Play, Elsewhere: ROW80 1/15/14 Update

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Hello again! It’s Week 2 of ROW80, and I am moving along with my playful approach to writing and life.

The last days have been filled with family, car repairs, editing and blogging – and capped off with a trip with my best girl to The Childrens’ Museum of Saratoga, where she’s been wanting to go. I took many pictures, but forgot the camera in the car Jim drove to work **sniff!**

Instead, I’m sharing pictures of our first trip there, when Annalise was a little girl of 4 or 5 and not the much bigger 9.5 year old who so delightfully accompanied me yesterday.

This week, may your sense of wonder and joy match hers!


Daily Writing Frame Progress: (beginning Sunday 1/6)

Sampling Sunday:

Reading books/blogs:

Sunday Sampler posts:

  • Read several posts from my Pocket file; starred some to use in future posts.

Play with Deep Revision stories.

  • Found in-progress story exercises.

Melding Monday:

Make and answer comments.

  • Yes. The dedicated time is helping.

Coffee and Conversation posts.

  • Posted both weeks.

Writing/Life integration:

  • A pleasant blending.

Talking Tuesday:

Twitter and Facebook:

  • Week 1:Yes.; Week 2 : No (away from Internet).


  • Week 1:Yes.; Week 2 : No (away from Internet)

Other types of real/virtual connection.

  • Week 1: Mostly online and family.

  • Week 2: Took Annalise to The Childrens’ Museum of Saratoga; mostly in-person contact.


Wild Card Wednesday:

Blogging queues and posts:

  • Posts: Yes.Queues:No.

Play in many ways:

  • Time with spouse and kids, reading, gaming, and being.

Whatever feels right! =):

  • Not giving you details, but yeah. =)

Trueborn Thursday:

Edit Chameleon’s Dish and Bounded by a Nutshell; RereadBlood and Breath:

  • CD: Roughing revision plan.

  • BBAN: Pre-revision notes.

  • BAB: Pending.

Draft To Be or Not to Be;The Stars are Fire; Perchance to Dream:

TBONTB: Reread last completed chapters.

TSAF: :Pending.

PTD: : Pending.

Exploring timeline and plot tribbles:

  • Rough chronological listing of WIPs and pending volumes.

  • Plot tribbles: : Pending.

Flirtatious Friday:

Exploration of whatever kind:

  • Reading; editing; gaming; fantasizing.

Freewriting on and without topic:

  • Sponsor post; website brainstorming.

Family connection and play:

  • Yes. Mellow family day.

Sharing Saturday:

Answer/make comments:

  • Yes!

Saturday’s Share posts:

  • Yes.

Share; submit; social media:

  • Share: :Yes.

  • Submit: : Pending.

  • Social Media: Yes.

Animal care.

ROW80 Update:

2014 Blogging

Focus on layout / design aspects of Blogging Action Plan.

Tidy Master Features Resource file. On target.

  • Coffee and Conversation section tidied.

Build positive blogging habits – post regularly, build queues, answer comments, and share diversely.

Answer all comments on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Target attained!

  • Comments answered – on Monday, even!

Return visits to all commenters, as standard practice. On target.

  • I will be fitting these in during opportune moments; usually between other projects.

Resume regular blogging schedule with Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday posts across the three blogs. On target.

Brainstorm what I want in a website; move The Unfettered Life to a spiffy new home.

Write out a one-page brainstorming session for desired website features. Target attained!

  • About 500 words written. Allowing them to settle.

  • Visit five writing websites; consider what I do and don’t like about them.Pending.

Studying X-rays with a friend – so little, here!

2014 Writing:

Complete rough drafts of To Be or Not to Be, The Stars Are Fire, and Perchance to Dream.

  • Complete rough draft of TBONTB.Pending.

Explore gestatingStar Trek: Enterprise fan fiction novel concept, as well as Last House story collection concept, as short pieces / flash fiction, during April and May.

Exploring birds’ eggs. Ever the nature girl!

2014 Editing:

Complete first revision passes for Chameleon’s Dishand Bounded by a Nutshell; make pre-revision notes forBlood and Breath.

Complete pre-editing notes for Bounded by a Nutshell. On target.

  • On-page notes: Page 225/734.

  • Pre-revision Notebook: Page 225/734.

Revise all poems for QOMIS, until satisfied with the results.

  • Read poems aloud, highlighting for revision.Pending.

Complete Deep Revision process with my three short story WIPs.

  • Read through completed exercises, and my work for “A Splash of Red.” Pending.

Weighing in. She loved shopping at the grocery store exhibit!

2014 Hometending:

Continue physical and virtual hometending plans – resetting rooms, cleaning files, inhabiting my study.

Complete family room reset. On target.

  • General decluttering/cleaning; more computer desk excavation, sorting and tidying family room desk.

Spend time daily in my study. Target attained!

  • Pockets of calm and purpose continuing to expand.

  • Clean up main documents files. Pending.

Develop new habits that support organization and productivity.

Experiment with play project schedule.On target.

  • Daily Frames update above.

Research small business establishment /administration.

2014 Lifetending:

Stretch and find new ways to blend the facets of my life with intention and awareness.

Select and complete projects from my Play Jar.On target.

  • Details above.

  • 3/80 complete; 4/77 in progress.

Seek out playful ways to move and challenge my body.

Choose one playful motion for each day in January; do it several times, with a spirit of adventure. Target attained!

  • Leg lifts, t’ai chi movement; walking.

Five year old discerning consumer from behind!

Sponsor Visits:

See what the other ROwers are playing with!

Mayyour life be filled with joy and wonder this week and always!

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