Sunday Post for May 25, 2014

Welcome to My Sunday Post !

Since my ROW80 updates are getting a little crowded, this seems to be an interesting way to update some things without adding to the clutter. I’m still figuring out what form I’d like this feature to take, so please expect there to be evolution as the weeks pass!

Last Week on My Blog:


ROW80 Updates:

Story A Day May:

All my Story A Day posts.

Stories Sans Commentary, for the purist.

The Unfettered Life:

What’s Next:

This week, I’ll be wapping up my daily Story-a-Day posts here at shanjeniah, with commentary on how the writing went; episode trailer, and maybe other goodies, too.

There’ll also be my regular posts:

  • For Coffee and Conversation, I’ll (finally!) recap my A-Z blogging challenge experience.
  • WIPpet Wednesday will host an excerpt from The IDIC Romance – I’ll be picking up where I left off last week, with a treat or two…
  • For Wordless Wednesday, I’ll share images of….well, it’ll be something. Yes. Something.
  • And for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I’ll be doing just what the title suggests – writing a stream-of-consciousness post on the weekly prompt.

In the Wilds of Internet-Land:

Cool Stuff I’ve Found along the way…yes, it’s been an Enterprise week, for me!

Life Stuff:

  • I picked more lilacs.
  • I wrote things.
  • I read things.
  • I hugged and cuddled and laughed with my beloveds.
  • I cleaned stuff.
  • I existed much of the time in the universe inside my head.


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