Saturday’s Share: Flowery Girls and Writing, Too!

A slice of happily blended life…

Welcome to Saturday’s Share -Reflections and impressions inspired by and celebrating images from daily life, to add a bit of sparkle to the weekend. Happy Saturday!

I love this photo. I was writing and making pre-revision notes on my bed, where I’ve written since my pre-teen years, when Annalise, who’d been puttering around outside, brought me this basket of flowers from our little cottage garden. She stayed a while, to hang out and visit, and we chatted.

I’m reminded of this picture, this month, as I move through two writing challenges, and prepare for a third, while still being present as a wife, mother, and companion on this journey of life.

I do want to write – as often as I can manage. Writing is more than a passion for me – it’s the way I live and process my living, my best means of sharing my life and experiences with others.

I’m not as happy a person when I’m not engaged with writing. Things that I would write about, and thereby work through, stay within me, where they can fester. That, as you might imagine, isn’t good for me – or anyone around me.

Yet, here I am – the housemate of three other people. More than that – I’m someone’s wife, and two more someones’ mother. There are times I need to drop everything and give someone a hug, a snuggle, a canoodle, a conversation. There are laundry and dishes and places to go. There are things to learn, explore, and do. There is clutter to clear, food to buy, pets and people to feed, and homeschool reports to prepare and file.

It’s less a matter of balancing than it is blending. I’ve found that the more I stop thinking of writing as something that I need to balance with the rest of my life, and instead see my life as a whole, a blending of various ingredients in varying amounts. Sometimes I write while chatting with a girl fresh from her adventures i n the backyard. Often, I plot while washing dishes, doing laundry, or showering. Places we visit can become story fodder (certainly, they’re often blogging fodder!).

During this busily creative season, this way of seeing my life is especially important for me. Rather than choosing between writing or other things, I can blend them, and have elements of both.

How do you handle varying pulls and parts of your life? Are you a balancer or a blender? Do you have a different approach? I’d love to hear about it – after all, Saturdays are for sharing!

Please allow me to share a bit more – one of my all-time favorite songs, in honor of the flower girl in my life! =D


  1. I like “blending” vs. “balancing.” Much closer to reality. Boy, when my kids were your age…Well, first I saved up my writing for vacation times, but most people don’t get the kind of large-chunk vacations teachers get (although they’re not as large as people think!). Then…I just stopped writing, until my kids were old enough not to need me in the mornings, and I did the 5 am thing for a while. So I am in awe of people like you who blend so successfully with your kids at this age.

    • Gretchen,

      I used to try to balance – but things can shift too fast, here. Every “system” or schedule fails.

      So, instead, I flow. I work on things in microbursts when people are most likely to need me. I do my hometending in short sprints, and a lot less of it if I’m in the middle of intense writing times.

      I can imagine that, with you teaching and kids in school, you would’ve almost have had to save things for vacation time. As a teen, I babysat for a teacher’s four sons enough to still be considered a part of the family, so I know about those teacher vacations.

      Our life is – alien to that one. Only my husband has a regular schedule (and he’s a chef. 2pm-close, Wed-Sun.). I think that and a non-traditional parenting model that works well for independent types like our kids are helps, too. I spend lots of time with them, as they and I wish it, but it’s not spent in policing them or steering them – it’s spent in being with them. Renewing, for the most part…although they are kids, and coming right up on puberty and the moodiness and chaos such rapid change brings, and it’s a small house and it was a long winter so…

      Also, both kids are playing with writing, themselves. Ever since I shared some of my Shakespeare research with them in 2012, and read them a rough draft of my YA time travel fantasy last summer, which sparked a lot of conversation about how I do what I do, they’ve been much more willing to give me some quiet writing time, if I don’t take advantage.

      I’m determined to blend. I don’t want to be a mom who looks up one day, finds that the kids are grown and elsewhere, and doesn’t know what to do with herself!

  2. Hello, I just stopped by for a visit and spent a bit of time. You have so much to say!
    As to be a balancer or a blender…I’m not sure. I have a new method to organize my life. I make a weekly list and somehow most things happen or they go to the next week’s list. I used to make these daily lists and was discouraged when so much was left “to do.” I do set priorities – family and writing. Somehow, the garage just never seems to get cleaned. Oh well, maybe next week.

    • Claireannette,

      Ah, the garage! Nope, not this week for ours, either!

      I’ve been using a system something like yours, but just for my writing projects. I keep it on my computer, with a list beneath of what I finish each day, so that I can see what’s getting accomplished.

      I add to it when I am ready to take on something new, and I shift things around to suit myself. It’s definitely an improvement over a to-do list that I never finish – things just stay on the list until they’re done, and I move though the list, finishing things or moving them forward.

      It sounds like you might be a blender, like me- shifting your goals and methods to support the writing, the momming, and the living…

      Hope the blend is delightful! =D

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