Saturday’s Share: The Homemade Pizza Metaphor

That’s two delicious metaphors!

Welcome to Saturday’s Share – Reflections and impressions inspired by and celebrating images from daily life, to add a bit of sparkle to the weekend. Happy Saturday!

Today’s Share comes courtesy of my family – and doesn’t it look delicious?

Jim and Annalise made these beauties from scratch a few weeks ago. Sometimes they like to get chummily creative , in the kitchen together. Early in the process, Annalise excitedly told me that they were in the process of murdering yeast. Ahh, nothing like a little yeasty homicide to give birth to a delicious dinner, right?


That pizza, made by my husband and daughter as they chatted, laughed, and connected, is a tasty metaphor for our family life:

  • We hadn’t planned or scheduled pizza-making. Jim picked up the supplies, and he and Annalise made pizza, because they wanted to. They went with their interests, while Jeremiah and I were engaged in other things that interested us more. That’s a key ingredient in our unschooling life; the freedom to follow moods and interests where they lead, and not to overschedule our lives. Following passions is simpler when there is plenty of free time available.
  • Everyone got to have their pizza their way. One of us is all about cheese and pepperoni. Two of us love goat cheese, spinach, and mushrooms on pizza. One of us loves nearly all vegetables – but only raw, and loves the spiciness of pepperoni more than the meat itself. Because everybody chose their own toppings, everyone’s preferences were honored. That, too, is important for us – we find we have more peace by far when everyone knows that what they like is important to the rest of the family, and will be considered when we make decisions.
  • Pizza is readily portable. We tend to have a family dynamic where we revolve in intersecting orbits, with people going off to do their own thing, blending together in various groupings, all merging into the family unit, then off again in groups or to our own projects. Food we want to eat, ready whenever people are hungry, makes it easy to do what we like, when we want to.
  • Making pizza was a fun activity, not a chore or obligation. I used to force myself into the kitchen each evening, while the kids were napping, and try to come up with a nutritious meal the kids would want to eat. It stressed me out, and my effort made me put huge stakes on whether they ate it. Now, we keep foods each of us likes available, so pizza-making is about the pleasure of doing something fun that everyone could enjoy. Life became sweeter here when we considered non-traditional approaches to meeting our needs.

So there we have it – pizza as a metaphor for our lives! =)

 How does your family approach the things you need – like food? Do you have traditional mealtimes? Do people have chores related to food? Do you grab something on the go, between here and there? Enjoy your slow cooker or spending hours on the perfect spread? Can you see any of your meals as metaphors for your life?

What do you think? I’d love to hear your stories and opinions! After all, Saturdays are for sharing!


  1. I love metaphors anyway, but edible metaphors? You got me. I’m traveling now, so it’s easy to focus on the negative food metaphors of tasteless tomatoes and “pastry” that smells like chemicals. Good, spontaneous, passionate, shared food–yeah, that’s more like it.

    • Gretchen,

      Metaphors are pretty big around here, too. =)

      I would send you metaphorical homemade pizza, if I weren’t afraid of messing up my sweet brand-new computer…

      At least I could give you a vicariously satisfying meal…

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