Story A Day May 5: “Emotion Beyond Logic”

“Logic above emotion.” Trembling fingers; quickened breath. Barren mantra crumbled beneath searing wonder of touch. Emotion beyond logic.

Hello, and welcome to my 2014 Story A Day Challenge,Day 2! If you’d like to read today’s story without commentary,click here!

I am basing my stories upon Star Trek: Enterprise, and the intriguing interspecies relationship between T’Pol of Vulcan and Trip Tucker, who is very, very human.


This story is a fan fiction extrapolation of the Decon scenes in the Star Trek: Enterprise series pilot, “Broken Bow.  T’Pol and Trip are property of Paramount; no copyright infringement is intended.

Here’s the delightfully steamy scene in question…

Today’s Story A Day prompt is to write a story of exactly 140 characters in other words, Twitter fiction. An additional prompt from author Angela Ackerman, was to explore shame in today’s story.

My own plan calls for me to accompany Trip and T’Pol into the decon chamber, where the friction between them heats up with an exchange that is contentious and physical, with lots of texture.It’s this subtext I explored today.

It was hard to convey shame in 140 characters, and I’m not sure I managed it. I did keep shame in mind as I wrote. My feeling is that T’Pol’s shame will come after this moment; not during. During, I think she is captured by the moment and her passions.

But, after – there’s the realization that she allowed herself to succumb to this attraction – while she was in command of the ship, and despite being Promised to Koss – an obligation she sees no way out of. More than that, she has allowed emotion and desire to subsume logic – and, despite herself, she’s afraid that she’ll be unable to refuse further advances.

I’ll admit to being very apprehensive about this story. I write novels; my drafts always run long, and I generally need to prune liberally, even for blog posts. But, surprisingly, my first attempt was 141 characters, and so was the second. I never got above 143 characters.

Brevity is the soul of wit.” -Polonius (Hamlet)

Maybe it’s true. I did write nearly 400 words of notes, before beginning, to clarify my thoughts on the matter.

Here’s the first three efforts, to show the progression of my story:

  • “Vulcans don’t allow emotion to override logic.” I repeat it, as a mantra; I fail to find balance. I am in command; I desire Trip’s touch.

  • “Logic above emotion.” The mantra is barren; Trip tempts and promises. Logic crumbles beneath the reality of touch.

  • “Logic above emotion.” The mantra is now barren; Trip tempts me. Emotions flood; logic crumbles. Trembling, we touch. Emotion above logic.

And, once more, the final-for-now version which will likely lead me deeper into T’Pol’s perspective of this experience, in the future…

“Logic above emotion.” Trembling fingers; quickened breath. Barren mantra crumbles beneath searing wonder of touch. Emotion beyond logic.

You can find all of my May Challenge stories atmy “official” Story a Day blog. My commentary on the process of creating these stories are here.

Interested in reading more Story A Day offerings, or joining the challenge? It’s not too late!


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