Saturday’s Share: A Playful Choice

My Mobile Muse and I, happily together.

 Welcome to Saturday’s Share – Reflections and impressions inspired by and celebrating images from daily life, to add a bit of sparkle to the weekend. Happy Saturday!

Today’s Share is courtesy of my friend Robyn Coburn, who not only photographed this image, but also created my Iggy Jingles art doll.

I’ve been talking to Robyn for years, on unschooling lists, before I met her at the Northeast Unschooling Conference.What I hadn’t known is that she has a lovely Australian accent, how friendly she is, or how entertaining she and her husband James are together.

And I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with this doll, who is my fabric doppleganger.

I don’t often buy myself frivolous things. Now, to be sure, I’m not stingy with myself, but I usually buy things I can use – and often share with my family, because I love to share my joy with those around me.

But this doll – well, I was standing next to Robyn when she unwrapped her for display, and I was instantly smitten. But it was the last day of the conference, and I’d bought myself a few small treasures already, and said yes to most of the children’s desires. I tend to be thrifty, and to weigh the benefits of any purchase, and I knew this doll was going to cost more than the budget we were already butting up against.

And then I remembered that I’d had a birthday a few weeks before. I hadn’t been able to think of anything material to ask for, at the time, but I’d told Jim that I’d like to reserve the right to buy something if it caught my fancy.

This little doll had done that. Her eyes are the color of mine, and the same shape. Her lips and nose look like mine, and we both have oval faces and an untamed mane of hair. She seems to love blue as much as I do, this little fabric person, and she’s generously endowed with turquoise, which is my favorite shade. And then Robyn showed me her secret heart charm, which had belonged to her own mother. I love items that have a story, even when I don’t know it, and a charm from another continent and another generation…

I did something I don’t do often. I called Jim at home, checked our bank balances, and told him I was going to buy myself a birthday gift.

And so, I acquired my Mobile Muse, and Robyn took our portrait, on the spot.

I love my doll – she’s here with me, in my study, as I type…and I love the picture. There’s a lightness and a sense of fun in my face, a happiness that comes from indulging myself in the same way I try to indulge those around me.

I think that’s important, sometimes – to indulge our fancies, even if we can’t see the utility in it. There’s a freedom that comes from it, and a lightness of being. When I bought this little doll, I said to myself that what I want matters, that it’s OK to play, sometimes, without a particular purpose.

Saying yes to myself and to my Mobile Muse opened something up in me, something that might have stayed closed if I’d denied my yearning, and walked away, telling myself it was jut too much to spend.

Some little-girl part of me, a part that had no recourse, if the adults around her said ‘no’ to her whims, came alive on that August Sunday, and she has been awake and alive, since. Every now and then, she’ll nudge me, and say that it’s time to do something playful.

More and more, I listen, and attend to her desires as I do those of my beloveds. She’s released my playful spirit, and that has grown to encompass most of my living. I’m more likely to stop for fun, these days, to be open, to laugh and sing. I’m more fun to live with, and to live as, too…and all because of a little doll, and a moment when I said yes to someone very important – myself.

As it turns out, she was well worth the money! =)

Have you ever said yes to something frivolous, just because you loved it? Did you feel joy in the new acquisition? Notice any positive changes in the way you live your life, after? Happy makes more happy. I’d love to hear your stories and see your happy photos.

Learn more about Robyn Coburn’s dolls and other crafts!

After all, Saturdays are for sharing! 

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