to comment. On target, although I have a comment backlog to address due to writin’ and celebratin’ and workin’ out.

  • I’ve visited several blogs, including my sponsor visits, and left often extensive comments.

Striking a pose, with attitude!

2014 Writing:

Complete rough drafts of To Be or Not to Be, The Stars Are Fire, and Perchance to Dream.

Continue drafting Perchance to Dream during July NaNoWriMo.On target.

  • Current word count: 94,846 (this is clearly going to be a loong draft!)

  • CampNaNo word count: 30,988/50,000

  • Scene 30/60 in progress.

2014 Hometending:

Continue physical and virtual hometending plans – resetting rooms, cleaning files, and inhabiting my study.

Clean out email files.On target.

  • I did a bit of this while looking for an email.

Birthday Dinner.

2014 Lifetending:

Stretch and find new ways to blend the facets of my life with intention and awareness.

Indulge in days with both children, at least one date with Jim, and one with myself. On target.

  • As noted, Girls’ Day to celebrate Annalise’s tenth birthday.

Seek out playful new ways to move and challenge my body.

One workout at the Y each week. On target.

  • A moderately intensive workout on Monday – weights and cardio.

Continue exploring fitness goals – more on this throughout the round. On target – I’ll explain these a little better on Sunday.

Workout goals for July:

Treadmill: 22 minute walking mile using “Rolling Hills” program.On target.

  • .48 miles in 10 minutes.

Recumbent bike: 8 miles in 30 minutes, using an interval program.On target.

  • 6.17 miles in 30 minutes; resistance to 13.

Weights: At the Y; minimum 3 machines for arms, legs, and torso weekly.Target attained for this week.

Nutrition goals for July:

  • Acquire Intuitive Eating ebook.

Consume minimum five veggie/fruit salads and/or fruit smoothies each week. On target.

  • 2 of each, thus far.

Consume Greek yogurt and nuts minimum twice weekly. Target attained for this week.

Weight goal for July:

  • Maintain or reduce weight measured at beginning of the round. On target

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  1. That’s what life’s about… mommy/daughter days. Love the pics. Looking forward to keeping up with your in a new round.

    • And, in my case, Mommy/son days, too!

      Lise is quite fond of the camera; the same can’t be said for me, unless I happen to be behind it…but I’m trying to be in the picture more, so the kids can look back, later in their lives, and see me as I was…

      It does seem like I haven’t been round to see you as much in the last round or two – might be those hundreds of thousands of words that have gushed and poured and trickled out of me…

      This is the last writing-intensive month till at least October, though, so I hope to be much better at visiting around this time! =)

  2. I was so thrilled to see that you are one of “my peeps” for this check-in. I loved getting caught up. And kudos for spending the day with your girl. My hubby has been on holidays this week and we’ve tried to do some vacationy things (despite the fact that he has been helping with our church’s day camp). Those things include planning his dream trip for next year, the year he turns the big 6-0. We’re hoping to make it a family thing. Woohoo!

    All the best with your writing goals . . . and all the others. Looking forward to our paths crossing often during this round.


    • Ooh, Steph, I ‘m so glad to see you! =D

      Spending the day with Lise is a delight – she’s a force unto herself.I think I get at least as much out of it as she does.

      Vacationy things sound lovely, and so do big family trips. My husband is a chef, and he works weekends, so we love the idea that we could eventually take a big family vacation. Our last one was when our oldest was seven, and he’ll be thirteen soon.

      So far, so good. I’m progressing, and having fun doing it! =)

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! It sounds like you two had a fun day together.

    It’s hard to believe we’re already on Round 3 of ROW80 this year. Time is flying. Good luck in this round, Shan Jeniah!

    • Thank you! It was a wonderful, exhilarating whirlwind of a day – just right for her!

      Round 3 already – yes, it does feel a bit like the year is whizzing by! =)

  4. Gah! Poison Ivy is HORRIBLE! I had it this year and somehow got it in my eye–my eye swelled up SO bad I couldn’t even open it. Then, I also got it on my arm. And Stomach. And side. *sighs* I am, for some reason, really sensitive to that stuff. Whereas my dad, uncles and well, so many others I know, can walk through it and are fine.

    I want to burn it all down with fire…I hate it so much. But apparently burning it is bad because the poison is released in the air and you can breathe it is. 😦

    Ok. I think I’m done with my poison plant rant now! LOL Looks like you two had a fun day! And you’re really rocking the goals. I upped my Camp NaNo goal by 10k (orig. it was 30K) because on Monday, I was already at 24k. I needed to challenge myself a bit more. 🙂 Good luck the rest of the week with your goals!!

    • Oh, Kat! It sounds like a poison ivy conspiracy. That’s just what happened to Annalise. Right over her eye, puffed up, closed, swollen, blistered. A real mess. Finally, it occurred to me that we could use oatmeal compresses and offer her Benadryl. She accepted the Benadryl, finally got some relief, and slept for a good deal of two days. We were about a day from taking her to the emergency room – the only thing that stopped me was thinking they probably couldn’t do any more than we could.

      Yes, fire +poison oil plants= more trouble.

      She’s a smart girl. She’s been more cautious at the wooded strip where the ivy flourishes, and we washed all the suspect bedding. Hopefully, her sensitive skin stays relatively calm…

      You are rocking this CampNaNo! I thought of upping my goal, but decided to ease off a bit when I get to 50K, and focus a bit more on other goals, while still moving forward with Perchance to Dream.

    • Annalise and sparkles go together. =)

      It was a wonderful day, and you’re right. I am more fortunate that words can say that my children love me, and, maybe more importantly, LIKE being around me. I wasn’t the best of moms when I started out in parenthood, and I know that, if I hadn’t made some serious changes, our lives could be a battlefield.

      Instead, I have this. Worth all the hard work, and then some, and some more….

      Busy, but wonderful. Since I can’t stop writing, I guess I’ll just enjoy the ride!

    • Okay, here’s the story….

      In the very early spring, earlier than seems possible, Miss Force of Nature was playing outdoor survival in the front yard, a game that involved bringing pillows and blankets out, and snuggling in for a nap.

      Somehow, she found poison ivy, and must have gotten it on her pillow, because, within hours, she had blisters over her right eye.

      Her skin is very sensitive, and reacts to many things…

      She ended up with a rash extending from her scalp, over her eyelid, and to her nose. It was – epic.

      The bandage is there to give her a barrier when she wants to pick at the last remaining scabs…a habit she’s struggling with. She has a goal to be scab-free by the time we go camping next weekend

      The particular bandage she’s sporting is Jasmine. Annalise isn’t a fan of Disney princesses, but my husband brought them home, and they’re more stylish than plain ones.

      Ironically, I found out I was allergic to the adhesive in these bandages when I was 7, and had stitches over the same eye…

        • It was pretty intense – but it was a couple of months ago, now. Other than the remaining scabs she’s having a hard time leaving alone, she’s all better.

          We’ve gotta take care of our sensiitive types, I guess!

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