SoCS: Body Language

This post is part of Linda G.Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme.

Rules and this week’s prompt.

The idea is simple – write a stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt.

This week’s prompt is to write a post based upon the word “BODY”.

As it turns out, I had just written a passage for my Star Trek:TOS/Enterprise crossover fan fiction novel-in-progress, Perchance to Dream, that ties in with this theme. Since I’m participating in the CampNaNoWriMo challenge this month, I decided to share it.

Yes. In case you didn’t know it yet, I am a quietly rabid Trekkie with a decades-long obsession for the green-blooded, pointy-eared type.

A bit of scene-setting. Spock, a child of seven, has just overheard his human mother losing her temper with his Vulcan father. Already upset by the arranged marriage his father had imposed on him, he attempts to both give and receive comfort.

She nearly ran down the hall that led to her study, but she didn’t make it before the tears broke loose in a gasping, choked sob, harsh and echoing in the space-

“Mother. I meant no intrusion, and I ask forgiveness.” Spock was sitting on the chaise lounge in the window corner, his knees pulled up to his chest, and a fuschia silk pillow wedged between his clenched arms and his shaking body. He stared at her with wide and unblinking eyes, his bangs, too long, flopping over them, but obscuring none of his fear and pain. Despite all this evidence that he, too, was in emotional turmoil, his voice was calm, his ingrained Vulcan civility automatic and scripted.

“You’re not intruding, Spock.” She asked the question, even though it was illogical when she knew the answer already. “You heard?”

He ducked his head. “I did not mean to -“

Amanda smiled at her serious son. A human child might have denied, or brazened through as though he felt no guilt. Not Spock. “You could hardly have helped it.” She went to him and asked, “May I sit beside you?”

“It is your room.” He said it as though maybe he honestly thought she’d forgotten; how like his father he was. But as she sat beside him, unconsciously echoing his position, and looked at their pillows in their arms, she realized what had become harder and harder to see as he grew older- he was also very much like her, in some ways.

“I would love a hug,” she said, very softly, almost as though she were talking to herself. She knew that it might be uncomfortable for him, and she didn’t want to put him in the position of needing to refuse an actual request. But some maternal instinct said that Spock was hugging the pillow in lieu of an embrace he’d decided he was too grown for. With all he’d been through, these last weeks, he had every right to be clinging to his mother for dear life.

She didn’t repeat the statement; Sarek insisted that Spock stop to consider before he spoke; Spock, with the human impulse to blurt a part of his genetic birthright, struggled mightily to comply. She wouldn’t make that even harder by giving in to her own impatience.

It took about three minutes, and then, it was still a matter of slow stages, as though he couldn’t or wouldn’t just allow himself to fall into her arms the way he had before the Kahswan matured him. No, this was a very gradual relaxing, a leaning in, a creeping of one arm around her waist, and then his head settling upon her shoulder – not her breast, as it had been, but her shoulder. He said nothing, but their breath left them together in a contented sigh. Amanda let the silence be, for now. She thought Vulcans dwelt far more often in silence than this child could ever tolerate, but he still seemed to need far more of it than she did.

“You are – very angry – with Father.” Soft- almost too soft for her to hear it; his ears were far more discerning than hers, a gift from his father. And the pause, that said that he was attempting to label her emotion, and not quite sure of it. Vulcan discipline didn’t encourage giving emotions enough attention and energy to identify them – they were meant to be purged or suppressed through meditation, so that peace could be found in their absence.

I hope you enjoyed my SoCS offering for this week. Remember, anyone can play, so long as they are willing to follow a few simple rules. See you next week, for another live-streaming look into the lovely chaos inside my head! =) Until then, may you live long and prosper.

Do you share my fascination with Vulcans, or with what’s going on in other people’s heads?

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  1. I am not a trekkie either!! (not even remotely), though my bestie is and I will forward this onto him, as it will be right up his alley!.. lol

    Despite not being a trekkie, I also was captured by the piece – from start to finish. I found myself smiling then empathizing, then grinning once more like an idiot.. lol

    I was not actually aware of the characteristics of the Trekkie character, so now when my Bestie, Joost, makes reference I might have half a clue!

