Play Resumes Slowly: ROW80 Update, 1/29/14

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I’m feeling better, other than a lingering sinus headache and a cough. My energy is returning slowly, and I’m getting back into a more normal routine. It’ll be a few days, yet, before I dig through the dishes, laundry, and myriad details of hometending…I’m trying to be patient with myself and everyone else. For instance, Jim wasn’t sick, but he spent a lot of time repairing our cranky furnace, our aging cars that creak in subzero weather, and doing the errands I wasn’t able to do.

As my energy level returns, I’m rediscovering my playful spirit. T’Pol and Trip are cavorting in my mind, living out brand new stories in my head – and, because they both have their own ideas, of course they’re not living out the stories that will fit neatly into my plan for Story-a-Day May…but that’s all right. Things do tend to feed each other….

Note: The Enterprise videos are a little steamy…if you’d rather avoid that, I understand!

So, what have I been doing?

Daily Writing Frames:

Wild Card Wednesday:

Blogging posts and queues:

  • Posts: 3

  • Queues: Pending.

Play in many ways:

  • Lots of time with the kids.

  • Freewriting on various topics.

  • Reading.

Whatever feels right:

  • I was getting sick. Taking it easy felt right.

Trueborn Thursday:

Editing CD and BBAN; Rereading BAB.

  • CD: Completed rough draft revision plan.

  • BBAN: Continued pre-editing notes.

  • BAB: Pending.


  • TBOTB: New words added.

  • TSAF and PTD: Pending.

Exploring timeline and plot tribbles:

  • Listed WIPs and pending projects in chronological order.

  • Sketched rough idea of pending projects.

Flirtatious Friday:

Exploration of whatever kind:

  • Does exploring the depths of rhinovirus count? =)

  • Pre-editing notes for BBAN.

Freewriting on and without topic:

  • Freewriting for blogging.

Family connection and play:

  • No – I was sick. So were they.

Playful re-emergence….

Sharing Saturday:

Answer/make comments:

  • Yes, a couple.

Saturday’s Share posts.

  • Post: Yes.

  • Queue: Pending.

Sharing/social media/submissions:

  • No; I was sick, and my head way too muzzy.

Sampling Sunday:

Reading books/blogs:

  • No books..

  • Quite a few blogs for Sunday Sampler.

Sunday Sampler posts:

  • Yes! First one since November! =)

Playing with short stories:

  • No. The Sampler post was all I had acuity for.

Melding Monday:

Answer comments/make comments:

  • Yes! Caught up at shanjeniah.

Coffee and Conversation posts:

  • Posting: Yes.

  • Queue: Pending.

Writing/Life integration:

  • Yes. Blogging, editing, and my beloveds. =)

Talking Tuesday:

Twitter and Facebook::

  • Twitter: Yes!! I even made a new friend! =)

  • Facebook: Yes.


  • Yes. Poked about and shared a link.

Other types of physical/virtual connection:

  • Family time.

A freezer door canvas for a creative-type girl I know.

2014 Blogging:

Focus on layout and design aspects of my Blogging Action Plan.

Overhaul sidebar for Trueborn Jottings (it’s the least noxious!). On target.

  • First steps: deleted outdated/unwanted bits.

  • Updated all relevant badges.

  • Considering what to add.

Add all useful bits, templates, links, etc, for each feature to Master Resource File. On target.

Build positive blogging habits – post regularly, build queues, answer comments, and share diversely.

Answer all comments on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. On target.

  • All shanjeniah comments answered (new ones waiting now).

  • All Trueborn Jottings comments caught up Tuesday.

  • February Revision: Answer comments at least every other day.

Return visits to all commenters, as standard practice. On target.

  • Visits ongoing – caught up at shanjeniah.

  • Moving through Trueborn Jottings.

  • February Revision: Make at least two return visits every other day, on average.

Resume my regular blogging schedule with Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday posts across the three blogs. Target attained!

2014 Editing:

Complete first revision passes for Chameleon’s Dish and Bounded by a Nutshell; make pre-revision notes for Blood and Breath.

Complete pre-editing notes for Bounded by a Nutshell.On target.

  • Page 426/734.

2014 Hometending:

Continue physical and virtual hometending plans – resetting rooms, cleaning files, and inhabiting my study.

Continue the family room reset.On target.

  • Computer desk nearly excavated; general decluttering.

Spend time daily in my study.Target attained!

  • Yes; not so much when I was sick.

Clean up homeschooling files by February 15. On target.

  • Restructured main file/ Annalise’s files.

  • Added/condensed folders.

Develop new habits that support organization and productivity.

Experiment with play project schedule. Target attained!

  • Details above.

  • February Revision: Continue with Daily Writing Frames throughout the month.

Things are looking up….

2014 Lifetending:

Stretch and find new ways to blend the facets of my life with intention and awareness.

Make plans to meet with at least 1 person from my list; get in touch with at least 2 more to express my wish to reconnect. On target.

  • I left a message with one friend.

Seek out playful new ways to move and challenge my body.

Choose one playful motion for each day in January; do it several times throughout the day, with a spirit of adventure. On target.

  • Reverse crunches; quick steps; skipping rope.

  • February Revision: Choose two actions per day for the m,onth; do each several times each day, with a playful spirit.

Sponsor Visits:

See what the other ROWers are playing with this round!


    • Denise,

      I found that the little bits and pieces were just right for the level of energy and focus I was capable of.

      It’s been a bit of an odd week, as I reorient to a healthier energy, and try to get the house tidied up after two weeks of sickness…

      Hope the week to come treats you well! =)

  1. Getting anything done when the “ick” takes over is so very hard. You know how well you’ve done, especially given that. Life sets us back from our grand plans here and there, but… usually there is a bonus of more time to think, to reflect, to become again instead of being caught in the rush. Perhaps not so much in your more relaxed home, but even there… with the cornucopia of joys and experiences out there waiting to be sampled, sometimes it’s easy to try to take in more than than one is ready for.

    Much love to you. And one of these days… definitely one of these days.

    • Eden,

      My “relaxed” home can contain a tremendous amount of energy and activity! Relaxed mostly means that just about anything might happen at just about any time…!

      So it was a breather from all that. And Trip and T’Pol definitely took advantage (neither being the type to not speak their minds!), and ideas are bursting in other areas, too…

      Since, I’ve given quite a bit of attention to hometending and editing stuff, and letting these plot tribbles eat and get merry…

    • Raelyn,

      I agree! I love that the hint of things to come was in the first episode, and evolved more or less under the surface of things, until it burst forth. I also love that it wasn’t happily ever after; that there was always the possibility of confusion that can happen between any couple, but is unavoidable when their backgrounds are so different.

      They keep playing out little snippets in my mind, and I know I am going to love seeing where they take me this May (and probably for a long time to come!).

      And yes, I am feeling all the way better, now, thank you!

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