Saturday’s Share: What’s a Picture Worth?

Welcome to Saturday’s Share – Reflections and impressions inspired by and celebrating images from daily life, to add a bit of sparkle to the weekend. Happy Saturday!

Today’s Share pretty much sums up my life. There’s beauty, joy, and words. There’s that girl; the one who picked those pretty flowers out of the cottage garden by the front door, and brought them to me in a plastic basket that’s been scuffing around here for years now. I wonder if she knows how much prettier that sparkle in her eyes is than any flowers ever could be?

And there’s my laptop, and the original draft of Chameleon’s Dish, the novel I’ll spend 50 hours rewriting as my NaNoEdMo challenge, as soon as the calendar shifts…and yes – all this activity was taking place on my bed – because some afternoons just happen to be like that, here.

Sometimes pictures say a lot about who we are, and how we live. Maybe that’s more true, and less true, today than at any other point in human history. Taking pictures has become almost effortless. I can do that with my little pay-as-you-go not-quite smart phone; my Kindle Fire, my laptop, and two cameras (one sophisticated; one point-and-shoot).

Sometimes, I just go through the house and snap random shots of our life as it is, so that I can look at them through the camera’s framing rather than my own. I can see a huge mess; the camera sees a small detail, like this photo…

Then, I can go to PicMonkey, and edit the picture in many ways, making something that might have seemed unhappily chaotic magical in a whole new way!

It gives me a better vision of my life. There’s less grumbling about imperfections; more seeing the wonder around me.

That’s something that’s missing from the oldest photographs, when people dressed up, posed stiffly, dared not smile….because a photo was precious, and a huge effort to capture. The magic then was maybe in being able to capture the moment at all…and so much more quickly than a portrait could be painted.

There’s always talk about the “good old days” – and I’m not going to say that there aren’t bits of bygone days that I would have rathered keep than see them evolve.

But, in this way, I am very grateful that I can use technology to capture these moments, share them, and see them anew.

That’s pretty magical, isn’t it?

How about you? Are there things about modern life that make your life seem magical and more wondrous than it did, before? Are there pieces of the past that you still mourn?

Happy makes more happy. I’d love to hear your stories and see your happy photos. Drop me a comment, or post a link, and join in the happy-making fun!

After all, Saturdays are for sharing! 


  1. I really liked this post, Shan. I’m so glad I live now and not in the past — not my past or the more distant past. I love technology and how it can connect us — both the collective “us” of all our friends in person and online and the “us of you and me. Good luck with the editing!

    • I so hear you (even if I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea of video calling the way our young ones can….).

      You are one of the VERY. BEST. THINGS that came from my experiences in technology. I mean, sure, I had SEEN you in person…but, without the Internet, we might always have been going in different directions….and so much would be lost.

      Hang on….sooner or later, health and time and money will collaborate, and my car will be ready to take a five-hour drive…

      Hmmnn….now where could I and a couple of kids go, with that resource?! =)

  2. Like you, SJ, I love the magic of technology. I mean, here I am, whizzing along the interstate far from home (don’t worry, I’m not driving) and I’m taking part in your world! And we’ve never even met! Amazing.
    What I miss is paper, and handwriting. It’s always been a big part of my life, from journals to letters, but I barely even know what my grown children’s handwriting looks like.

    • Gretchen,

      It really is magical! My kids laugh when I tell them how many Disney movies I never saw all the way through. The idea of not having access to streaming video when they want it (we all have Kindles, and we’ve got two Wiis and a Roku, as well as laptops) is alien to them. I try to explain that my bedtime came in the middle of the Sunday night Disney movie; they just can’t wrap their reality around it!

      I have so many friends I’ve never met, here on the Internet. I’ve met some of them in person, and a few have become dear friends in real life, too! That’s real magic. =D

      I know what you mean about pen and paper. I do most of my writing with the computer, these days, but I still keep assorted notebooks and journals – they’re my touchstones.

      My kids, especially my son, don’t write nearly as often as I do. They’re very good at typing, though, and way better with touchscreens!

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