    • I have this secret mission…not to convert the non-Trek-folk out there, but to maybe show that it’s more than the sci-fi elements.

      It could be my written answer to a mother who said, when I was an especially easily wounded teenager, “How can someone so smart love a show that’s so stupid?”

      Vulcans place logical consideration over emotional reaction. They’re also touch-telepaths, so they tend to limit physical contact, and it’s considered far more intimate than it is for us human folk. Their hands are an erogenous zone, which complicates things even more.

      Spock’s father is the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth, where he met his wife, Amanda. Sarek is demanding, and often expects more of his son than he can give. This particular interaction between mother and son is the aftermath of a parental argument. Sarek manipulated Spock into a telepathic link that is the first stage of an arranged marriage – another Vulcan tradition.

      At this time, Spock and his Promised are seven years old.

      Amanda wants to offer her son comfort, but she certainly doesn’t want to do it in a way that makes life any harder for him.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed and empathized. I do so love my Vulcans (well, mostly Spock, and T’Pol, but still). I hope you were able to suitable shock and impress Joost with your new knowledge! =D

      • LOL, he could quite possibly go into shock when I impart this knowledge of him!

        Thank you. The way that you have explained it here actually makes me feel keen to sit down and really watch the series.

        I could become a convert yet!~ lol

        Thanks for taking the time to respond in such a detailed fashion!


        • I certainly wouldn’t mind if you came over to the Trek side. And I’d love to be there when you impart your new wisdom. =)

          In 2015, I plan on doing the Star Trek Chronology Challenge. I will watch, over the course of the year, all of the series and movies according to the Trek timeline. So I’ll be beginning with Enterprise, which is my favorite, and then going forward from there.

          Of course, I am who I am, and I’ll be blogging about it as I go. There’s one series I haven’t seen much of, and two more I haven’t seen all of, and a movie or two I think I missed along the way.

          And it’s a pleasure to share my Trek passion with others.

          I’ll leave you with the traditional Vulcan parting, “Live long and prosper.”

          • Joost says, you should get the mission log podcast (if you haven’t already) He says it goes through every single episode and move ever made. They are up to Star Trek 5 the final frontier. He said you can get it through iTunes. I might come over to the trekkie side and do the marrathon!!

          • I hadn’t seen them, and I don’t usually use iTunes, so please thank Joost for me! =)

            Who knows, you may find that you like Trek more than you thought you did! =D

          • I may have created a monster. I would say I’m sorry, but, really, I’m not. =)

            Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the hints!

            I’ll be waiting to see what you report!

            And, by the way, I’m currently doing Star Trek:Enterprise fan fiction excerpts on Wednesdays, if you’d like to sneakily widen your Trek horizons….

          • Oh.dear. I might ( no promises) but I will definitely forward your blog address onto Joost who is enough of an addict to sneak in and take a peak!.. lol

          • I hope he enjoys it (or picking it apart, if he feels the need!).

            The kids and I are heading out of state to camp with a whole bunch of friends later today, so I might not be answering comments until early next week, depending on how much time I spend at the beach and in the lake…

            May your weekend be delightful! =D

  2. Wow. I’m not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, but your storytelling had me absorbed. Very well done!
    Thanks so much for sharing this for SoCS this week. 🙂

    • I like to think that my readers don’t need to be Trek fans to take something away from my fan fiction.

      One of the things Trek did best, in my opinion, was transcend “sci-fi” and present compelling and universal stories. It didn’t always achieve that, but, when it did, it was magical.

      That’s what I want to capture…not so much the relationship between a human mother and her half- Vulcan child, but the simple truth that we can’t protect our children from everything, or solve all their problems, or make them something that isn’t in their nature…

      But of course, I do find great pleasure in writing Vulcan stories, too. =D

      Happy to be a part of SoCS this and every week I make it! =)

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